Chiron Retrograde

Chiron In Astrology

Chiron is an asteroid that is located between the planets Saturn and Uranus in the solar system. It connects the inner planets and the outer planets and thus acts as a link between the physical and the spiritual realms.

In astrology, Chiron indicates the childhood experience that has been structured or wired into our personality. It indicates those traits that were rejected by the environment we grew in.

This rejection gets embedded into our subconscious and later on comes out as a wound that is yet to be healed.

However this unhealed wound of ours would help in positive healing to others as we know the experiences of going through the trauma. In a way, Chiron indicates our ability to empower others in getting healed.

Where Chiron is posited in our natal chart indicates that area of our life that has the wound. Some take it in a positive sense and find ways to heal the world, while the others would feel soaked in negative energy related to this wound and might smother themselves in the long run.

As all the planets do, Chiron also retrogrades. Its retrograde however connotes a different meaning when compared to the other retrogrades, primarily the retrograde of Mercury that we come across three times every year and meddles with our relationships and communications.

Chiron retrograde is all about accepting, healing, and releasing trauma so we can rise above it.

What happens during Chiron retrograde?

When Chiron goes retrograde, the cosmic forces guide us in understanding or realising the emotional wound that we carry, get hold of it and then let off the negative energy associated with it and sometimes even keep the wound if it contributes to the society in a positive sense.

How does Chiron retrograde affect us?

When a planet is retrograde, its influence and energy is often inverted, making its impact more subdued and introspective. However, Chiron is already a planet that's concerned with more sensitive and subconscious topics, which means that Chiron retrograde could be a time of deep therapy and healing.

What to expect from Chiron retrograde?

When Chiron goes retrograde it makes us quite uncomfortable in life. However we would be able to acknowledge our wounds and find ways to get it out. Some situations and people would come in our way to remind us of our wound , however we would be able to come out of it. In other words, this would be a time for self-introspection. We would be able to analyse and assess our wounds and get out of the negative situation we are embroiled in.

How to deal with Chiron Retrograde:

The Chiron retrograde period can be handled with ease if we resort to self-care. Though it might make you think that you are selfish, let the guilt out. Some people and things ought to be pruned out if you ought to continue in a positive trajectory. This is a great time to improve your confidence level. Follow some mode of energy works to face this retrograde period. Chiron retrogrades for just about 6 months time, which is quite a long period which might frighten you. Just believe that the cosmos would guide you and you would have the right mentality to face certain uncomfortable and emotional situations. Face tough situations head- on, Bang and there you go, you would be able to rise up and keep going with your head held high.


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