Venus Retrograde

Retrograde Venus

The planet Venus rules over:

• Beauty, love and romance

•  Harmony and Compassion

•  Flirting

•  Social life

•  Our hobbies/interests

•  How we spend our money

In astrology circles, Mercury going retrograde is quite common as it undergoes this transition for about three times every year, but Venus in retrograde is a very rare affair that occurs once in every 18 months or about once in one and a half year’s time. However unlike the Mercury retrograde period, Venus would stay retrograde for around 6 weeks time. Venus going retrograde affects our emotions, love, relationships and money for quite a long time, I guess..

When is Venus Retrograde?

 Next Venus goes Retrograde on, 12/19/2021 11:01AM, expect to happen in 19 days.

When Venus goes retrograde relationship and money issues get muddled up. Vague ideas emerge and you would be held up in these areas. But then we can benefit from this retrograde phase, where the minute details we had missed earlier can be detected and rectified as the delays happen.

There would be limitation in our financial resources and our race towards material possessions and greediness would be stalled or halted for quite sometime. As with the other planets, Venus retrograde period also has a pre-shadow period and post-shadow period where the effects linger on..

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