Rules - Aquarius

Day - Wednesday

Colors - Tartan, violet and Purple


Uranus rules, ankles, mental faculties, pineal and sexual glands,immune system, arthritis, rheumatism, gall bladder.

Uranus is the nearest of the outer planets. Only certain people can witness the Return of Uranus because they have to live till 84 years to view this Uranus-Return. The Half- Returns usually occur between ones 38 and 43 years and is also more dramatic in many lives. The energy of Uranus is dynamic, brninging sudden changes into out lives, which can be very exciting, reckless or catastrophic.

Uranus rules personal as well as societal freedom. It indicates originality of thought and expression.Uranus rules the revolutionary events that upset established structures.

Uranus takes approximately seven years to transit one sign, taking about 84 years to complete all twelve signs of the zodiac cycle. The personal implications of Uranus in your life are described by its house position and the aspects it makes with other planets in your natal chart. It describes areas of unpredictability, and where you or your life style may be different than those around you. It relates to the unusual or unique. Friends and associations to which you belong are also indicated, as is your potential involvement with science and technology, computers, and the media.

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