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Uranus is an outer planet in our solar system much similar to Neptune and Pluto. It is a generational planet that stays long in a zodiac sign, it changes signs once every seven years only, and that’s quite a long time to behold. People born with the same placement of Uranus in their birth-chart share same views of the society and same modes of rebellion. They generally form a peer group with similar ideas and ideals.

And the house placement of Uranus plays an important role in how we people differ in our views. The position of Uranus indicates our special skills and our personality in relation to the collective perspective of the society. Uranus’ placement indicates what part of our life is very turbulent and craves for progress with much ups and downs. It also indicates what area we need to detach ourselves from to remove stagnation in life.

Discover what Uranus in the various zodiac signs in your horoscope means.

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