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Monthly Newsletter May,2003

Gemstones - Curative Properties


Emerald of 5 gms on the middle finger, a yellow sapphire of 5 gms on the ring finger shall be beneficial.


White coral of 7 or 9 gms on the middle finger and a lapis Lazuli of 2 gms on the little finger is recommended.


Cold stones like yellow sapphire, moonstone, blue stone and emerald are best stones.


Red coral of 7 to 9 gms and an emerald of 6 gms should be used.


Use coral of 7 to 9 gms or yellow sapphire of 5 gms.

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Appendicitis- Red coral and yellow sapphire shall help in dissolving the inflammation.

Arthritis- Red coral of 9 gms and yellow sapphire of 5 gms are recommended.

Asthma- Emerald of 6 gms and yellow sapphire of 5 gms are recommended.

Celestial shows- May 2003

Transit of Mercury- On the 7th of May 2003, the rare event of Mercury moving across the Sun, that is a feeble attempt by Mercury to eclipse the Sun shall be visible in India and in some countries. It can be seen during daytime. In India it can be best viewed from 10: 48 AM to 4:02 PM. Viewing without proper protection shall permanently damage the eyes. The best way is to project the Sun's image on a white screen.

Total Lunar Eclipse- This phenomenon occurs on the 16th of May 2003. It occurs during the daytime and cannot be viewed in India.

Annual Total Eclipse- The annular eclipse of the Sun occurs on May 31st 2003. This can be seen in the Northern and north-western parts of India. It begins in 7: 2 AM and ends at 12: 00 AM.

Birthday Bash

Wishing all "Taureans " a very happy birthday

astrology birthday

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Planet in Retrograde Motion is evil???

To many retrograde means moving in the opposite direction and hence it should give adverse results only. This is a wrong notion. Planets in regular or accelerated motion are in high motion and hence might give bad results while those in retrogression being the slowest in motion give the best results, of course in regard to what they represent as lords of the houses.

A planet in retrogression possesses strength; its rays being brilliant and full even though it may be posited in an inimical sign or in its sign of debilitation. All planets in retrogression are strong and the strength arises from the fact that the planet in retrogression is the farthest from the Sun.

Forecast (May) - Zodiacs

Aries- loss of mental balance, family peace suffers, relatives bring grief.

Taurus- Mental anguish, dejection, damage to residence or property.

Gemini- Plans progress though with periodic halts, Guard against accidents and falls.

Cancer- Gainful meetings, interviews or pilgrimages likely, Shun fair weather friends.

Leo- Enemies cease to trouble you. Visit to holy places, Unmarried can get married.

Virgo- Auspicious events in the household, A tendency to indulge in sensual pleasures should be checked.

Libra- Loss of fortune, and failures most likely. Period is adverse for the spouse also. Avoid litigations.

Scorpio- The first two weeks are good. Auspicious functions and purchase of conveyance brings joy. Those in the family way needs extra care.

Sagittarius- Indiscreet association with members of the opposite sex should be avoided. This is an unfavorable month.

Capricorn- It is a good month. An inclination to study the scriptures may emerge. All round happiness prevails.

Aquarius- The first two weeks are good. A change of place is likely. Long distance travel becomes necessary.

Pisces- Good events take place but with some adverse results also. A death in the family circle is imminent. Maternal relations suffer.


 India- The country gets the resilience to withstand the threat of peace and stability. Fresh ground shall be broken in the financial front. Public health receives greater attention.

 Afghanistan- General conditions improve and secures external aid.

 Pakistan- Trade agreements are made and threat from an Ally imminent.

 Sri Lanka- Uneasy calm prevails.

 America- Financial market conditions depress. Travel hazards posed to citizens.

 Argentina, Brazil- face economic constraints, public protests flare up.

 Russia- Country shall be subject to terror. Administration rides a rough weather.

 Africa- Violence predicted.

 China- serious health hazards terror citizens, leadership faces threat.

 Malaysia, Phillipines - National tragedies occur and leadership is under threat.

 Japan- Government faces rough weather.

Know your lucky stone (May - Taurus)


The Taureans belong to the month of May and their lucky stone is the Emerald. Emeralds are a gemstone from the Beryl family of stones. They have a stunning green color.Emerald is a precious gem that promotes creativity and perception. It also acts as a natural tranquilizer when you are worried or your mind is troubled. Emeralds of excellent quality which exceed a carat frequently are valued above diamonds.


Hardness7.5 -8
Specific density 2.62-2.90
Refractive index1.57- 1.6

Astrological Meetings -May 2003


              Meetings - May 2003
i) May 15 - 18, 2003
Steven Forrest
Southern California Apprenticeship Group. Lakeside, California, USA.
Sharpening your astrological eye and polishing your astrological voice.

ii)May 16 - 18, 2003
11th Annual Astrology & Stock Market Conference
Hotel Intercontinental, NY City, U.S.A
Sponsored by the Astrologers Fund Inc.

iii)May 23-26, 2003 - 19th Annual Northwest Astrological Conference NORWAC, Doubletree Suites Hotel, Seattle, WA, USA.

iv) Sunday 25th May 2003. - Chaitra Shukla with Anshumalee Sood One of the leading Vedic Astrologers, will be coming from India specially to give the BAVA workshop on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada.

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