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Monthly Newsletter February 2004

Aquarius Common Traits

Your Strengths:

Acutely perceptive and extremely shrewd, nothing escapes you Aquarians. You don't make friends very easily but once someone has gained your trust, he or she earns your commitment for life. Gentle and sometimes shy you are consistent in love and not very demanding. Of simple tastes, you don't want much from life and are content with what you have.

Your Weaknesses:

You are absent-minded and tend to live in a world of your own. You don't make friends easily. Exceedingly unpredictable and impersonal, you never confide in people and scared of emotional commitments.

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The Major Arcana The Major Arcana reflects the major turning points in our lives: our commitments, triumphs and tragedies. It has 21 numbered cards plus the unnumbered Fool, totalling 22 cards.The cards can be further broken down into three segments, with the first one representing the Material World, the second one, the Intuitive Mind and the third is the combination of the above two segments and denotes the realms of changing issues.The last segment is the most important one. The twelve signs of the zodiac and the planets of the solar system are also represented in the cards.

The Minor Arcana The Minor Arcana has 56 cards which are subdivided into four suits of fourteen cards: Wands, Swords, Cups and Pentacles. It closely parallels the common playing cards.The Minor Arcana shows the finer and more ordinary details of our lives such as people, places, events and day-to day happenings. The suit of Cup deals with our emotions like love, the Wand- our physical actions, Pentacles deals with finance, career, home and family and finally the Sword is concerned with moral issues and conflicts.It has association with the four elements: earth, air, fire and water.

Birthday Bash

Wishing all "Aquarians " a very happy birthday

astrology birthday

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Tarot Reading by Alison

Tarot Reading by Alison
Tarot is one of the important forms of Divination, as it is a pictorial system.

Tarot consists of two decks of cards:

The Major Arcana (22 cards )

The Minor Arcana (56 cards).

The Origin of Tarots

In the first half of the fifteenth century, somewhere in northern Italy, someone created the first set of tarot cards. Like the playing cards of the time, the tarot deck included number cards (1 through 10) in four suits, and court cards page, knight, and king. The tarot cards were used to play a new type of card game, similar to bridge, but with 21 of the special cards serving as permanent trumps. This Game became extraordinarily popular and spread through northern Italy and eastern France. As the game spread to new locales, changes were often made in the pictures, and also in the ranking of the trumps.Centuries later, devotees of the occult arts in France and England encountered the tarot and saw mystical and magical meaning in the enigmatic symbolism of the cards. Their fascination with the cards led to the reputation tarot presently has as a divination tool and an occult artifact.

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How does Tarot work?

When we commit to a given set of cards - whether by shuffling, or by selecting a series - what we do is to make a kind of 'psychic photograph' of the trends which surround us at that moment. It is this photo which the cards reflect back at the reader. If all trends remain unchanged, then events will unfold as detailed in the photo. If, however, we change direction (perhaps as a result of having a reading done) then we shift the trends. Often in a reading, there will be a pivotal point where, if the querent takes one course of action a particular set of circumstances will occur; if they take another, different course, then events will change accordingly. < MAJOR ARCANA >

Zodiac Forecast (January)

Aries- elevation in job, new house likely, free from diseases, marital discord, birth of a child in family, acquisition of jewelry or vehicle, all-round progress.

Taurus- Grief through kinsfolk, unwelcome transfers, accidents imminent, domestic unhappiness, drain of money, mistrust with colleagues.

Gemini- health may cause worries, aged people die in the family, new addition into the family, small gains, enhanced expenditure, trouble from authorities

Cancer- pilgrimages are possible, marriage in the family likely, unwanted domestic quarrels, gains come down rapidly, postpone any travel plans.

Leo- Change of place imminent, marital relations get disturbed, heavy expenditure, professional activities bloom, relations with superiors cordial.

Virgo- loss of position, financial difficulties, unexpected calamities, accident- prone month, small losses likely, meet challenges with courage.

Libra- mental distress, quarrels make you frustrated, conjugal happiness fades, losses greet you, unexpected income gives relief, long journeys.

Scorpio- debacles in profession or business, pilgrimage likely, good health, intimate relationships fade, complicated financial problems, avoid risky transactions.

Sagittarius- troubles from those in power, travel to pilgrim centers, eyes shall cause discomfort, children might create problems, pleasure trips give comfort.

Capricorn- acquiring new house likely, sorrows through relations, accident is probable, might get some inheritance, small losses, service people confront obstacles.

Aquarius- litigations cause money crunch, children bring happiness, mental powers decline, precious possessions come in, quarrels with friends cause anguish, simple ailments bother you.

Pisces- those in public life face humiliation, disturbances at home, travels profitable, avoid wasteful expenditure, trouble from authorities.

Your lucky stone (February - Aquarius)

Amethyst lucky stone

Amethyst is a form of quartz, with a silicon dioxide composition .The primary ingredient is Silicon. Because of its calming mental effect, amethyst is a stone that can be used for over- worked, over -stressed mental states. A good stone for insomnia and intuitive awareness.Amethyst is a noticeable adornment in the British Crown Jewels.


Color Lilac-Purple
Refractive Index 1.54-1.56
Chemistry SiO2
Hardness 7

The word "Tarot"

Numerous theories exist, some linking the word with geographic place names.Actually tarot is a derivation of the Arab word turuq, which means "four ways."


February, 2004

India- subdued trade and market sentiments, bounty in agricultural yield, entertainment sector adversely affected.

Pakistan- external relations turn cordial, tragic events likely.

North America- terror threat continues, financial sector secure.

South America- threat to leadership, expansion in trade, financial turbulence.

Russia- leadership faces severe challenges, tragic events imminent, ecomony good.

West Asia- stir provoked, administration gears up.

Japan- trade promoted, financial turbulence contained, communication makes strides, agricultural output affected.

tarot card meaning
tarot card meaning
Card No. 0 The Fool
Card No.22 TheWorld



Your monthly news letter   is quite comprehensive and informative.-Javaid Iqbal, Afghanistan

Prediction works out!!!

Sir, - as predicted by you Saddam's life had a problem in travel. - Shawn, Ontario, Canada.


Sir, - on what basis the questions are answered?Kim, USA

In this regard it may be noted that the reply is based upon Horary Astrology wherein the time the question asked plays a vital role and this method works out well with yes (or) no type of queries.

The Parking Lot

Cars should be parked facing east or north. A car should never be parked facing south. If a car is parked facing west or northwest, the owner will spend a long time traveling.The parking lot should be in the northwest corner of the property. It should not be located to the southwest or northeast.A parking garage should not be connected to the compound wall or the main building.The parking garage should be painted a light color and not a dark hue.

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