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Monthly Newsletter September 2004

The Virgo Common Traits

Your Strengths:Finicky perfectionists, everything has to be attended to with care down to the last teeny-weeny details. You don't take the lead easily, but any task assigned to you is done perfectly. Shy and gentle, you make friends for life. You don't expect much from your spouse, doing all the giving in the relationship.

Your Weaknesses: You have a basic inferiority complex because deep down inside, you know that you yourself are not perfect. You can get on people's nerves by constantly criticizing them.You don't blow up easily but when you do, people better run for cover.

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With the advent of modern technology there have sprouted thousands of jobs/positions which make it difficult to settle down in one particular area. Here comes Career Astrology to your rescue. It not only guides us in choosing an apt job, but also gives information regarding transfers, promotions if any.

Birthday Bash

Wishing all "Virgos " a very happy birthday


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Planets and their Professional Connections

Associated Professions
Sun Administration, Practice of Medicine
Venus Artistic Businesses , Engineering, Luxury items, Finance
Mercury writing, accountancy, analytical studies, law, engineering design
Moon hospitality industry , house keeping, public relations
Mars Commanders, Army, Entrepreneur
Jupiter Law, teaching, financial management, spirituality
Saturn Technology, labor forces, factories

Houses connected with Career/Profession

Traits to be noted
Interaction and vitality of native
Status and accumulated wealth
Learning, communication skills
intellect, speculative gains
financial stability and debts
partnerships and foreign tours
Gains of profession and obstacles
fortune and short journeys
Main house of profession
income and gains
losses, relation with foreign lands

Will my career be successful?

SKY - September 2004

<< 14 September - New Moon >><< 28 September – Full Moon >>
Degree& Sign
Eastern time
Pacific Time
Mercury Direct September 2 25:42 Leo 9:09 am 6:09 am
Venus Ingress September 6 00:00 Leo 6:16 pm 3:16 pm
Mercur Ingress September 10 00:00 Virgo 3:38 am 12:38 am
Mars squ Pluto Sept 9-10 19 Virgo/19 Sagit 12:06 am 9:06 pm

Fall Equinox

September 22

00:00 Libra

12:30 pm 9:30 am
Jupiter Ingress September 24 00:00 Libra 11:23 pm 8:23 pm
Mars Ingress September 26 00:00 Libra 5:15 am 2:15 am
Chiron Direct September 26 20:30 Capricorn 1:20 pm 10:20 am
Pallas Ingress September 27 00:00 Virgo 9:33 am 6:33 am


Earthy signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are suitable business ventures due to their thirst for more money despite hard work.Strong Sun and Mars govern the success of any business.


Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Scorpios are best suited for the service because of their loyal and faithful nature. They bow down to authority without any questions and shine well when under harness.

When will I get a good job?


September , 2004

India- happy tidings, general prospects bright, stock markets healthy, diplomacy on successful course.
Pakistan- Traffic exposed to serious risks, opportunity to promote amity on the anvil.
North America- general prospects marred, ripples in financial regime, internal peace disturbed, diplomatic setback likely.
South America- Healthy market trend, internal disturbances possible.
Russia- Financial prospects strengthened, external trade pushed up.
West Asia- peace prospects disturbed, steps towards reconstruction .
China- discord arise on international front, depressive impact on financial front.
Japan- significant rise in external trade, administration geared for fruitful actions.

Career Astrology find out more ....

Personal Forecast - ( Sept 2004 )


- sorrow on a account of children, improvements in residence, marital relations get strained, damage to self-earned wealth, speculation does not help.


-chronic patients suffer, conjugal pleasures prevail, eyes need care, guard against thefts at home, curb on expenditure needed, speculation brings minor gains.


- good health, domestic comforts secure, birth of a child brings joy, avoid speculation, disagreement with authorities.


- death of a near one, windy complaints bother you, high-risk activities need caution, increase in expenditure, service meet with problems, emotional control needed.


- pilgrimages on the cards, accidents and ailments bother you, enhanced status bring joy, speculation disappoint, partnerships suffer, resources get a squeeze.


- domestic happiness increased, death of elder member in family, stay away from speculation, change of portfolio likely, partnerships pose problems, accidents or injuries possible.


- Danger to life lurks, worries at home torment you, increased expenses, small gains, teamwork rewards, speculation leads to losses, tact helps life.


- marriage in the family, romances end in marriages, repayment of debts possible, speculation brings modest gains, partnerships stabilize, personal advancements seen.


- mental agitations likely, close friend might pass off, limited happiness in home front, avoid speculation, services expect transfers, professional life sees problems.


-period prone to accidents, pilgrimages on the agenda, time suitable for raising loans, small fortune brings cheer, career advances, extensive travel possible.


- accidents while journeying likely, month is not good for spouse, expenditure might lead to debts, small gains likely, partnership works well.


- single ones find match, long pending programs take off, professional activities flourish, avoid social meetings, health of spouse needs care, addition to wealth likely.

Zodiac Occupations

Aries army, medicine, law, factories
Taurus finance, music, clubs
Gemini business, jobs related to travel
Cancer shipping, import/exports
Leo directors, managers
Virgo accounts, engineering
Libra government jobs, law, sales
Scorpio detectives, surgeons, military
Sagittarius teachers, publishing, law
Capricorn hardware, chemicals
Aquarius astrology, legal, lecturers
Pisces music, banking, liaison.

Vastu tip

SapphireThe study room should be located on the west side of the building, but should not be located in the corners of the house. When studying or working , it is best to sit facing east or north.

The bookshelves or the shelves for hoarding things connected with ones' profession should not be in the northwest or southwest corner. Books can be in the east, north, or west sides of the room.

The door of the room should be two-shuttered and should be located in the northeast, north, or west. Windows can be set on the east, north, or west walls. The walls should be painted white, sky blue, cream, or light green.

Your lucky stone (September - Virgo)

The name sapphire comes from the Latin word "sapphirus," which means blue. Sapphire is of the corundum class of minerals. The presence of trace impurities of iron and titanium is responsible for that beautiful, vibrant, deep blue color. Sapphire is the Gem of Destiny. It will bring out the best within you and help make your dreams come true. Sapphires have always been associated with luck in romance.We obtain Sapphires from Sri-Lanka , Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar , Vietnam, Madagascar and Africa. Sri Lanka is the only steady producer of large, fine sapphires. Kashmir is the home of the truly extraordinary sapphire. Australia is currently the world's largest largest supplier of commercial sapphires.

Properties of Sapphire

Color Green Blue to Violet Blue
Refractive Index 1.72 - 1.82
Chemistry Aluminum Oxide
Hardness 9.00
Density 3.98 - 4.02
Crystal Group Trigonal

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