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Monthly Newsletter June 2005

Gemini Common Traits

Your Strengths: You are party hoppers and are always surrounded by admiring people. You need constant mental stimulation, and have a mind that can take in any amount of trivia. You can match wits and talents with almost anyone.

Your Weaknesses: You are prone to bad moods. You a not very convenient friend. You find it tough to concentrate on one thing, or a person for a very long time and tend to be shallow. Pulling out of friendships that get too emotional for comfort, is your trademark.Love does not figure on your list of priorities.

Did you know that...  Political power is not possible without a struggle. Pallas Athene, second only to Jupiter in the ancient pantheon, had to fight to earn her place as the protector of Athens. Whichever God gave Athens the most useful gift would become its patron. Pallas Athene's Olive Tree won -- based on her understanding of the people's needs and on her agility as a thinker.

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Astrology and Washington DC The foundation for the city was laid on April 21, 1791. On that day Virgo was on the Ascendant, with Jupiter rising at 23 degrees Virgo. On September 18th, 1793, when President George Washington laid the foundation stone for the Capitol the Sun was in 24 deg Virgo. This reflects the Virgoan nature of the city of Washington. When the cornerstone for the Washington Monument was laid July 4th, 1848, the moon went into Virgo and the north node was at 25 Virgo.

Birthday Bash

Wishing all "Geminis " a very happy birthday

birthday astrology

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Astrological Conditions to be a Politician

Sun, the planet of power and authority must be well placed and aspected by Jupiter.

Mars indicating push, zeal and forwardness must be strong in ones' natal chart.

Sun, Mercury and Saturn conjoined in one house makes an individual a minister in his life.

Mercury in good position gives oratorical abilities -a must for a Politician.

If Lord of 5th house is in the 4th house then a person becomes an honest minister in his youth itself.

Jupiter in the 9th house and aspected by Mars is beneficial.

When all benefics are in the 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11th house and malefics in the 1st and 10th house, then one can become the Chief Minister.

4th house indicates the general public and it should be aspected by benefics and strong planets posited therein.

Astrological Causes for delayed marriage

1. Slow moving Saturn is a planet of delay, obstacles and frustration. Its influence on the 7th house of marriage has a natural tendency to cause delay in the matter.

2. The Nodes of the Moon too are obstructive planets and behave in a manner similar to Saturn and Mars.

3. Kuja Dosha (Mars aspecting the 7th house) is also a delaying factor, involving protracted search for a suitable match with similar Dosha.

4. Afflictions to the 2nd house ruling family and Venus may also lead to delay.

SKY - June 2005

<<June 6 – New Moon >><< June 22 – Full Moon´┐Ż >>
Event Date Degree& Sign Eastern time Pacific Time
Pallas enters Gemini June 1 00:00 Gemini 12:31 pm 9:31 am
Venus enters Cancer June 3 00:00 Cancer 11:18 am 8:18 am
Jupiter Direct
June 5 08:56 Libra 3:30 am 12:20 am
Juno enters Aries June 11 00:00 Aries 10:30 pm 7:30 pm
Mars enters Aries June 11 00:00 Aries 10:30 pm 7:30 pm
Uranus Retrograde
June 14 10:46 Pisces 6:38 pm 3:38 pm
Summer Solstice June 20 - 21 00:00 Cancer 2:46 am
11:46 pm
Pallas enters Libra June 26 00:00 Libra 7:04 pm 4:04 pm
Mercury enters Leo June 27 - 28 00:00 Leo 12:01 am
9:01 pm
Venus enters Leo June 27 - 28 00:00 Leo 11:53 am
10:53 pm


June , 2005

India- unrest likely in some states, financial position secured, sabotage may be provoked, judiciary faces adversity, good rains assured.

Pakistan- region exposed to general strife, external relations good.

North America-violence inflicted, trade and finances pushed up, agricultural prospects improve, diplomatic reverses possible.

South America- severe weather disturbances, government faces rough weather, region exposed to violent acts.

Russia- inflation and financial turbulence sway, rise in agriculture yield, external relations advance.

West Asia- efforts for peace thwarted, violent strife provoked.

China- some reverses likely in financial front, administration affected adversely.

Japan- government functionaries maligned, state expenditure mounts, severe weather calamity predicted.

 Personal Forecast - (June 2005)

Aries- change of place likely, distant travel becomes necessary, illness to family members, finances go out of control, changes in work atmosphere, rivals fade.

Taurus- pending marriage plans take off, spiritual interests emerge, speculation brings gains, relief from debts, teamwork helps, loss through friend, child causes worry.

Gemini- tiresome travel possible, health can play havoc, money flows through various sources, thrift is needed, be wary of strangers, speculation to be avoided.

Cancer- ailments abate, conjugal happiness sustained, temporary pleasures bring joy, death of relative possible, some financial losses probable, avoid speculation.

Leo- efforts slow down, guard against infections, marriages or birth in family brings joy, gains and acquisitions, new position in work, properties appreciate.

Virgo- deficit budget likely, mother disturbs mental peace, aged needs extra care, expenses escalate, speculation to be avoided, services progress.

Libra- personal safety needs care, general decline in prosperity, love affairs bloom, inflow of wealth reduced, displeasure with authorities in work, speculation to be avoided.

Scorpio- do not neglect pains of any sort, anger triggers quarrels in love, religious activities attract you, birth of a child foreseen in the family, financial strains likely.

Sagittarius- period is averse to spouse, death in family, frequent domestic quarrels possible, avoid speculation, professional activities bloom, romance prospers.

Capricorn- good health and success foreseen, auspicious functions at home, children bring joy, personal safety needs care, gains through journeys, services fare.

Aquarius- -accident likely, windy complaints bother you, financial stress seen, speculation to be avoided, services get recognition, professional planning needed.

Pisces- good health, pay attention to kids, finance needs careful handling, investments possible, services fare well, marriage prospects brighten, solace predicted.

Your lucky stone (June - Gemini)

Pearl gemstone for Gemini
Pearl is formed in shellfish as a reactant to an irritant such as a piece of sand. Cultured pearls are created by adding a piece of mussel or shell inside of an oyster of mussel. It allows the wearer to see the love of the person who gave them the pearls.As an emblem of modesty, chastity and purity, the Pearl symbolizes love, success, and happiness. Pearl is often referred to as the "Queen of Gems". Natural Pearls have been harvested from the Red Sea, Gulf of Manaar, and the Persian Gulf.

Properties of Pearl

Color white, brown, silver, cream, black or pink
Hardness 3

Astrology and Political Timeline

Age Period Political Significance
Pisces around 4500 B.C. The matriarchal period of history, Neolithic period in Europe was blooming.
Aquarius 4500 B.C-1500 B.C. Egyptian Civilization was at its top.
Capricorn 1500 B.C - 200 A.D. The time of the great empires like (the Roman, the Macedonian, the Thracian Empires.
Sagittarius 200 A.D. -1000 A.D. The dissemination of Christianity and the birth of Islamism
Scorpio 1000 A.D.-1500 A.D. The 'dark period' of the Middle Age, of the crusades and the inquisition.
Libra 1500 A.D. -1800 A.D. Period of the Renaissance and of the French Revolution
Virgo 1800 A.D. -1948 A.D. Period of the Jews' holocaust and the foundation of the Israeli state in 1948.
Leo 1948 -1989 The Cold War period.
Cancer 1989 - 2001 Palestinian uprisings, important international role of NATO
Gemini 2001- Period we are living in at present.

Celebrity Astrology- Politicians

Click on the links to know more about the Astrological profile of celebrity Politicians from around the globe.

Nelson Mandela Margaret Thatcher
Jimmy Carter Mahatma Gandhi
Boris Yeltsin Fidel Castro

Uranus Pluto Squares- Political links

When the Uranus-Pluto square was formed in 1676 for Bacon's Rebellion, Neptune was in Aquarius. Neptune was in Leo when Uranus-Pluto went into square coinciding with the French and Indian War. Neptune was in Taurus for the Uranus-Pluto square during the great depression of the 1870s. The next Uranus-Pluto square becomes exact in 2012, and then Neptune will be in Pisces its home. This is expected to cause new idealisms into being, more scientific explorations,etc...

Moon Astrology and Politics

Moon plays an important role in the Political arena as it is the planet of the masses.

The Moon in the 6th mansion - it conduces to besieging of towns, and revenge of princes, it destroys agricultural yields (4 Gemini 17 to 17 Gemini 8)

The Moon in the 9th mansion - it hinders harvests and travelers, and puts discord between men and countries (12 Cancer 51 to 25 Cancer 42)

Politics and Sun signs

The movable signs of Aries, Capricorn and more importantly Cancer and Libra excel well as Politicians. The 4th house of the masses ad Moon are needed to be strong enough.

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