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Monthly Newsletter May 2005

Taurus Common Traits

Your Strengths: Strong, dependable and steadfast, you keep promises and finish whatever you start. You are the one people turn to, when they are in need. You are a font of common sense and good advice. You have strong family values and generally a solid career. You are fond of luxurious items.

Your Weaknesses: You don't like new ideas and will not be pushed into adopting any. You don't trust people easily and hold grudges for a long time. Despite being sensible, you tend to overindulge in food, sex and relaxation, never getting enough of any.

Education and Astrological houses

The Third House - This House is associated with Gemini and is the area in our lives where we communicate and disseminate information. It describes our early education, our schooling and is essentially a social house as it is where we begin to mingle with the world around us.This House is ruled by the Planet Mercury. The Ninth House- The Ninth House is associated with higher education as opposed to school education in the Third House. It is where we formulate our code for living, either through our own learning and experience or we can adopt our culture's standards. This House is ruled by the Sign Sagittarius and the Planet Jupiter.

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Astrology and Washington DC The foundation for the city was laid on April 21, 1791. On that day Virgo was on the Ascendant, with Jupiter rising at 23 degrees Virgo. On September 18th, 1793, when President George Washington laid the foundation stone for the Capitol the Sun was in 24 deg Virgo. This reflects the Virgoan nature of the city of Washington. When the cornerstone for the Washington Monument was laid July 4th, 1848, the moon went into Virgo and the north node was at 25 Virgo.

Birthday Bash

Wishing all "Taureans " a very happy birthday

birthday astrology

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Jupiter and Education

Jupiter in the third house plays an important part shaping a mentality that is optimistic, philosophic, and spiritually inclined. This expands the capacity for learning in the fields of education, philosophy, writing, publishing and communication.The native is very fortunate in the educational opportunities that he receives early on.

Ninth House

Jupiter in the ninth house suggests that the planet plays an important part shaping a far reaching view of philosophy, religions and higher education. Native is likely to seek as much education as possibly can, and because of this knowledge, he may well become a teacher in some phase of higher education himself.

SKY - May 2005 

<<May 8 – New Moon >><< May 23 – Full Moon >>
Event Date Degree& Sign Eastern time Pacific Time
Chiron Retrograde
May 8 03:17 Aquarius 9:47 pm 6:47 pm
Venus enters Gemini May 9 - 10 00:00 Gemini 12:14 am
9:14 pm
Pallas Direct
May 11 23:23 Virgo 9:45 pm 6:45 pm
Mercury enters Taurus May 12 00:00 Taurus 5:13 am 2:13 am
Neptune Retrograde
May 19 17:36 Aquarius 7:36 pm 4:36 pm
Sun enters Gemini May 20 00:00 Gemini 8:40 pm 5:40 pm
Mercury enters Gemini May 28 00:00 Gemini 6:44 am 3:44 am


May , 2005

India- financial market creates ripples, communication makes strides, healthy monsoon foreseen, severity calamity for public looms large.

Pakistan- serious tragedy internally, state gets into internal conflict, political instability possible.

North America- financial prospects suffer, rough weather likely, security concerns loom.

South America- financial prospects pushed up, volatile market, threat to traffic safety.

Russia- state of uncertainty prevails, financial regime strains, high internal causality likely.

West Asia- region exposed to sabotage, finances consolidate.

China- diplomatic muddle foreseen, external trade gets boosted, administrative lapses likely.

Japan- communication gets disturbed, financial market pushed up, bilateral ties with neighbors brighten.

 Personal Forecast - (May 2005)

Aries- health gets affected, domestic happiness disturbed, ingress of money, damage to self-earned wealth likely, travel plans turn sour, life gets relaxed.

Taurus- marriages take off, children succeed in their efforts, long felt desires materialize, income from various sources possible, small losses ,services shine.

Gemini- migration to distant place, ailments bother you, mental agitation due to family, reduction of profits, small gains accrue, pending travel takes off.

Cancer- change of place possible, guard against accidents, avoid watery places, speculations fail, guard against losses, teamwork helps, disagreement at home, love relations gets better.

Leo- ailments of eye or stomach bother, spiritual inclinations possible, bereavement likely in family, expenses escalate, selective speculation might help, avoid quarrels.

Virgo- calamities foreseen, aged needs care, minor accidents likely, material gains possible, speculation brings losses, change of position in service.

Libra- do not neglect health, quarrels with relatives, small gains accrue, work place disputes arise, functional health gets disturbed.

Scorpio- marriage prospects bloom, deceit from friends, expenses outshoot, problems from kinsmen, damage to property likely, legal disputes cause heartburn.

Sagittarius- close relative might pass away, anxiety in family, finances stabilize, speculation flops, enemies disappear, difference of opinion at home.

Capricorn- obstruction to conjugal happiness, wasteful expenditure, losses in travel, success in speculation, extensive travel abroad possible, not a good period for important decisions.

Aquarius- prompt medical care needed, accidents possible, interest in the occult develops, inflow of money gets blocked, professional competition fades.

Pisces- long distance travel likely, dissentions at home, bereavement possible, guard against frauds, differences in partnerships, rivals disappear, conjugal relations improve.

Your lucky stone (May - Taurus)

Emerald gemstone
Emeralds are gemstones from the Beryl family of stones. They gets their characteristic emerald green color from traces of chromium in the crystal matrix. Emeralds symbolize serenity, success in love, wealth, happiness and peace of mind. Improves the memory, helps insomnia, strengthens the immune system, helps with eye sight and restores youth. The majority of our Emeralds are Colombian. We occasionally obtain Emeralds from Zambia and Brazil.

Properties of Emerald

Color Yellow Green to Blue Green
Refractive Index 1.57 – 1.60
Chemistry Beryllium Al Silicate
Hardness 7.5 – 8.0
Specific Gravity 2.62 – 2.90
Crystal Group Hexagonal

Mercury/ Education Nexus

If Mercury is placed either in the house of Aries or Scorpio. If Mercury is debilitated. If Mercury is aspected by Mars, then the native would be hampered with getting good education. 

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