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Monthly Newsletter April 2007

Aries Common Traits

Your Strengths:

You are by nature independent. You make an excellent entrepreneur or a consultant. You know exactly what you want and how to get it. Anyone or anything connected with speed and thrill attract you. You love life in a hurry.

Your Weaknesses:

If you don't get what you are after, then people better beware of your temper. You can be loud and have a strong urge to be heard and noticed. As a marriage partner you can be hard to live with.

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What is Esoteric Astrology? Each of us possesses a soul or a spirit within ourselves apart from our physical body, but our souls and human body's although sharing the same space are separate entities. Their mutual working keeps us going.The concept behind esoteric astrology is for individuals to access the soul that dwells in their body host and to view the world in which we live through the eyes of the soul rather than simply as the human host.

Esoteric Astrology is a progression of the basic astrological principles and tells what is happening only when an individual senses their soul stimulating their progress towards a specific direction.Esoteric Astrology deals with those who acknowledge the presence of their soul and its developing influence on their lives. This type of intuitive sense is referred to as "esoteric" meaning, a mechanism by which the reason an individual exists is recognized by the individual.

Birthday Bash

Wishing all "Arians " a very happy birthday

astrology birthday

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When is Esoteric Reading needed:

You are trying to determine the purpose of your soul purpose in this incarnation.

You want to know what area of your life your soul should be focused like relationship, career, etc.

You desire to know where you are on your soul's path.

You are already aware of your spiritual nature and want answers to questions about focus and direction.

The word "esoteric" means simply that which is hidden and known to an initiated few. Esoteric is the antonym of exoteric. Traditional astrology is viewed as exoteric and based on interpretation of the personality where esoteric astrology is soul-centered and it interprets the soul's direction.

SKY - April 2007

<< April 2 – Full Moon >><< April 17 – New Moon >>
Planet Date Zodiac House  
Zodiac house
Sign Deg.mm
18 22
27 13
26 18
17 45
24 23
29 42
2 12
29 17
3 22
25 57
26 22
25 45
22 38
23 38
25 03
28 46
29 22
6 29
6 15

The Seven Rays in Esoteric Astrology

Throughout our lives the seven Rays of the universe come spiraling through, streaming down through various sources to set different backgrounds which the astrological aspects activate. The seven Universal Rays reach our planet Earth, filtering through unknown sources until they reach the Ursa Major or the Great Bear. These Seven Rays carry forth Divine energy with them that have the power to activate the souls within us. All of the Rays embody will energy.

The First Three Rays are the Rays of Aspect

The 1st Ray - The Ray of Will/Power/Purpose

The 2nd Ray - The Ray of Love/Wisdom

The 3rd Ray - The Ray of Active Intelligence

The last four are the Four Rays of Attribute

The 4th Ray - The Ray of Harmony through Conflict

The 5th Ray - The Ray of Concrete Science/Knowledge

The 6th Ray – The Ray of Devotion/Idealism

The 7th Ray – The Ray of Ceremonial Order

The Ray Structure

To understand Esoteric Astrology we need to know one's personal ray structure. The ray structure consists of:

a) a Soul Ray (which remains the same over many, many incarnations)

b) a Personality Ray (which changes for every incarnation) and which consists of

1) mental body ray

2) astral body (or emotional) ray

3) physical body ray.

From an understanding of one's Rays and the astrological correlation that exist between the constellations, signs, planets and the Rays one can interpret the horoscope in an esoteric way.

Use of Essential oils in Esoteric Astrology

Astrological Medicine has accepted the fact that scents/essential oils are effective in harmonizing and balancing the spirit or the soul within us.

The following is a list of plants that are in the vibration with the 12 signs.

Aries: Basil, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Rose Geranium, Cypress, Mandarin, Thistle.

Taurus: Valley, Violet, Wild and Red Garden Rose, Lemon, Pine, Black Pepper.

Gemini: Iris, Jasmine, Basil, Snapdragon, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Lime and Lavender.

Cancer: Camomile, Myrrh, Frankincense, Rose, Cypress, Poppy, Water Lily.

Leo: Geranium , Rose, Orange, Mandarin, Marigold, Sunflower, Cowslip, Heliotrope.

Virgo: Basil, Camomile, Black Pepper, Thyme, Sandalwood, Corn Flower, Rose.

Libra: Clary Sage, Rose Geranium, Juniper, Fennel, Ylang Ylang, Violet and Neroli.

Scorpio: Bergamot, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Juniper, Fennel, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang.

Sagittarius: Sage, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Eucalyptus, Chrysanthemum.

Capricorn: Solomon's Seal, Marjoram, Bergamot, Rose, Lime, Snow Drop.

Aquarius: Sandalwood, Gentain, Pine, Fennel, Cedarwood, Lemon, Jasmine.

Pisces: Camomile, Basil, Sandalwood, Orange, Patchouli, Opium Poppy and Ginger.

Rulers of Exoteric and Esoteric Astrology

Exoteric/Esoteric Rulers Exoteric/Esoteric Rulers
Aries - Mars/ Mercury Libra - Venus/ Uranus
Taurus - Venus/ Vulcan Scorpio - Mars/Pluto Mars
Gemini - Mercury/ Venus Sagittarius - Jupiter/ Earth
Cancer - Moon/ Neptune Capricorn - Saturn/ Saturn
Leo - Sun/Neptune Aquarius - Uranus/ Jupiter
Virgo - Mercury Moon Pisces - Jupiter /Pluto

Your lucky stone (April - Diamond)

diamond gemstone for Aries

The word 'diamond' comes from the Greek word adamas, meaning 'unconquerable and indestructible.' Diamond is the King of Gems. It is one of the most powerful stones. Diamonds are crystalline forms of carbon and are the hardest stones known. It is said to signify purity and innocence. Has always been associated with strength and good luck. Gives calm sleep and takes away nightmares. South Africa and other localities throughout Africa, India, Brazil, Russia, Australia, and Arkansas.


Color white, colorless
Hardness 10
Specific Density 3.5
Refractive Index 2.4

Sun in Esoteric Astrology

1. It reveals the energies, temperament, and characteristics of the present incarnation.

2. It speaks about the nature of the personality life and the energy brought in from previous incarnations in order to live out the current lifetime.

3. It is the force field through which the personality activates itself so that it comes to a realization of its own consciousness.

4. It reveals those indications which point to the Ray makeup of the personality.


April , 2007

India- nation shall face many challenges, communication makes rapid strides, space program meets with snags, good monsoon, investment trends fluctuate, threat of violence looms large.

Pakistan- finances secured, threat to leadership, region exposed to violent assaults, severe weather disturbances likely.

North America- volatile reaction on external front, powerful hurricanes probable, space program augmented

South America- market prospects improve, explosive traffic hazards probable, major tragedy foreseen.

Russia- major disaster likely, efforts to fortify neighborly ties

West Asia- continuing violence escalates, region exposed to traffic mishaps.

China- market turbulence likely, economy under control, traffic hazards expected.

Japan- economic agenda fine-tuned, major tragedy for the nation looms large.

Career - Esoteric Astrology

Ray 1 - Will or Power.  

Politician, occultist, leader, explorer, executive, manager, dictator.
Ray 2 - Love Wisdom. 

Teacher, healer, sage, server, scholar, humanist, philanthropist.
Ray 3 - Active Intelligence. 

Philosopher, organizer, astrologer, economist, historian, business.
Ray 4 - Harmony through Conflict.   

Artist, mediator, architect,  poet, psychologist, musician.
Ray 5 - Concrete Science. 

Scientist, researcher, alchemist, engineer, analyst, inventor, technician.
Ray 6 - Devotion. 

Ministers, mystics, missionaries, devotees, orators, crusaders, zealots.
Ray 7 - Ceremonial Order. 

Builder, administrator, designer, revolutionary, magician, esotericist.

The Ascendant house comparison

Exoteric Esoteric
The physical body and its form The Soul Body
The physical appearance The aura
Activities of the personality Emergence of Soul Purpose
Characteristics of the ego Qualities of the Ray type
Brain and head Head centers/chakras
Urge for personal space or dominance of the environment Expression of manifested will
The ego in action Activities of the Soul

Auspicious Days for April 2007

Auspicious times for Marriage
Date Day Time (IST)
21 Saturday Night: Upto 12:25 a.m.
26 Thursday Noon: From 02:00 p.m.
29 Sunday Morning: From 08:10 a.m.
30 Monday -
Auspicious times for Buying
4 Wednesday -
5 Thursday Noon: Upto 02:18 p.m.
12 Thursday Morning: From 10:33 a.m.
18 Wednesday -
19 Wednesday -
Auspicious times for Selling
5 Thursday Noon: From 02:18 p.m.
18 Wednesday -
19 Thursday -
27 Friday -

The Sun Sign in Esoteric Astrology

The Sun sign in Esoteric Astrology points to the current problem of the man, it describes the tempo of his personality life; it is related to quality and temperament and the life tendencies which are seeking expression during this particular incarnation. Fundamentally, the forces here found are indicative of the line of least resistance.

The Ascendant or Rising Sign in Esoteric

The rising Sun indicates the intended life or immediate Soul purpose for this incarnation. It hold the secret of the future. It describes the force needed by the soul to succeed in this lifetime.It represents the harmony aspects of life and can produce right relationships between Soul and personality in any one incarnation.

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