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Monthly Newsletter December 2003

Sagittarius Common Traits

Your Strengths:

You are generous by nature. You are brutally honest, wise and love to talk about intellectually stimulating subjects like religion and philosophy of life. You love traveling, adventure and smart company. You are constantly trying to reach greater heights and search for new horizons.

Your Weaknesses:

Gamblers by nature, you tend to bet on most things.You exaggerate a great deal. You hate restrictions on your personal freedom and are terrified of any type of responsibility. You dislike commitments and are sometimes tempted to cheat on your partners.

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Cancer- The Saturn-Moon connection Cancer, the dreaded disease, seems to be of unusually common occurrence in recent times.More people than ever before seem to be struck by the disease which carries with it a near pall of death if not checked in the initial stage.Saturn, Moon and the 6th, 8th and 12th houses seems to figure prominently in the charts of cancer patients.Saturn characteristice of all that hardens, hinders, depletes, and suppresses would seem to be the best fitted planet to be associated with cancer.The Moon, ruling the mind, and also all the excretions in the body system would also fit well in this context.

cancer saturn moon
The majority of cancer cases have the moon-saturn disposition.If Moon is afflicted by saturn in ones Chart through posting,

aspect or conjunction it indicate the disease of cancer.More important, Dashas or directional influences must also warrant the disease of cancer.

Birthday Bash

Wishing all "Sagittarians " a very happy birthday

astrology birthday

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What is Reiki???

A Reiki treatment consists of the practitioner placing his or her hands on or over the clients body having only the intent for the energy to flow.It is only the simple exchange of energy between two or more people.A treatment consist of the patient laying on his back and the therapist moves around the body.The treatment lasts about an hour and then the patient feels relaxed and can usually feel a difference in temperature followed normally by rumbling in the stomach. This is the movement of blocked energy and is a very good sign. After a treatment the patient usually feels relaxed and can feel a bit light headed but a few glasses of water normally cures that.They usually sleep a lot better and feel very relaxed with the world. Regular treatments are normally required to assist medical problems. Reiki is very good for people who prefer not to be touched during a therapy.

Planetary influences - Diseases

Sun Eye trouble, heart disease, stomach disease, fever, skin problems, leprosy
Moon Heart/lung problems, asthma, menstrual disorders,waterborne diseases
Mars Heat problems, cuts, blood pressure, diseases in female organs, cancer, piles, menstrual disorder, ulcer
Mercury Diseases of chest and nerves, nose problems, paralysis,cholera, food poisioning, chicken pox, epilepsy
Jupiter Venereal diseases, indigestion, impotency, diabetes, lack of memory, throat trouble, sexual incompatibility
Venus Stomach problems, damages to feet and limbs , mental worry, wounds, hysteria, blindness, tooth problems
Saturn Kidney problems, lungs diseases, ear problems , diabetes, memory problems, diseases in thighs
Rahu Leprosy, breathing problems, spleen problems, cataract, hydrocele
Ketu Fever, eye pains, body pains, low blood pressure, unknown disease

SKY - December 2003

<< December 7 – Full Moon >><< December 22 – New Moon >>
Degree, Sign
East Time
Pacific Time
Merc Ingress December 2 00:00 Capricorn 4:34 pm 1:34 pm
Mars Ingress December 16 00:00 Aries 8:24 am 5:24 am
Mercury Retro December 17 12:34 Capricorn 11:01 am 8:01 am
Venus Ingress Decem 20-21 00:00 Aquarius 1:33 am 10:33 pm
Winter Solstice Decem 21-22 00:00 Capricorn 2:04 am 11:04 pm
Uranus Ingress December 30 00:00 Pisces 4:15 am 1:15 am
Mercury Ingress December 30 00:00 Sagittarius 2:52 pm 11:52am

EbolaVirus -???

ebola virus
Galaxy M76, and the number 76,relate to Ebola disease because the virus that causes Ebola was identified in 1976. Again using this number 76, the Bible's Book of Daniel passage 7:6 describes a leopard, and it is one of the three animals used to describe the Antichrist in Revelation.The Antichrist is described as a leopard, with the feet of a bear and mouth of a lion. Ebola disease kills with the speed of a leopard. And Ebola might also be associated with the constellation Andromeda, which is near galaxy M76.

Zodiac Forecast (December)

Aries- change of place necessary, unhappiness at home, accident prone period, speculation works, acquisition of vehicles.

Taurus- Gains from friends, patience pays, health of spouse needs care, increased expenditure, romance is on the cards.

Gemini- Financial debacles, mental anguish, death of near one, chronic patients take care, some losses, damage to property, might acquire costly items.

Cancer- Victory over professional rivals, birth of a child, conjugal happiness, speculation yields results, investment in properties likely, disagreement with spouse.

Leo- bodily discomfort, sensual temptations to be avoided, change of residence, serious illness to member of the family, small gains stabilized financies, your reputation grows.

Virgo- Some danger to life, eyes give trouble, relatives prosper, avoid risks, reduce expenditure, change in profession is on the cards.

Libra- adverse period for spouse, anxiety increases, finances need to be carefully handled, love affairs bring solace.

Scorpio- guard against deceit, sensual enjoyments predominate, eyes need care, financial crunch likely, subordinates cooperate, partnerships thrive, resentment with friends.

Sagittarius- Marriages might be delayed, adverse period for spouse, stomach troubles likely, domestic happiness assured, some losses in financial front, male birth in family.

Capricorn- Auspicious moments bring joy, health of mother needs care, guard against journeys, small losses and heavy expenditure, professions succeed, dont start new projects.

Aquarius- healht of father can deteriote, domestic misunderstandings likely, reduced expenditure, service progress, control your emotions.

Pisces- surgery possible, marriages in the family, death of an elderly family member, financial crunch shall rock the budget, might suffer depression, guard against accidents

Your lucky stone (December - Sagittarius)


Chemically, a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum, turquoise is formed by the percolation of meteoric or groundwater through aluminous rock in the presence of copper. Turquoise supposedly helps one to start new projects. It is also believed to bring happiness and good fortune to all. Majority of the world's finest-quality turquoise comes from the United States, the largest producer of turquoise. Turquoise is also found in Australia, Chile, Iran, Mexico, Tibet.


Color sky blue to green
Chemistry Hydrated phosphate of Copper and Aluminium
Hardness 6.0

Vastu Tips

vastu home
Dining AreaThis should be located on the west, east or north side of the building.The kitchen and the dining room should be on the same floor.The door should be on the east, north, or west side of the room. It should not have arches. The house's main entrance door should not face the dining room's door.It is best to face east or west while eating. The dining table should not be round or oval but either square or rectangular.No toilets should be attached to the dining room.


December , 2003

India- severe troubles and strife, financial performance enhanced, communications prosper.

Pakistan- exposed to violent acts, steps to maintain peace atborders.

North America- disturbed state of affairs, steady growth of economy, public health administration fails.

South America- neighbourly relations threatened, disturbing trends in Argentina.

Russia- international relations suffer, agriculture and economy gets boosted.

West Asia- diplomatic confrontation likely.

China- steady progress of economy, natural tragedy looms large , active administration.

Japan- trade affected, capital market turbulent, confident leadership drives the state.

Uranus (Aquarius) rules the Aids Virus

Leo the opposite sign of Aquarius rules the Sun. Therefore, we must look at things generated by the Sun, or by-products of the Sun, for the cure.One thing is ozone. Sunlight strikes oxygen (O2) molecules in the outer atmosphere, causing the formation of Ozone (O3).

Uranus also rules electricity and similar concepts, so we should perhaps also study all things related to the Leo/Aquarius axis for cures. Hence the answer may well be found in things like electric fields, magnetism, microwaves, resonance frequencies ,etc.

Note: The health information here is not meant as a substitute for care from a qualified physician. The information is given for educational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose or prescribe. www.findyourfate.com or its owners are not responsible for any mishaps that occur as a result of using this information.

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