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Monthly Newsletter November,2003

The Scorpio Common Traits

Your Strengths:

You are shrewd and sharp. You love to sharpen your mental skills in the form of debates and intelligent dialogues . You make sure your loved ones are never uncomfortable. In return, you expect complete trust and loyalty from them. You are possessive about your partner. Your sexual hormones, however, tend to sometimes work overtime.

Your Weaknesses:

Your bite is worse than your bark. Haughty and imperious, you never display your emotions easily. You never forgive nor forget. When scorned, you can be quite vindictive and cruel. Other people's opinions hardly matter . You never share your secrets.

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The History of Horoscopes-

Horoscopes and astrology began with the ancient Greeks some thousands of years ago. It began as an effective way to know when to plant and when to harvest their crops. It then evolved into the belief that the position of the sun and the planets also had an effect on a person's life and what future events would happen to them.

The word "astrology" is a Greek word that means "Science of the Stars." Astrology was used by the Chaldeans as early as 3000 BC.In the year of 500 BC, philosopher Plato used Astrology and studied it further. Then, during the Middle Ages, the practice of astrology quietly hid itself as the Christian Church became the predominent leading voice.It wasn't until the 1600's when an astrologer named William Lilly made it more acceptable. Following Lilly's footsteps were soem notable Astrologers like Alan Leo and Paul Clancy.

Time Twins??-

People born at the same moment in a day are called Time Twins. Births within a day qualify for this.According to Astrology, time twins ought to exhibit the same traits. How far is it true?... Send in your comments.

Anniversary Gemstones

Blue Topaz
Lapiz Lazuli
10 Diamond

Name Letters- Numerology

U - These people are ever ready to engage themselves in the latest situations.They are the pioneers of the new fashion age. They have modern thoughts. They call a spade a spade.They live in the present.

V- They honor others and expect the same from others. They are ever active to prove that they are superior to others. They clarify their points by logical and sound reasoning.

W- These are self-preserving characters. Are ready to take risks and take pleasure in doing them.Laziness does not touch them. They however have a troubled and worrisome old age.

X- People represented by the letter X are carefree. They prepare a net for their own entanglement. They are miles away from responsibliity. Such peole are complete failures. They engage themselves in gossips of futile matters.

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SKY - November 2003

<< November 8 – Full Moon >><< November 23 – New Moon >>
Degree, Sign
East Time
Pacific Time
Venus Ingress November 2 00:00 Sagittarius 4:42 pm 1:42 pm
Lunar Eclipse November 8 16:13 Taurus 8:20 pm 5:20 pm
Uranus Direct November 8 28:54 Aquarius 7:45 am 4:45 am
Mercury Ingress November 11/12 00:00 Sagittarius 2:20 am (11/12) 11:20 pm (11/11)
Sun Ingress November 22 00:00 Sagittarius 12:44pm 9:44 am
Solar Eclipse November 23 01:14 Sagittarius 5:50 pm 2:50 pm
Venus Ingress November 26 00:00 Capricorn 8:07 pm 5:07 pm


November , 2003

India- significant development, financial scene faces many intangibles, boost of external trade.

Pakistan- diplomatic moves for bilateral problem solving, violent turmoil.

North America- Development in many fronts, healthy financial regime.

South America- Overall development, progress in external trade.

Russia- Active administration, agriculture adversely affected.

West Asia- restrain to reconstruction process, economic distractions.

China- Strain on financial market, disturbancesin transport and communication side.

Japan- General condition insured, healthy market trends.

Forecast (November ) - Zodiacs

Aries- Some depressing phase likely, visit to a holy place foreseen, stomach problems cause discomfort, birth of a child in the family, speculation works, romance is on the cards.

Taurus- Death in the family, accidents or loss of possessions, finances falter, functional health fails, might acquire valuable items, work requires frequent journeys.

Gemini- Body and mind becomes weak, personal ambitions plummet, relations with neighbors sour, uncontrolled expenditure, failure in work, healht of spouse needs care.

Cancer- sensual temptations likely, serious illness for a family member, affairs of children brighten, guard against danger from water, small gains possible, disagreement at home.

Leo-Longstanding enemies turn friends, pilgrimages likely, tension at home disturbs peace, finances get a squeeze, speculation to be avoided, rivals retreat, shun emotions.

Virgo- danger to life or some infections, eyes need care, minimize social life, coping with finances gets difficult, real estate dealing succeed, guard against physical danger.

Libra- financial difficulties and hindrance to religious pursuits, minor ailments upset routine, progress of children, balanced budget, change of position possible, marriage proposals take off.

Scorpio- Children get into trouble, death in family likely, heart troubles, avoid speculation, expenditure increases, loss of position, resentment from friends.

Sagittarius- auspicious events in the family, satisfactory health condition, religious tendencies arise, conjugal felicity assured, increase of fortune, career interests improve.

Capricorn- guard against fire accidents, parent might fall ill, children fare well, properties appreciate, increased income and investment in jewels, all round progress.

Aquarius- single ones get married, maternal relations suffer, prompt medical care advised, separation from children, speculation leads to losses, hard work necessary in work.

Pisces- Allergic problems might surface, travel plans end in a fiasco, peace disturbed, daily work meets hindrances, avoid extravagance, loss of job possible, take care of health.

Your lucky stone(November - Scorpio)

TOPAZ lucky stone


Topaz is a very hard and is well suited for all jewelry applications. Topaz is readily available in a variety of colors. Topaz is a stone with great healing powers. It controls anger, balances diseases of emotional origin, calms stress and restores physical energies, fights kidney and bladder disorders and prevents colds and tuberculosis . Mina Gerais, Brazil, and Sri Lanka are the major producer of precious topaz.


Color yellow, orangy yellow,
Refract Index 1.61 – 1.63
Chemistry Al Silicate Fluoride
Hardness 8.0
Density 3.51 – 3.56
Crystal Group Orthorhombic

Eyes - An Astrological insight

The 2nd and the 12th houses, the houses on the right and the left side of the Ascendant rule the right and the left eyes. One has graceful eyes and possess good eyesight when the 2nd, 12th, 6th and the 8th houses are associated with benefics and their lords are free from malefic influences. The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus should also be strong and free from malefic associations. Pearl improves eyesight and ruby strengthens the eyes. Emerald helps in inflammatory conditions of the eye.

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