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Monthly Newsletter October,2003

The Libra Common Traits

Your Strengths:

You love to throw parties and are very generous with gifts. You like to share your excessive knowledge with your buddies.You are fair to all people and hate injustice.You don't like ugliness of any kind. You are sentimental, romantic, gentle and loyal.

Your Weaknesses:

You are naíve and extremely gullible. Argumentative, restless and generally confused, you are often accused of being lazy and putting off tasks till the last possible moment.You tend to smother your lovers, occasionally starting petty arguments, just to make sure they still love you. It takes you absolutely ages to make up your mind about trivial issues.

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Color Therapy-??-

Life is color and color is health.They can delight, excite or depress you. Colors can make your rooms and your life aesthetic. Blue in the bedroom is recommended for good sleep. Green in the study room is ideal for concentration. White or cream in the prayer room enhances spiritual progress. Orange in the dining room is good for digestion. White is good for the elderly and the sick ones' room.

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Q - These people like to live in an orderly manner. They have a definite principle in life. They are the best of administrators. Most efficient leadership is their best skill.

R- Such people are very noble and sweet. They make acquaintance with even reserved characters. They start from the scratch and reach top positions in life. They have an eye on their personal interest. They become affluent and happy in late life.

S- These people are extroverts and intelligent. They try to come in contact with the maximum number of people. But they lag in taking decisions. To take independent decisions is beyond them.

T- Such people are embodiments of contentment. They progress on the basis of justice and wisdom. They take independent decisions. They are popular among friends. They believe that everything is in the hands of God. Loyalty is their keyword.

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Do Pyramids do wonders??

The pyramids of Egypt , built in their myteroius past continue to baffle the modern scientific minds.The word "Pyramid" comes from the Greek " Pyra" meaning fire and "Mid" meaning at the center. Experiments have proved that when inside a pyramid : Jewellery and coins gets polished Polluted water gets purified Milk remains fresh for days Cuts and bruises heal faster Plants grow rapidly than when out Taste of coffee and wine improves Razors get sharpened Severe migraines and arthritis heal Nervous disorders fly off Mentally retarded stay calm Insomniacs get a good night sleep

SKY - October 2003

Event Date Degree, Sign East Time Pacific Time
Mercury Ingress October 6 00:00 Libra 9:28 pm 6:28 pm
Venus Ingress October 9 00:00 Scorpio 2:56 pm 11:56am
Neptune Direct October 22 10:24 Aquarius 9:55 pm 6:55 pm
Sun Ingress October 23 00:00 Scorpio 4:09 pm 1:09 pm
Mercury Ingress October 24 00:00 Scorpio 7:20 am 4:20 am
Saturn Retrograde (until 3/7/2004) October 25 13:14 Cancer 7:43 pm 4:43 pm


October , 2003

India- Internal strife and unstable conditions prevail, market sentiments good.

Pakistan- Country exposed to explosive acts, provoking aggressive temper.

North America- Aviation hazards, economy turns better.

South America-General progress, internal disorders likely.

Russia- Financial turbulence contained, threat to leadership.

West Asia- Violence posing threat to leadership
China- Mixed trends on financial front, threat of internal violence contained.

Japan- Uncertain conditions prevail, worst scenario avoided.

Forecast (October ) - Zodiacs

Aries-Small gains and happiness accrues, purchase of conveyances, birth of a child in the family, speculation can help, professional activities bloom.

Taurus- Anguish, illness and travel makes you tired, grief through kinsfolk, finances shall fail if proper planning is not there, avoid conflict with authorities.

Gemini- Body and mind can become weak, irreligious tendencies arise, obstruction to conjugal happiness, trusted friends turn unrelaible, avoid speculation.

Cancer- Spouse in dangerous situation, children prosper, small gains likely, career advancement halts, matrimonial affairs suceed.

Leo- Change of residence possible, longstanding enemies turn into friends, eye troubles bother you, shun risky ventures.

Virgo- Friends might let you down, wealth can accrue, minor ailments likely, child affairs prosper, avoid risky ventures, unexpected transfers.

Libra- Hindrance to religious pursuits, eye needs care, selective speculation helps, control ypur expenses, foreign travel likely.

Scorpio- Change of job, pilgrimage might fructify, marital relations sour, expenditure soars, partnership deals don't work.

Sagittarius- Gain through immovable properties, health of spouse needs care, conjugal happiness stabilizes, small monetary gains , important assignment in.

Capricorn- Defeat in efforts, death in the family possible, windy complaints bother you, domestic harmony impaired, wasteful expenses to be avoided, purchase of land .

Aquarius- Genreal happiness, avoid altercation with spouse, accidents likely, losses though there would be plenty of income, professional progress hampered, take care of health, avoid travels.

Pisces- Losses depress you, simple ailments bother you, birth of a child in the family, financial strains worries you, partnership deals work out well.

Your lucky stone October - Libra

Opal October birthstone


Opal is a hydrated silica (SiO2.nH2O) with a water content within the mineral structure. It promotes psychic stability and the capacity to share. A stone of love and romance and a stone to grant wishes and personal happiness. Australia produces approximately 95% of the world's precious opal. Other deposits occur in North, Central and South America, and Indonesia.


Color white, colorless,
Hardness 5-6
Specific Gravity 2- 2.5
Chemistry SiO2-nH2O
Crystal Strcuture Amorphous

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