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Monthly Newsletter December 2004

Sagittarius Common Traits

Your Strengths:

Sagittarians are generous by nature. They are brutally honest, wise and love to talk about religion and philosophy of life. They love traveling, adventure and smart company. They constantly try to reach greater heights and search for new horizons.

Your Weaknesses:

Gamblers by nature, they tend to bet on most things. They hate restrictions on personal freedom and are terrified of any type of responsibility. Dislike commitments and are sometimes tempted to cheat on their partners.

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How is the Nadi Reading Done? The Nadi Astrologer first takes a person's thumbprint, which he then uses to identify the palm leaves belonging to the particular person from the numerous manuscripts in his possession. The astrologer then begins to read from each leaf and asks the person a series of questions about his or her life, while attempting to identify the correct leaf. This process takes several hours. It isn't always possible to identify a person's record.

Birthday Bash

Wishing all "Sagittarius " a very happy birthday

astrology birthday

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Nadi Astrology - How it all started....

Research indicates that Nadi Astrology has been in use for at least 4000 years, when the treatises were first written on palm leaf scrolls in Sanskrit, the predominant language of ancient India. The original method of transmission was by oral means, before the committal of the texts to writing. The treatises are believed to have been originally composed long ago by the Sapta Rishis or the seven sages.

The preservation of the Nadi palm leaves and the translation from Sanskrit into the Tamil language was undertaken on a large scale during the regime of the Kings of Tanjore between the 9th and 13th Century AD. Some of the Nadi Granthas were also translated into another South Indian languages like Telugu,etc.

SKY - December 2004

<< 11 December – New Moon >><< 26 December – Full Moon >>
Event Date Degree& Sign Eastern time Pacific Time
Pallas Ingress December 2 00:00 Libra 1:36 pm 10:36 am
Juno Ingress December 3 00:00 Aquarius 4:47 pm 1:47 pm
Ceres Ingress December 10 00:00 Scorpio 1:51 pm 10:51 am
Venus Ingress December 16 00:00 Sagittarius 12:10 pm 9:10 am
Mercury Direct December 19-20 10:27 Sagittarius 1:28 am
10:28 pm
Winter Solstice December 21 00:00 Capricorn 7:42 am 4:42 am
Mars Ingress December 25 00:00 Sagittarius 11:04 am 8:04 am
Mars sq Uranus December 30-31 4 Sag/3:53 Pisces 2:49 am 11:59 pm

Is Nadi Reading available for all ?

Leaves are there not only for Indian nationals but also for foreignersand other nationals belonging to other religions and creeds.The very word "Nadi" in Tamil means -" destined".Hence destiny has leaves for those who wished to have their readings. Those who are not destined may not even know such a type of astrology exists. Even the very age when the native is destined to go to them is marked on the leaves.It is also stated that about 40% of the people in the world only are likely to get these results as available.The other leaves might have been damaged or lost in the course of time due to wars and natural calamities.

Zodiac Forecast (Dec 2004)

Aries- adverse forces act, chronic illness aggravate, losses in finance, speculation does not help, partnerships strain, conjugal happiness fades, hard work needed.

Taurus- good health, comforts come in, period not good for spouse, increased expenditure, avoid lawsuits, services fare well, health of spouse needs care.

Gemini- addition to the family brings joy, love flies high in the air, speculation fails, strangers bring trouble, good career development, children needs care.

Cancer- diet needs restraint, simple ailments bother, deceit through friend likely, opposition in profession, partnerships progress well, disorder in home.

Leo- conjugal pleasure prevails, resources grow, speculation brings returns, invest in properties, profession needs vigil, tensions in married life.

Virgo- auspicious functions at home, ailments abate, guard against theft of property, conjugal relations improve, wasteful expenditure, finance needs care.

Libra- temporary separation from kin, unwanted change in life possible, finances needs deft handling, avoid speculation, accidents possible,

Scorpio- acquisition of wealth, debts can be repaid now, confidante causes loss, litigation succeeds, beware of deceit by others, religious pursuits meet hindrances

Sagittarius- danger to children, reduced income flow, speculation cannot help, investment in landed property, short journeys likely, love gets enlivened.

Capricorn- pilgrimages possible, budget comfortable, ill-health at home, group efforts bring success, delayed foreign trips take off, domestic happiness assured.

Aquarius- guard during raveling, religious ceremonies at home, acquisition of luxury items, speculation cannot help, legal difficulties arise, health needs care.

Pisces- mental agony or serious illness bother you, domestic squabbles erupt, good income flow, losses cannot be ruled out, wearisome travel likely.

Your lucky stone (December - Sagittarius)


The Arians belong to the month of April and their lucky stone is the diamond. Wearing the diamond next to their skin brings them good luck and cheer. The diamond is the highest expression of the white light. It is the Emperor of stones, the most precious and the most powerful. It helps to harmonize the heart. The diamond carries great healing powers. It cures most of the illnesses and is a great protector against negative vibrations and thoughts.


Color yellow, white, colorless.
Hardness 10
Specific Density 3.5
Refractive Index 2.4

Why Nadi Astrology needs thumb impressions??

Lines on the thumb of people on the earth are are classified into 108 types. The Nadi palm leaves are arranged according to these types. The Nadi readers identify the particular types of lines on the thumb and the corresponding set of palm leaves is taken.The time duration to pick up your leaf depends upon the identification of the thumb impression. Some impressions are identified easily and the corresponding leaves are found soon.


December , 2004

India- confused state of affairs, financial market upbeat, agricultural prospects improve, peace efforts promoted.

Pakistan- Prospects for peace initiatives, amity promoted.

North America- financial market and trade regime well supported, diplomacy is well directed.

South America- captial market volatile, administration acts purposefully, foreign trade promoted.

Russia- healthy financial front, internal situation remains volatile, diplomacy marked by uncertainty.

West Asia- violent conflicts flare up, internal disorder fueled further.

China- region exposed to internal disorder, regional cooperation promoted, administration comes under much pressure.

Japan- traffic hazard likely, diplomacy dithers, economy advances.

Baby Names According to I Ching Principles

Count the number of letters in the first name, middle name and the last name of your baby. The numbers in Blue are the good numbers and those in Red are fair. Other numbers are not advisable.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50
51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70
71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80

Chinese Method of Choosing your baby's name

If the Chinese element is Wood for your baby, then choose a name with meaning of wood, green, tree, plant or flower.

If the element is Fire, then choose a name with meaning of fire, red, heat, warm or dry.

If the element is Metal , then choose a name with meaning of metal, gold, jewelry .

If the element is Water, then choose a name with meaning of water,cold,beach, ocean, river.

If the element is Soil, then choose a name with meaning of soil, ground, brown, earth.

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