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Monthly Newsletter April 2003

Major Planetary transits- April


Sun in Pisces moves into Aries on 13th.


Mars in Sagittarius moves into Capricorn on the 9th.


Mercury in Pisces moves into Aries on the 1st and becomes Retrograde on the 27th.


Venus in Aquarius moves into Pisces on the 15th.

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Retrograde Jupiter:

Retrograde Jupiter in Cancer becomes direct on the 4th and continues on the same sign.

Saturn: Saturn is in Gemini throughout.

Birthday Bash

Wishing all "Taureans " a very happy birthday

astrology birthday

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The Columbia Disaster - a report

The Ill-fated US space shuttle Columbia blew up when it was entering the earth's atmosphere after what seemed to be a successful voyage. Then what could have gone wrong? The Columbia was launched on 16-1-2003 that is on the 14th lunar day, The weekday was Thursday (5), the Nakshatra at the time was Aridra( 6) and the zodiacal sign was Pisces (12). Their sum works out to be 14+5+6+ 12= 37 or 1 which works out to be Mrtiyu Panchaka. The Moon is with a malefic Saturn, both being in Kendras. Jupiter is in a trine and could not help keep away this great affliction as it was supported by the Mrityu Panchaka. It is also widely discussed by astrologers that the shuttle would not have met with this tragedy had it avoided re-entry into the earth on an Amavasya or new moon day.

Chinese Astrology

chinese dragon astrology
The Chinese follow a Sexagonary cycle of 60years. These years are represented by 12 animals. The present Chinese New year which started on 1-2-2003 and extends up to 21-1-2004 is named the Sheep year. This is supposed to be a negative year. According to Chinese Astrology this year would be a smooth one with the world environment more peaceful. The Iraq- American clash is to be settled off peacefully. All the world powers would be brought closer, though there would be some maladjustments. In India there would be cordial relations between the states and the center. The present party at the center would complete it 's term in office smoothly.

Rx - Gemstones

Heard that precious gemstones are prescribed as cures for ailments? The gems are purified and fortified by various herbs as prescribed in ayurvedic texts so that they can be absorbed in the body to generate beneficial effects. The gems are used in powdered forms called as "bhasma" or " phisti". Diamond phasma gives strength to the body and rejuvenates it.Emerald phasma is an anti- depressant. Ruby phisti gives strength to heart muscles.

Zodiac Forecast (May)

Aries- loss of mental balance, family peace suffers, relatives bring grief.

Taurus- Mental anguish, dejection, damage to residence or property.

Gemini-Plans progress though with periodic halts, Guard against accidents and falls.

Cancer- Gainful meetings, interviews or pilgrimages likely, Shun fair weather friends.

Leo- Enemies cease to trouble you. Visit to holy places, Unmarried can get married.

Virgo- Auspicious events in the household, A tendency to indulge in sensual pleasures should be checked.

Libra- Loss of fortune, and failures most likely. Period is adverse for the spouse also. Avoid litigations.

Scorpio- The first two weeks are good. Auspicious functions and purchase of conveyance brings joy. Those in the family way needs extra care.

Sagittarius- Indiscreet association with members of the opposite sex should be avoided. This is an unfavorable month.

Capricorn- It is a good month. An inclination to study the scriptures may emerge. All round happiness prevails.

Aquarius- The first two weeks are good. A change of place is likely. Long distance travel becomes necessary.

Pisces- Good events take place but with some adverse results also. A death in the family circle is imminent. Maternal relations suffer.

Your lucky stone (April - Aries)


The Arians belong to the month of April and their lucky stone is the diamond. Wearing the diamond next to their skin brings them good luck and cheer. The diamond is the highest expression of the white light. It is the Emperor of stones, the most precious and the most powerful. It helps to harmonize the heart. The diamond carries great healing powers. It cures most of the illnesses and is a great protector against negative vibrations and thoughts.


Hardness 10
Specific Density 3 to 4
Refractive Index 2.4175

Vastu Tips

Stairs should not be located just facing the main door.They should not be seen fromt he outside. Stairs hsould eb avoided in the north east and north west.


APRIL , 2003

India- The country gets the resilience to withstand the threat of peace and stability. Fresh ground shall be broken in the financial front. Public health receives greater attention.

Afghanistan- General conditions improve and secures external aid.

Pakistan- Trade agreements are made and threat from an Ally imminent.

Sri Lanka- Uneasy calm prevails.

America- Financial market conditions depress. Travel hazards posed to citizens.

Argentina, Brazil- face economic constraints, public protests flare up.

Russia- Country shall be subject to terror. Administration rides a rough weather.

Africa- Violence predicted.

China- serious health hazards terror citizens, leadership faces threat.

Malaysia, Phillipines- National tragedies occur and leadership is under threat.

Japan- Government faces rough weather.

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