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Monthly Newsletter September,2003

The Virgo Common Traits

Your Strengths:

Meticulous to the last, you feel nauseous if your sense of order is violated. Finicky perfectionists, everything has to be attended to with care down to the last detail. You don't take the lead easily, but any task assigned to you is done perfectly. You love showing off your mental and verbal skills in a debate. Shy and gentle, you make friends for life. You cherish your lovers.You don't expect much from your spouse.

Your Weaknesses:

Perfectionists to the point of being nags, you have a basic inferiority complex because deep down inside, you know that you yourself are not perfect. You can get on people's nerves by constantly criticizing them. You are snooty and won't just hook up with anybody. You don't blow up easily but when you do, people better run for cover.

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Chiron - What is it??-

Astronomically, Chiron bears attributes of a comet , an asteroid and a planet .In a way it bridges the outer planets and the inner planets.On November 1, 1977, Chiron was discovered. Chiron is a comet-like asteroid that orbits the Sun between Saturn and Neptune. Although Chiron is not a planet like Mars and Venus, Chiron has the most profound astrological influences and therefore, Chiron is an "astrological planet." Chiron has monumental importance for astrology because it is the "planet" that rules marriage, spouses, soulmates, and children born in marriage as well as karmic ties.

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M - People represented by the letter "M" are extroverts, moral and cultured. They are very simple. They say the truth in the face. They cannot keep secrets to them. Though poor , they are conceived to be rich by others.

N- These people have struggles throughout their lives. But they find a way out of it.They have an influential personality.They establish friendship easily. Are good householders and lead a life of simplicity.

O- Such poeple are bold and daring. They have the capacity to rise and fall. They have unlimited number of friends and foes. They have high ambitions. The latter half of their lives are affluent.

P- People represented by a " P" hide many secrets. They remain calm on the outside. They represent nobility in life. Even with difficulties they don't show their sadness. They like a calm atmosphere. They deserve to be called the Ornaments of the society.

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The Virgo Kid

He/she is a perfectionist. If you need details, ask a Virgo. Great at organizing anything. No detail is missed by our Virgo children. They can be extreme in their behavior. You often see very neat and tidy Virgos on one end of the scale and slobs on the other end. These children are very good at taking care of others. Nothing makes them happier than to take care of sick people and animals.Very good with their hands, they can fix anything that breaks.You can always trust a Virgo with important tasks and responsibilities.

SKY - September 2003

Event Date Degree, Sign East Time Pacific Time
Uranus Retrog September 14 29:29 Aquarius 11:48pm 8:48 pm
Venus Ingress September 15 00:00 Libra 11:58am 8:58 am
Chiron Direct September 17 12:22 Capricorn 11:33pm 8:33 pm
Merc Direct September 20 12:12 Virgo 4:53 am 1:53 am

Fall Equinox

September 23

00:00 Libra

6:47 am 3:47 am
Mars Direct September 27 00:07 Pisces 3:52 am 0:52 am

Did you know?

Drinking water from a glass made of ones birth metal increases his longetivity.Silver glasses are for Taureans, Cancerians and Librans. Copper ones for Arians and Scorpions. Pisceans, Sagittarians and Leos might drink froma brass vessel and Aquarians and Capricorns can settle for steel. Geminis and Virgos should procure one made of an alloy of copper, silver and brass.


September, 2003

India-People exposed to violent strife and discord. Steady financial trends.Weather disturbances.

Pakistan- discontent among people.

North America- Violent acts, mixed trends in financial front.

South America- Regional disputes likely.

Russia- Spurt in activities of rebel elements.

West Asia-Peace initiatives obstructed.

China- Disturbing trends set in, financial regime distorted.

Japan- Subversive and tragic acts likely.

Forecast (September) - Zodiacs

Aries- Arrival of child or marriage brings joy, Some of you may go in for a new vehicle, services succeed, maintain mental balance.

Taurus- Decline in health, accidents likely, finances fluctuate, colleagues might create problems.

Gemini- Female member in the family suffers, travel poses hazards, increased expenditure worries, career interests slide.

Cancer- Change of job or place likely, illness to family members, speculation leads to losses, male birth brings joy.

Leo- Professional debacles, pilgrimage likely, ailments of stomach or eyes bother you, property problems, children bring joy.

Virgo- Chronic health problems aggravate, strained relations with co-borns, material gains likely, quarrels with friends to be avoided, guard against male friends.

Libra- Hindrance to religious pursuits, mental anguish, marriage prospects for singles, selective speculation brings gain, career interests meet hurdles.

Scorpio- Honors come unsought, death in the family, relation with parents sour, speculation not advised, health of spouse needs care.

Sagittarius- Elevation of profession, minor indisposition, relief from debts, success in career endeavors, travels likely, male associates might deceive you.

Capricorn- Family problems erupt, love affairs flourish, wasteful expenditure, change of boss, house might be refurbished.

Aquarius- Health of spouse needs care, dealth of an elderly in the house, finance normal, postpone travel, avoid all new ventures, may acquire luxury items.

Pisces- Children cause heart-burns, trouble from all quarters, expenditure overshoots income, colleagues don't cooperate.

Your lucky stone September - Virgo

sapphire birthstone


The name sapphire comes from the Latin word "sapphirus," which means blue.Sapphire is of the corundum class of minerals. The presence of trace impurities of iron and titanium is responsible for that beautiful, vibrant, deep blue color. Sapphires have always been associated with luck in romance. It is said to bring peace and happiness. We obtain Sapphires from Sri-Lanka , Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar , Vietnam, Madagascar and Africa.
Color -Green Blue to Violet Blue
Refractive index- 172 - 1.82
Chemistry  - Aluminium Oxide
Hardness        - 9
Density           - 3.98 - 4.02

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