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Monthly Newsletter July 2006

Cancer Common Traits

Your Strengths: Loyal to the last, you are protectors by nature. You defend your family, friends and your rights to the very end. Crabs are the ultimate mothers. You can't say no to a friend in need even if it means going out of your way to help them. Family values mean a lot to you.

Your Weaknesses: You are an opportunist and can be temperamental, cunning, vague and emotional . You tend to feel personally rejected if your friends don't pay much attention to you when you are depressed .You snap with your sharp claws when slighted and can hold a grudge for life. You need to be told you are the best at least once a day.

The Outer Planets

The planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are known as Outer Planets. Jupiter and Saturn are also sometimes taken into this category in a larger sense as they are also a little bit far away from the Sun. The Outer Planets also known as the Transpersonal Planets. They have their effects over generations as they each take several years to transit a sign. Transits of the outer planets are more significant than the inner planets in that they spend more time hovering over a particular area of a chart.The outer planets symbolize collective or subconscious awareness beyond our routine or regular concerns.They symbolize the need to integrate spiritual and group concerns into the demands of our ego ideas, affections and impulses.

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Neptune in Astrology Neptune rules the astrological house of Pisces along with Jupiter. Neptune, the planet of deception and spiritual enlightenment, rules the oppressed and abandoned and the misfits of the society. On a higher level it rules visionaries, and those who are glamorous and charismatic. It represents spirituality, mysticism, and ideals.Neptune's role is to cloud issues, making things seem other than they are. Neptune is the master of disguise. Neptune rules oil, liquids, solvents and cosmetics.

Neptune, one of the outer, transpersonal planets, spends about thirteen years in each sign, taking around 164 years to move through all twelve signs.

Since 164 years separate people born during its transit of one sign and those born when it returns, Neptune's significance in any sign is described as generational or historical.

Birthday Bash

Wishing all "Cancerians " a very happy birthday


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Transits of the Outer Planets

During a JUPITER transit in ones' birth chart, one may experience an abundance of new opportunities and options.Travel, education, religious study and childbirth enter a new phase in ones' life.

During a SATURN Transit, there would not be much interest in life. Hatred and sorrow rule the roost.The transits can be serious and difficult, but will pay major dividends if we have the guts to face it and focus on taking one step at a time towards our goals.

When URANUS is transiting your birth chart, things may appear to be coming apart at the seams.You may be increasing your awareness and feeling especially alive, even in the midst of chaos and unruly nature.Events may happen all of a sudden resulting in a shock to your routine flow.

If NEPTUNE is transiting your chart, you may feel inspired but also sad or disoriented.You may have difficulty motivating yourself.

PLUTO transits challenge us to the depths of our beings.During this period we forego certain habits or values that are no longer useful in your life.You may need to release certain people, possessions, or internal defenses to improve your psychological health.You may experience wide fluctuations in mood.

Outer Planets- Reckoner

Saturn Rules: Capricorn & Aquarius Exalted: Libra Detriment: Cancer Fall: Aries Exalted Degree: 21 Libra

Jupiter Rules: Sagittarius & Pisces Exalted: Cancer Detriment: Gemini & Virgo Fall: Capricorn Exalted Degree: 15 Cancer

Uranus Rules: Aquarius Exalted: Scorpio Detriment: Leo Fall: Taurus Exalted Degree: 23 Scorpio

Neptune Rules: Pisces Exalted: Cancer Detriment: Virgo Fall: Capricorn Exalted Degree: 3 Cancer

Pluto R ules: Scorpio Exalted: Leo Detriment: Taurus Fall: Aquarius Exalted Degree: 15 Leo

SKY - July 2006

<< 10 July – Full Moon >><< 25 July – New Moon >>
Event Date Degree& Sign Eastern time Pacific Time
Mercury Retrograde
July 4 1:22 Leo 3:33 pm 12:33 pm
Mars opposite Neptune July 5 Mars Leo; Neptune Aquarius 8:47 am 5:47 am
Jupiter Direct
July 6 8:59 Scorpio 3:19 am 12:19 am
Mercury enters Cancer July 10 00:00 Cancer 4:18 pm 1:18 pm
Mars trine Pluto July 14 Mars Leo; Pluto Sagittarius 3:08 am 12:08 am
Venus enters Cancer July 18 00:00 Cancer 10:41 pm 7:41 pm
Mars enter Virgo July 22 00:00 Virgo 2:53 pm 11:53 am
Sun enters Leo July 22 00:00 Leo 7:18 pm 4:18 pm
Mercury Direct
July 28 21:04 Cancer 8:39 pm 5:39 pm

Divination- Outer Planets

The three outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto act as a team to enable the spiritualization process, though each has a specific role in that process that when seen separately appears damaging.

Uranus is acts as a catalyst, and energizes the challenge to social order and complacency, providing unique and exciting new concepts that threaten the routine.

Neptune is an analyst, in that it breaks down the hardened structures of social standards by dissolving the crystallized whole into a solution of indiscernible parts.

Pluto is acts as a `metalyst' , in that it enforces or enables transformation, transmutation or transcendence of the parts into a greater spiritual whole.


July 2006

India- diplomatic wrangling, focus on external trade, strong weather, healthy investments, religious provocation.

Pakistan- region exposed to traffic hazards, diplomatic hostility, strife likely, grave tragedy probable.

North America- good finances, public health cause for concern, acts of violence.

South America- strains in the government, public health disturbed, financial ripples.

Russia- restraint on financial prospects, provocation with neighbors, administration in doldrums.

West Asia- heavy public casualty, leadership comes under threat.

China- financial prospects brighten up, environmental hazards pose grave problems.

Japan- general state of affairs secure, weather turbulence, security concerns emerge, administration turns proactive.

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Personal Forecast - ( July 2006 )


- all round happiness, health gets affected, romance on the cards, addition to the family, eyes need care, careful financial planning needed, guard against pitfalls, dispute over property.


- adverse period for spouse, domestic happiness fades, travel turns profitable, auspicious functions at home, some losses, avoid speculation, ignore trivial matters, avoid partnership deals.


- rivals fade away, sensual pleasures dominate, pilgrimage possible, ailments leave you exhausted, guards against tensions, death of an elder family member, increase in income, be careful in handling cash.


- change of residence, sense of dejection, bilious complaints bother you, danger to life lurks, increase in income, expenditure goes beyond control, change in position likely, teamwork can help, avoid unwanted friendship.


- tough month ahead, involve in charitable deeds, disharmony is the order of the month, expenses soar, small losses possible, obstacles to all efforts, partnerships pose problems.


- financial gains, mental happiness, plans work out well, relief from diseases, desires get fulfilled, religious pursuits bring peace, reduce expenditure, health remains good, avoid litigation.


- chances for starting new ventures, marriage in the family possible, favorable period for love affairs, avoid conflicts with colleagues, romance prospers, your reputation grows.


- health and work suffer, spiritual pursuits, health of partner needs care, preventive medication can help, prosperity touches a new low, increased expenses cause for concern, shun speculation.


- care needed about financial commitments, guards against accidents, marriage prospects bloom, avoid law suits, services do well despite odds, confidence needed.


- avoid arguments with family, close friend may part ways, personal safety needs care, reduced prosperity, increase in expenditure, hitches in partnership deals, postpone travel plans.


- troubles foreseen for the month, comforts at home gladden you, developmental activities on the cards, financial position improves, expenses escalate, projects take off successfully, expensive foreign travel foreseen.


- health of elder member in family needs care, minor ailments bother you, eyes need care, marital discords, property problems sprout, rivals fade away, speculation to be avoided.

Your lucky stone (July- Cancer)

Ruby gemstone for cancer
Ruby is a term for red gemstones derived from the mineral corundum, formed primarily from aluminum oxide. A Ruby is actually a Sapphire of red color. It is an extremeley hard and durable gemstone, well suited for all jewelry applications. Ruby symbolizes the sun, freedom and power.It protects sensitive natures, health and wealth, controls passions. Stimulates blood circulation, gives calm sleep and takes away nightmares. Rubies are obtained from Thailand, Tanzania, Myanmar (Burma) and Cambodia .

Properties of Ruby

Color Pink Red to Purple Red
Refractive Index 1.72 – 1.82
Chemistry Aluminum Oxide
Hardness 9.00
Density 3.97 – 4.08
Crystal Group Trigonal

Outer Planets- Discovery

The planet Uranus was discovered by William Herschel in the year 1781. The discovery of Neptune was in 1846 coinciding with a time of great suffering and idealism. Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh, an Illinois farmboy turned astronomer in 1930.

Astrology and Pluto

Pluto astrology
Pluto rules the zodiac house of Scorpio along with Mars. Pluto is also called as the lord of the underworld. It symbolizes the forces of deep transformation in our lives. Pluto is a slow-moving outer planet discovered in 1930. Pluto's influence is in general most clearly noticeable as it distinguishes one generation from the next. Pluto rules intense energy, signifying the areas in which we consciously or subconsciously seek to exercise power or control. Linked to our karmic responsibility, Pluto also indicates those areas where we need to gain the deepest level of understanding. It is located in Kuper belt in the cosmos. Pluto completes its journey through all twelve signs in around 248 years.

Current Ephemeris of Outer Planets

Uranus in Pisces -3/10/2002-5/27/2010

This transit of Uranus indicates a more compassionate nature of society, the thirst for liberation among this generation and the inspiration for a change in everything. It is important that you free yourself form restrictive addictions and codependent behavior. You get a 7 year itch to find God.


Neptune in Aquarius 11/27/1998 -2/3/2012

When it comes to the world of humanity you're part of a generation that tends to have a blind spot. The transit of Neptune in the house of Aquarius signifies friendly fantasies in society, a wired system through the entire world and the appetite for revelations of future trends.


Pluto in Sagittarius 11/10/1995-

Overtly or covertly, you may do whatever it takes to get the job done. In you life time you will experience a great transformation in location. When you get into therapy or analysis, a good place to be would be your philosophy of life. Expansive cleaning, more travels and transformations are imminent in this transit over Sagittarius.

Outer Planets in Mythology

In Roman mythology, Uranus was the personification of the sky as a female element. Married to Gaia he had around 45 children, amongst these were the three Cyclopes, six male Titans, the six female Titanides and Saturn. Uranus was the first king of the Atlantes. He was also a very skilled astronomer: Uranus devised the first calendar from the movement of the stars.

In mythology, Neptune was the Roman god of the sea. His festival was celebrated at the height of summer (23rd July) during the season of the greatest dryness. His brothers were Jupiter and Pluto.

In mythology Pluto or Pluton was the Roman god of the dead and the underworld. With his brothers, Jupiter and Neptune, Pluto shared the empire of the Universe after the defeat of the Titans - Jupiter gained the sky, Neptune the sea and Pluto the Underworld.

Uranus in Astrology

uranus astrology
Uranus rules the house of Aquarius along with Saturn. Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected changes. It rules freedom and originality. In society it rules radical ideas and people, as well as revolutionary events that upset established structures or norms. Uranus among all planets most governs genius. Uranus identifies the unusual or unique. Friends and associations to which you belong are indicated, as is your potential involvement with arcane studies, science and technology, computers, and the media. Uranus, one of the outer, transpersonal planets, takes around seven years to transit one sign, or about 84 years to move through all twelve signs. The influence of this planet is primarily generational.

Auspicious Days for July 2006

Date Day Tithi Nakshatra
02-07-06 Sunday 07.00 to 10.30 1.30 to 4.30
03-07-06 Monday 09.00 to 10.30 4.00 to 7.00
12-07-06 Wednesday 09.00 to 10.30 4.00 to 7.00
13-07-06 Thursday 07.30 to 10.30 4.00 to 7.00
14-07-06 Friday 06.30 to 10.30 4.30 to 7.00
16-07-06 Sunday 07.00 to 10.30 1.30 to 4.30
17-07-06 Monday 09.00 to 10.30 4.00 to 7.00
27-07-06 Thursday 07.30 to 10.30 4.00 to 7.00
30-07-06 Sunday 07.00 to 10.30 1.30 to 4.30
31-07-06 Monday 09.00 to 10.30 4.00 to 7.00

Inner Planets Vs Outer Planets

nine planets astrology
The inner planets are the Sun and the planets closest to it. These are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus. These planets revolve around the Sun in smaller orbits, and therefore more quickly, than the outer planets. Their aspects change more quickly in your horoscope. Moon aspects change most rapidly. The inner planets are considered personal planets. The outer planets are Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and Pluto. These are the slower moving planets whose influences can persist for much longer. Their lingering influences tend to create background themes in your life. The outer planets are considered generational planets as they make impacts on generations rather than personal.

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