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Monthly Newsletter June,2003

The Gemini Common Traits

The Gemini Man:

He is an enigma, a dual natured personality, a favorite at get -togethers, draws the admiration of others. He alternates between being generous and miserly. He isn't against the female sex. Most of them enjoy the company of women. Alternately affectionate and critical to children.

The Gemini Woman:

Frequently hop between relationships. She reaches out to others for self explanation which is misrepresented by others. She is a bundle of contradictions. Stability in life is always a nightmare for her. Highly independent. She is a never boring personality. She does not spend much time with children though she shares a love bond with them.

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Love Life of Geminis-

Love is a titillating and colorful experience one which they plunge with great excitement. They charm the opposite sex by their wit. The need for variety in life takes them from one relationship to another.


Geminis have excellent communication skills and hence make excellent sales, teaching and in the performing media. Scientific inventions, psychiatry and psychology are their other important fields of interest. Geminis often hold two jobs. Geminis enjoy traveling jobs. Stock markets interest them and they are good in crafts and designing as well.


Geminis have an aptitude for speculation. They have an inner urge to make more money. Uncertainty with finance mostly crop in their lifetime.

What Saddam's Horoscope says ??-

saddam horoscope
Saddam Hussein, the ousted Dictator of Iraq was born in a poor peasant family in Tikrit on 28.4.1937. There is no reliable record on his exact birth time. But his moon-sign appears to explain well the ruthless Dictator's mental disposition. The Moon is in Scorpio and in close conjunction with the sign dispositor Mars. Mercury aspects this combination. The Moon- Mercury opposition by itself is in a dangerous position. With Mars further polluting this combination , this establishes a diabolic mind that feeds on dangerous levels of narcissism. Speculatively speaking ,Gemini or Aquarius appears to be the ideal contenders for Saddam's Ascendant. If Aquarius is his Ascendant, then Mars in the 10th brings out the power thirsty military dictator in him. If Gemini would have been the Ascendant, then Saturn in the 10th shows his phenomenal rise to power from extremely humble beginnings.

Name Letters- Numerology

A- Those having A as the first letter in their names are surely prominent, and are full of good qualities and thoughts. Emotions have a deep control over them and they have constructive ideas. They share the joys and sorrows of others.

B- Those who have B as the first letter of their names are often engrossed in their own thoughts and feelings. They have a limited circle of friends. They have a doubting nature and are always alert. They have a beautiful arrangement of thoughts within them and don't take part in public arguments.

C- These people are always moody. They try to fulfill their resolve whatever the expenditure or time taken. What they say is firm as a law. Their brain is always active planning something or the other. Whatever they envisage is true in the future.

D- The letter D stands for self-confidence and self-control. Whatever undertaken is completed sucessfully. They do not waiver on crtiticisms. They always move towards their goal.

Forecast ( June ) - Zodiacs

Aries- travel to a distant place, quarrels or death in close circles .

Taurus- some beneficial results,otherwise financial debacles, futile wanderings , danger to spouse .

Gemini-General weakness , self -centered dangers, birth in the family

Cancer- Auspicious moments at home, successful travel, theft likely

Leo- unexpected calamities to mother, auspicious function/pilgrimages likely.

Virgo- Acquisition of position, pilgrimage is possible, honor can add

Libra- grievous news can arrive, trouble to children, major tensions in family.

Scorpio- Spouse health needs attention, might acquire house

Sagittarius- Auspicious functions at home, rise in profession, arrival of child

Capricorn- weakness, grief, defeat or humility cannot be ruled out.

Aquarius- Litigation, Governmental wrath might irk you, mother's health needs attention.

Pisces- Mental anguish, aimless journeys, loss of memory are foreseen

Your lucky stone (June - Gemini)


Pearl is formed in shellfish as a reactant to an irritant such as a piece of sand. Cultured pearls are created by adding a piece of mussel or shell inside of an oyster of mussel. As an emblem of modesty, chastity and purity, the Pearl symbolizes love, success, and happiness. Pearls were once thought to be the tears of God. Pearl is often referred to as the "Queen of Gems".  


Color-white, brown, silver, cream, black or pink
Hardness- 3

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