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Monthly Newsletter June 2004

The Gemini Common Traits

Your Strengths:You are always surrounded by admiring people. You need constant mental stimulation.You spin faster than most people can follow and love to make new interesting friends. You can match wits and talents with almost anyone, if you put your mind to it.

Your Weaknesses: You are prone to bad moods. A cruel impatience coupled with scant disregard for other people's time, makes you a not very convenient friend. You find it tough to concentrate on one thing. Pulling out of friendships that get too emotional for comfort, is your trademark.Love does not figure on your list of priorities because you can't seem to shut off your mind long enough for your heart to take over.

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Feng Shui is a part of Chinese Philosophy which tells us how our life and destiny are related to the environment and nature surrounding us.

It is the art of proper placement or arrangement of buildings, rooms and furniture in such a way as to achieve maximum harmony and balance with nature.

The basic principle is that there is an invisible energy that circulates around every living and non-living object in this universe. This energy is termed as "Chi" and when it is in balance everything goes on smoothly.If there is an obstruction to its flow then there would be hardships, troubles and losses in ones life.

Birthday Bash

Wishing all "Geminis" a very happy birthday

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History behind Feng Shui

From the mountainous south western region of China during the Han Dynasty (200 B.C. - 200 A.D.), the earliest known records of Feng Shui can be established. The rugged typography of this region of south western China provided the inspiration for finding the most auspicious sites - initially for dwellings and burial sites. Feng Shui was traditionally intended to find locations within the landscape that had beneficial Chi energy,This was further refined much later in A.D. 888 by the teachings and practice of Yang Yun Sung who was, at the time, an adviser to the Emperor.

SKY - June 2004

<< June 3 – Full Moon >><< June 16 – New Moon >>
Degree& Sign
Eastern time
Pacific Time
Uranus Retrograde
June 10 06:48 Pisces 11:47 am 8:47 am
Pallas Ingress June 14-15 00:00 Cancer 1:09 am
10:09 pm
Mercury Ingress June 19 00:00 Cancer 3:49 pm 12:49 pm

Summer Solstice

June 20, 2004

00:00 Cancer

8:57 pm 5:57 pm
Mars Ingress June 23 00:00 Leo 4:50 pm 1:50 pm
Venus Direct June 29 09:37 Gemini 7:16 pm 4:16 pm

Feng Shui for children

Do not allow children to sit with their back against any door while studying , else place a mirror so they can see the door behind them.

Make sure that nothing sharp or piercing is directed towards the chair, as this will create more bad energy.

Train them to keep their rooms tidy and clutter- free as bad energy accumulates in clusters.

The Laughing Buddha is a symbol of wealth and happiness and it works wonders when kept in children's bedroom.

Let your child wear a Hematite stone on him as it would get him a deep sleep. Hematite also wards off bad moods and depressed feelings.

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June , 2004

India- Stability in political front, enhanced performance of financial sector, communication system improves.

Pakistan- exposed to violent acts, threat to leadership.

North America- scandals in foreign affairs exposed, disturbed state affairs, ecomony registers steady growth.

South America- neighbourly relations weaken, traffic strikes imminent.

Russia- international relations suffers, economy has moderate performance.

West Asia- diplomatic confrontation, peace efforts prevented.

China- steady progress, health hazards to population likely.

Japan- capital markets turbulent, leadership remains confident.

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Personal Forecast - ( June 2004 )

Aries- auspicious events at home, acquisition of property, period unfavorable for spouse, eyes cause discomfort, financial gains bring joy, services secure, avoid arguments with elders.

Taurus- heart patients need take care, unwelcome transfers likely, preventive medication might help, finances fail, wicked friends deceive you, avoid speculation.

Gemini- family members face tense situations, wound require proper medical care, strain due to long journeys, speculation would bring in losses, avoid long term projects.

Cancer- pilgrimages likely, good health, charitable deeds can be done, conjugal happiness assured, gains through friends, foreign travel imminent for those in waiting.

Leo- good health, increased happiness, marriages in the family bring joy, new friendships blossom, debts can be cleared now, avoid hasty decisions, shun emotional moves.

Virgo- health and work suffer slightly, death of close relative, income increases, increased expenses, wearisome travels, avoid long term projects.

Libra- double check travel plans, birth of a child in the family, elderly relative passes off, guard against losses, avoid adamant behaviors, trouble from authorities.

Scorpio- debacles in profession, losses probable, close friend suffers ill-health, speculation might not help, guard against losses, change in position likely.

Sagittarius- personal safety needs care, simple ailments bother you, speculation can help, professional tensions diffused, partnerships work well, domestic happiness prevails.

Capricorn- domestic bliss dominates, happiness and cheer in family, material gains and inflow of money, success in undertakings, changes in profession, avoid bad company.

Aquarius- all round prosperity, domestic happiness, pilgrimages probable, financial stress, career interests droop, more income, picnics add to the excitement.

Pisces- enmity with family members, good health prevails, important rival disapperas, eyes need care, increased income, speculation fails, disputes over property, fight depression.

Vastu Tips

Home Interiors

Furniture should be placed in the southeast, south, or west sides of a room. .It is best that the northeast corner of each room in the house be left empty. Do not align doors within the house. One door should not lead directly into another.Do not keep money in a place facing south.When one prays, he should face either north or east. Beds should face either west or south .Mirrors should be placed on the north or east walls, not on the south or west walls. Clocks should be placed on the west, north, or east walls. There should be an even number of columns and beams in the house, not odd.Doors should generally be made from a single piece of wood and should open on the left side. A television can be placed in the southeast side of a room. Stairways should be on the south, southwest, or west sides of a building.Inauspicious pictures such as fighting animals, snakes, owls, bats, vultures and pigeons should not be hung in a house .

wind chime

Wind Chimes

The Wind chime is one of the most frequently used feng shui cures for positive chi energy.

They are commonly made out of very high quality brass tubes. Install the wind chime in a place in your house where natural breeze enters all the time from a window. Also it is best to position the chime in the center of the house so that the chiming sound is heard in every corner of the house.

A wind chime is believed to neutralize the negative energy and stimulate good Chi energy flow.

Venus transit

Venus Transit - June 8, 2004

The transit of Venus on June 8, 2004 is clearly the astronomical event of the year.This transit is not an ordinary astronomical event. It is one that has not occurred since 1882 and that no person living has previously experienced. It is also one that is clearly visible and experimential in nature.

The planet Venus will pass across the disc of the Sun for a period of about seven hours. Do not watch it with your bare eyes or filters. Instead project the image of the Sun on a white screen and observe it.nice

 Your lucky stone (June - Gemini)


Pearl gemstone

 Pearl is formed in shellfish as a reactant to an irritant such as a piece of sand. Cultured pearls are created by adding a piece of mussel or shell inside of an oyster of mussel.

Natural pearls are the most expensive, followed by cultured pearls. Fresh water pearls tend to be relatively inexpensive.

As an emblem of modesty, chastity and purity, the Pearl symbolizes love, success, and happiness. They often symbolize a happy marriage and in many countries are used as a wedding gift.

Natural Pearls have been harvested from the Red Sea, Gulf of Manaar, and the Persian Gulf. The coasts of Australia and Polynesia produce mostly cultured pearls.


Color white, brown, silver, cream, black or pink
Hardness 3
Content Calcium

Crystal balls in Feng Shui

The main purpose of faceted crystal balls is to transmute energy.The balls must be faceted and the size depends upon the size of the ailment you are trying to cure.When "Sha" or hard energy enters the ball, the facets deflect the energy breaking it up and turning it into "Chi" or soft energy.Crystal Balls are typically used in windows to transmute the "Sha" entering your home from the street. The size of the crystal ball you choose is dependent on the size of the ailment and the amount of energy you are trying to transmute.

Indian Vastu Shastra- Chinese Feng Shui- Are they identical??

The objectiveof both the sciences are the same- to bring in balance between man and his environment. Both tell us how to orient buildings and place things in a better manner so as to ensure a harmonious balance between man and nature.But Vastu Shastra is comparatively older than Feng Shui. Vastu Shastra is oriented more towards physical surroundings and nature. It is more rigid and the Vastu cures are difficult.Feng Shui on the other hand is much liberal and has simple and cheaper cures for defects

The Bagua Mirror

Bagua Mirror
Ba Gua is an octagonal figure divided into eight triangular sections. It is used as a mystical tool for detecting imbalances in environment in Feng Shui terms. The eight areas are associated with family, wealth, fame, marriage, children, helpful people, career and knowledge. It can be superimposed on the plan of a house for better results.

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