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Monthly Newsletter May,2004

The Taurus Common Traits

Your Strengths:

Strong, dependable and steadfast, you keep promises and finish whatever you start. You are the one people turn to, when they need solace or support. You act on common sense and good advice. You have strong family values and generally a solid career. You are fond of luxurious items.

Your Weaknesses:

You don't like new ideas. You don't trust people easily and hold grudges for a long time. Despite being sensible, you tend to over-indulge in food, sex and relaxation, never getting enough of any. Merciless when betrayed, it would be foolhardy of anyone to cheat on you and earn your fierce wrath.

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Conception in Women and Astrology

Most dreaming occurs during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. During REM sleep, a person's eyes move back and forth rapidly.Often when people in REM sleep wake up, they say that they were just dreaming. The EEG pattern during REM sleep is similar to the EEG pattern when people are awake. However, the muscle activity is very quiet during REM sleep. Muscles are inactive to prevent us from acting out our dreams.

The average human sleeps about 8 hours every day.That's one third of hislife.That means you sleep for about 122 days every year. A 75 year old person would have spent a total of about 25 years asleep.

We enter REM sleep about 5 times in an average 8 hour period of sleep. If we assume that we dream during each of these REM periods, then in one year, we will have had 1,825 dreams. Of course we don't remember all of these dreams. A 75 year old person would have about 136,875 dreams to end the story.

Birthday Bash

Wishing all "Taureans" a very happy birthday

birthday astrology

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Do everybody Dream?

Everybody dreams. Not only all humans, but in fact all mammals are shown to have REM sleep, which is associated with dreams. It is a normal and necessary function of the body.So if you think you don't dream you probably just don't remember. People vary greatly in how much they remember of their dreams. The perhaps most important reason why people forget their dreams is that they don't care. Dream recall can be trained. Try to think over all what you have dreamed for some time before getting up and write it down soon afterwards.

Dreams - Are they meaningful??

While some dreams seem more powerful and provocative than others, all dreams should be considered to be potentially meaningful. Each dream you examine offers information about your current life, immediate concerns and your personality traits. Even if you don't feel you've gotten to the bottom of a particular dream, you stand to gain insights about your dreaming patterns.

<< 4th May - Full Moon >><< 18th May - New Moon >>
Degree& Sign
Eastern time
Pacific Time
Chiron Retro
May 1-2
26:08 Capricorn
1:12 am
10:21 pm
Jupiter Direct
May 4
08:55 Virgo
11:06 pm
8:06 pm
Lunar Eclipse
May 4
14:42 Scorpio
4:31 pm
1:31 PM
Mars Ingress
May 7
00:00 Cancer
4:45 am
1:45 am
Mercury Ingress
May 15-16
00:00 Taurus
2:54 am
11:54 pm
Neptune Retro
May 17
15:23 Aquarius
8:13 am
5:13 am
Venus Retro
May 17
26:08 Gemini
6:29 pm
3:29 pm
Sun Ingress
May 20
00:00 Gemini
12:59 pm
9:59 am

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May , 2004

India- Agony and suffering in North-eastern areas, economic agenda pushed up, adverse effects on religious temper.

Pakistan- Diplomatic reverses likely, major financial deals maligned, loss of crops by pestilence.

North America- significant advances, trade prospects brighten, security comes under threat.

South America- administrative apathy, finance and trade remain good.

Russia- agricultural prospects suffer, external relations affected.

West Asia -Confrontation and conflicts, security concerns remain.

China- diplomatic outrage may be provoked.

Japan- financial regime supported, clout in international arena restrained.

(May 2004 ) - Zodiacs

Aries- Gain of conjugal bliss, domestic life may be rocked, small measure of prosperity, children bring happiness, do not trust others, ingress of money brings relief, law suits worry you.

Taurus- relatives' ill-health drains your resources, shift of residence likely, health problem to spouse, spiritual inclinations gain momentum, finances fail, control emotions.

Gemini- disturbances in normal life, suffering to female member in family, relatives cause problems, increased expenditure, shun speculation, guard against harm to property.

Cancer- pilgrimages likely, charity can help, guard against accidents at home, expenses outshoot income, investment in jewels, partnerships stabilize, improved lifestyle.

Leo- change of place imminent, domestic peace gets disturbed, added prosperity, heeavy expenditure needs check, profession sees advancement, beware of emotional hurts.

Virgo- happiness from spouse diminishes, auspicious functions at home, chronically ill get a beating, marital discord, trouble from authorities, litigation can fail.

Libra- general weakness of body, spiritual inclinations bring solace, danger of hurts, marriage for the eligible, death of father likely, speculation can help, avoid lawsuits and travel.

Scorpio- troubles make you tired, guard against accidents, children exposed to danger, marriage proposals suffer setback, small gains, change in position in profession.

Sagittarius- financial gains on the cards, children cause heart-burn, bickerings with spouse, urinary ailments trouble you, expenses escalate, extensive travel likely.

Capricorn- charity takes the center-stage, conjugal felicity suffers, health of mother causes concern, personal safety needs care, avoid speculation, matrimonial proposals take off.

Aquarius- small gains, guard against wrath of authorities, failure in love affairs, short journeys imminent, legal affairs succeed, senior family member needs care, stressful month.

Pisces- enmity with family members, marital tensions escalate, simple ailments of the stomach bother you, disputes cause worry, prone to bouts of depression, avoid travel.

 Your lucky stone(May- Taurus)

Emeralds are a gemstone from the Beryl family of stones. They have a stunning green color.It gets its characteristic emerald green color from traces of chromium in the crystal matrix. Emerald is a precious gem that promotes creativity and perception. It also acts as a natural tranquilizer.Emeralds symbolize serenity, success in love, wealth, happiness and peace of mind. The majority of our Emeralds are Colombian, many from the renowned Muzo Mine, Chivor and Coscuez mines. We occasionally obtain Emeralds from Zambia and Brazil.


Color Shades of Green
Refractive Index 1.57- 1.60
Hardness 7.5- 8
Density 2.62-2.9
Chemistry Beryllium Aluminium Silicate

After a Dream...

Get up, go to the bathroom, have a drink of water. If you're afraid of going back into the dream, change whatever you're wearing. If you sleep alone, jot down some points of the dream, or, if you're wide awake, write it all down. This will drain much of the tension out of your body, break the mental set of the dream, and ensure you have it captured for later review.

History of Dreams

Dreams have been reported in all cultures.Cuneiform-script clay tablets from Assyria and Babylonia testify that dreams including foreknowledge were experienced thousands of years ago.Tthe ancient Egyptians believed that dreams were messages from the gods and that knowledge about the future could be conveyed through dream. An ancient Indian book of wisdom, the Atharvana Veda, dating from about 3000 years ago, commented on premonitory dreams . The ancient Greeks were also fascinated by dreams. Aristotle pointed out that some apparently precognitive dreams of future illness in people may be 'prodromic' in that the dream may be aware of symtoms that are not yet available to consciousness. Also that some dreams may be self-fulfilling prophecies. The Bible, of course, refers to dreams. There are about 15 in the old testament - most of which helped change the course of history.

Nightmares are helpful-Would you believe!!

As unlikely as it sounds, our nightmares are actually some of the most significant and helpful of all our dreams. They make vivid and memorable thoughts and feelings that we tend to push aside by day and highlight the connection between present challenges and past history. Nightmares can also provide early warnings about the potential for future problems if one continues on the same course. By dramatizing our worst fears they sometimes give us the courage to move forward without the anxiety of the future since we have already lived through the worst in our dreams.

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