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Steven Spielberg - A Sagittarius


Steven Spielberg
Profession - Film Director
Date of Birth - 18, December, 1946
Place of Birth- Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
Chinese Sign - Dog
Feng Shui Element - Fire

Astro Report

Steven Spielberg's extraordinary career is that, with rare exception, he has consistently created films that have captured the imagination, hearts and dollars of the movie-going public.

Often when Jupiter travels past Uranus' placement in a director's natal chart, a signature film, or even a masterpiece, is released. Jupiter and Uranus are also associated with technological innovations that irrevocably alter the course of film history.

Not only does Spielberg enjoy a number of planets by birth in the 5th house the house of creativity, but he also received significant transits from Uranus and Pluto through the Fifth House throughout his career, catalyzing and intensifying his natural creative flair.

From approximately 1976 to 1984, Uranus transited Spielberg's Fifth House. During this early phase of his career, Spielberg utilized innovative special effects in his films.

As Uranus moved on and Pluto entered the Fifth House, Spielberg moved into a new phase of his career. He began to create movies less reliant on technical wizardry and more founded on high drama, intense conflict, deep emotional impact and the profound themes of human existence.

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