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Pamela Anderson - A Cancer


Pamela Anderson celebrity astrology
Profession - Actress
Date of Birth - 1, July , 1967
Place of Birth - British Columbia, Canada.
Chinese Sign - Goat
Feng Shui Element - Fire

Numerology Report

Foundation number - This number is calculated by the addition of all the numbers present in your birthdate. It represents the foundation upon which your destiny in this world lies.

Her Foundation number is 4. You are one of the great doers of the world with a natural flair for practical solutions. With this skill you will bring form and structure to the world. You may not be one of the "visionaries" of the world but you are the one whose efforts can be of benefit in building a solid base for the future.Your have the ability to be a master craftsman, skilled trades person, physician or chiropractor. Many teachers of martial arts, sports and fitness and well as authors of technical books have the foundation number 4.

Soul Urge Number - Soul Urge Number has been calculated from the numerical value of the vowels in your name.It represents your inner feelings and the more subtle aspects of your spiritual sensitivities and your inner strengths.

Pamela's Soul urge Number is 7. This number implies that you possess a strong inner desire to teach and to assist others. You need peaceful surroundings and are disturbed deeply by loud or abrasive noises. There is a extraordinary spirit deep within you. Some people with a Soul Urge of 7 may lack personal boundaries and share everything, then later feel hurt, betrayed or misunderstood.

Outer Expression Number - Your outer expression number has been calculated from the numerical value of the consonants of your name. It represents the Outer persona that you present to the world.

Her Outer Expression Number is 5. Your Outer Expression Number indicates you are a good conversationalist, bright, sparkling and witty, and will therefore have much interchange with groups of people.Yet you are often misunderstood in your dealings with people. This arises from an inhibition to allow yourself to fully express yourself.You need the company of responsive, uninhibited people.

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