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What do you mean by Subscription / Membership?

By Subscription/ Membership we mean offering premium services to you on a Quarterly or Annual basis as the case may be for which you pay us a nominal fee.For more information click here.

There are 3 types of Subscription/Membership we offer:

1. Free Subscription / Membership 2. Trial Subscription/Membership -valid for 3 months (paid service US$ 9.95) 3. Annual Subscription/membership - valid for 1 Year (paid service US$ 99.95) During this period of Subscription/ Membership, you can avail all the services to the chosen plan.

The holy Quran has a chapter called the "The Star" and there is a mention about the Lord as "He is the Lord of Sirius".The ancient Egyptians had astrologers to study the constellations and explain it to the common man.

Many Astrologers, like many scientists, are immensely spiritual. Astrology is not meant to take away our religious values, but to enhance them, and to have a closer understanding of life and its purpose. Astrology is clearly not a religion but, it can be used as a tool to help to find some answers to the "Where" and the "What"of life.

What are the free services offered by you?

The following services are offered free: Love meter, Love chart, Online palm reading, Lucky number, Auspicious day guide, lucky gem-stones, Birth-Stone, Panchang, 10-Porutham, Death-meter, Hand-writing analysis, Dreams dictionary, Death-clock, daily and weekly horoscopes, etc. For more details click here.

What are the services that I can avail for Quarterly Subscription/Membership?

The Quarterly Subscriber / Member has access to all the free services plus some paid services like Monthly horoscope, Yearly horoscope, Dream analysis, Name change consultancy, Baby names consultancy, Compatibility report, Gem-stone suggestions. For the list of services offered by us click here.

What are the services available for the Annaul Subscriber /Member?

The Annual Subscriber /Member has at his disposal all the free services and all of the paid premium services. Some of the paid services available only to the annual subscriber / member are Vasthu consultation, Ask a Question and Discount @ 10% in our Shopping section. For the comprehensive list click here.

Can I quit midway during the course of my Subscription/Membership?

To quit during the Subscription/ Membership period is really a loss for you as all subscription payments paid to us are non-refundable. Hence we advise you against that, as you would miss our services for the remaining subscribed period.

What are the bonus/free offers for the Subscribers/Members?

All the new features and modules shall be offered free of cost to our valid paid Subscribers /Members as and when they appear in our site. We shall inform them prior to launching of any new features. Plus surprise gifts for Annual Subscribers / members will be given as a bonus. As an introductory offer, 10% discount is given for all Paid Annual Members in our Shopping Section.

Can I get a copy of the report I had earlier asked for, but had missed?

Yes, it will be given to you free of cost, provided you request us within 1 month and give us the relevant particulars like the date and time of the query you had posted us earlier. Your request will be sent only to the same email address given by you earlier.

As a Subscriber/Member do I get any discounts in your shopping section?

All Annual Subscribers/Members are entitled for a discount of 10% on our entire shopping section. (Gem Shop, Vastu products and Fengshui products)

Whom should I contact for help regarding subscription details?

All your Subscription/Membership processes would be executed and maintained without any hitches to your fullest satisfaction. In case you have any problems you can contact : [email protected]

Can I order from you if I'm under 18?

Yes, you can avail our services under parental guidance and approval.

How long does it take to receive my order?

For orders accepted by us, you should receive them once your payment transfer is confirmed by us, via email within 3 to 7 working days after placing your order. Your orders shall be received 365 days a year.

I have forgotton my password. What to do?

If you have forgotton your password, you have to use this link www.findyourfate.com/password.htm to get your password re-sent by us to your registered email address.

Is the site fully Free? If No, what is Free and What is Paid?

About 50% of the site is accessible free to all the users without any payment obligations. However, a few modules of the free section require basic registration which is also free. The balance 50% of the site is accessible to paid members only and the modules in paid membership include: Quarterly Subscribers/Members-Monthly horoscope, Yearly horoscope, Dream analysis, Name change consultancy, Baby names consultancy, Compatibility report, Gem-stone suggestions. Annual Subscribers/Members- all the above mentioned services plus Vasthu consultation, Ask a Question and Discount @ 10% available in our shopping section.

How do I upgrade my membership status?

You can upgrade, provided you are already registered with us as a member. Your site access status is upgraded to Paid Membership after we receive the subscription from you by secured Credit Card payment. You can use this link to upgrade your account; www.findyourfate.com/upgrade.php

Do I need to pay to register as a Member?

No, basic registration is free on this site. Once you register as a free member, you can enjoy all the free benefits . However if you would like to avail the premium services we offer, you have to make payment according to the type of Subscription/Membership.

What are the Subscription/Membership charges? How can I pay?

The Subscription/Membership is broadly categorised into two categories, viz. Quarterly and Annual Membership. Quarterly Subscription/Membership is available to you at a special introductory price of US$ 9.95 and the Annual Subscription/ Membership at US $ 99.95 . Once you become a full fledged member, you can access all the sections/modules of this site that are designed exclusively for paid members only. Currently, you can pay us by Online Credit Card . For any other alternate payment if you would like to make, you may contact our customer service executive at :[email protected]


What is an RSS/ XML Feed?

Follow this link to read FAQ's on RSS/ XML Feed What should I do to get Astrology RSS/ XML Feed? Click here to get Astrology RSS/ XML Feed


My Question is not listed here. What to do?

You are welcome to send us your queries about any clarifications regarding the site as a whole. We will respond to your queries at the first opportunity. Please address your mail to :[email protected].

How often is this site updated with new stuff?

This site is frequently being updated with lots of new and improved astrology related contents. These updates are sometimes done several times a day too. Almost every module of this site is designed to provide the user with the best levels of satisfaction. After all the stars change position in seconds!!!

How accurate is the prediction given at this site?

The predictions provided for the members in this site are backed by qualified and experienced Astrologers / Analysts who have been practising Astrology and giving predictions for several years. For more information about our Analyst, please refer to :About Us page.

What is your success rate?

We have been in this field for many years with a big database of registered users and paid subscribers. We have been getting valuable feedback from our customers who have seen our predictions unfold before them. To enjoy this benefit you have to experience it yourself!!! We have 100% satisfied customers, who have given feedback to us that IT REALLY WORKS!!!

What can astrology do for me?

Astrology allows insight into your own personality, motivations, beliefs, and early environmental factors we have internalized that affect our decision making. Astrology can provide insight into how these factors may unfold in probable fashion through future planetary aspects and progressed measurements. It can give us insight into others and therefore increase understanding and depth in our relationships.

What if I don't know my birth time?

If the birth time is unknown, we can create what is called a solar chart, which is a technique whereby the position of the sun in a person's chart is also used as the ascendant. The house cusps are then assigned equal 30 degree intervals from that position.

What name should I use?

Some people wonder if they should use their maiden or married name, or the name they use every day versus their given name. The name you use is very important. you may use your given name and if its not been called then you can use the called name.

This page will help us to answer the most frequently asked questions by our users regarding the www.findyourfate.com web site. In case if we did not answer any of the listed question to your satisfaction, or if your question is not answered here, please send us your feedback with query to:[email protected] and we shall respond to the same at the earliest.