Astrological Terms under Letter Z

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- Another term for "Cazimi" meaning "in the heart of the sun" .


- This is a Persian term for the current bound lord of the circumambulation of the ascendant.


- The point on the Celestial Sphere which is directly overhead. A line from the center of the Earth through the
observer will go through the zenith. The point opposite the zenith, directly below the observer, is the nadir.


- One of the Greek gods, has references to the planet Jupiter.


- Divination by observing and interpreting the flames of three lighted candles placed in a triangular position.


- literally meaning 'circle of animals.' A band in the heavens divided into twelve Signs, each containing 30 degrees of longitude and acting as the barometer for various human traits.

Zodiacal aspects

- Aspects based upon planets' zodiacal longitude as distinguished from parallels and contaparallels, which depend upon declination.


- Ancient Greek name for Sign, which imputes the sense of a living being rather than just a spatial container.


- Divination by interpreting the appearance and behavior of animals.


- Of or relating to an animal form or representation.

Zulu Time

- GMT - Greenwich Mean Time. Also Universal Time or World Time.


- Divination by using weights, the original form of Bibliomancy (being weighed against the Bible) is a form of zygomancy.