Astrological Terms under Letter M

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Magi AstroChart

- A birth chart drawn the Magi Astrology way. Normal birth charts depict the locations of only the longitudes of the planets. A Magi AstroChart includes the declinations. All planets that are in significant declinational aspect to each other are highlighted by connecting lines.

Magi Astrology

- A branch of astrology with astrological principles and rules of
interpretation developed by the Magi Society in 1625. In Magi Astrology, Chiron and the declinations are always included, and unique analytical tools of Planetary Geometry are applied to obtain a more complete analysis than the standard methods.

Magi Astrology Law of Symmetrical Enhancement

- Whenever 3 or more planets are aligned in such a manner that the planets form a symmetrical pattern, then the aligned planets enhance each other and influence each other positively (except if 90 degree angles are formed - as is the case with the T-Square). The positive influence of the combined planets will conform to the integrated combined symbolisms of the planets that form the symmetrical alignment.

Magical Angle

- Two planets that are Trine, Conjunct or Quincunx - unless Saturn is involved. Whenever a planet from one person's chart makes a 150-degree angle with a planet from another person's chart, one of two things can happen.

Magi Dek Quad

- A Declinational Magi Quad.

Magical Time

- the time period when an aspect is most powerful; in Magi Astrology, these are the 3 days before and after an aspect is exact.

Magi Pyramid

- A term in Magi Astrology referring to the condition where in the declinations, at least 3 planets are each in aspect to one another. This usually occurs when 3 planets are all parallel to each other, but it is possible for it to occur when 1 planet is contra-parallel to 2 planets, which are, in turn, parallel to each other.

Magi Quad

- A Magi Quad is a Multiple-Planet Aspect comprised of 4 planets. In the longitudes, it exists wherever 4 planets are aligned in such a way that they form a symmetrical pattern such that at least 2 of the 4 sides are parallel to each other.

Magi Quad/Yod

- A 5 planet alignment consisting of a Magi Quad with a 5th planet where this extra planet is located at either the near or far midpoint of the 2 pairings of the M/Q; the 5th planet is often the key to the symbolism of the entire alignment.


-The belief that some planets, like Mars and Uranus, are destructive, negative influences, while others like Jupiter and Venus are positive and beneficial.


-Represents action, passion, drive and determination. It deals with one's sexuality, force, daring, courage, competitive nature, aggression and assertion.

Major aspect

- Also called Ptolemaic aspects. The conjunction - 0 degrees , sextile - 60 degrees, square - 90 degrees,


- 120 degrees, and opposition - 180 degrees.


-A horoscope.

Masculine & Feminine Planets

- Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Sun are masculine. Neptune, Venus and Moon are feminine. Mercury is convertible; masculine when with masculine planets and feminine when with feminine. When unaspected its sex is determined by its sign.

Masculine signs

- Air and fire signs. The odd numbered "yang" signs of the natural zodiac.

Match Degrees

- When 2 planets match degrees, they are in the same degree of either the same sign, or the same degree of 2 different signs. They can also be in the same degree north or south declinations.


- Stars or planets rising before the Sun in the morning.

Medium Coeli (MC)

- Meaning "the middle of the skies", the MC is the point at the moment of birth where the Ecliptic crosses the meridian of the place of birth. As the culmination point, the MC is usually interpreted as representing issues of ambition, career, outward striving, making one's mark on the world.


- One of the four temperaments, associated with the element of earth. The melancholic personality indicates a conservative, practical, dependable temperament, prone to stubborness and possessiveness.


-A great circle, encircling Earth, that passes through the North and South Poles. A line of longitude.

Meteorological astrology

-The use of astrology for forecasting the weather conditions, earthquakes, and severe storms. Also called natural astrology.


-The most commonly used term for Medium Coeli, usually designated by the initials M.C.

Midnight Ephemeris

- An ephemeris that lists astrological data exact at the beginning of the day, 12:00 A.M. Also called zero hour ephemeris.

Mundane astrology

-That branch of astrology that deals with world events and universal trends rather than the individual.

Masculine Signs

-The Fire and Air Signs, comprised of Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. It represents assertive and self-assured energy.

Mean/ Average Daily Motion of Planets

- The normal rate of travel of a planet through the zodiac.

Mean Time

- True Local Time.

Medium Coeli (MC)

- Mid-heaven, or meridien. The Southern point of the chart.


-Event - A historic event of significance.


- Represents communication, intellect, consciousness, transportation, dexterity and the mind.

Mercury Retrograde

- A brief but generally stressful period during which Mercury's motion through the zodiac appears to be reversed.


- A great circle projected onto the celestial sphere, which encompasses the north and south points on the horizon and the zenith, which is directly above the observer.

Meridien Distance

- Measurement along the celestial equator between any point and the upper or lower meridien. A portion of the semi-arc, usually expressed in degrees of time.

Metonic Cycle

- The 19 year cycle wherein the conjunctions of the Sun and Moon begin to appear progressively in the zodiac in the same places as in the previous cycle. Discovered by Meton of Athens.


- Meridien, or MC (Medium Coeli). The point of the chart at which the meridien intercepts the ecliptic. In many house systems the MC is also the cusp of the tenth house.

Midnight Mark

- Mean local time at birthplace when it is midnight at Greenwich, England.


- The exact midpoint between two planets as measured in degrees and minutes of arc around the chart.

Midpoint Crossing

- A Midpoint Crossing occurs whenever a planet crosses an equal degree angle to the midpoint of any 2 other planets. A Midpoint Crossing refers to an alignment of 3 planets.

Midpoint Equivalence

- refers to a law of Magi Astrology. The law states: Every midpoint acts as if it were a planet. All midpoints influence planets and other midpoints under the same rules as planets themselves.

Midpoint Projection

- By the Theory of Midpoint Projection, always use the term Conjunct or Trine - not Opposition or Sextile. All contacts of any multiple of 30 degrees by a midpoint to a planet is positive, but the strongest is the Conjunction (Opposition) and Trine (Sextile).

Midpoint trees

- Graphical representations of the midpoints which fall within a specified orb of a given planet, believed to illustrate in greater detail the quality of expression that planet is likely to have.


- The 3 modalities are different styles or manners of expression of the 4 elemental energies. These modalities go by the names cardinal, fixed and mutable.


-Directional Aspect - A Magi term for an aspect that has both planets in retrograde, or both planets in direct motion.


- This is the apportioning of individual degrees to each of the planets starting with either the sign ruler and continuing in descending Chaldean order, or the triplicity / trigon lord, and varying with sect.


- The Earth's satellite. The Moon is classed as a planet in astrology and represents matters to do with women, the mother, the public, the emotions and so on. A feminine planet, she rules Cancer and is exalted in Taurus.

Moon's Nodes

- Shadow planets.

Movable signs

- The Cardinal signs, the movers and shakers of the zodiac, namely, Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.


- Abbreviation for longitudinal Magi Quad.

Multiple Planet Aspect

- A Multiple-Planet Aspect is an alignment of 3 ort more planets such that all the planets that constitute the alignment influence each other. Magi Quads and Midpoint Crossings are examples.

Mundane Astrology

-The branch of Astrology which deals with places as opposed to people; world events and universal trends are the focal point.

Mundane Parallel

- Equal distance of two planets from any angle.

Music of the Spheres

- Ancient astronomers, starting at least with Pythagoras, held that the Earth was the centre of the universe and that the planets and stars occupied positions in a series of concentric, crystal spheres surrounding the Earth. Each sphere corresponded to a note in the musical scale. The spheres rotated and the subtle sound generated was called the Music of the Spheres.


- One of the modalities for expressing elemental energies. The mutable expression involves expanding in all directions at once, changing or transforming the original energy in new ways. It suggests traits of flexibility, changeableness and adaptability, often promoting a change in conscious awareness.


- One of the three modalities which finds expression through the signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. These signs share a common dynamic, namely that of adaptability, changeability and they provide flexibility.

Mutable Signs

-Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. This Quality represents a flexible nature.

Mutual application

- An applying aspect in which the two planets are moving toward one another because one is advancing and the other is retrograde. A potent force in bringing matters to perfection. Often brings a fast, unexpected result.

Mutual reception

- This occurs when two planets receive each other in one of their essential dignities. Mutual reception by ruling sign is the strongest. There can be reception (in order of strength) by sign, exaltation, triplicity, term, or face. There are also mixed mutual receptions, as when planet A is in the terms of B while planet B is in the exaltation of A.

Mystic Rectangle

- A configuration formed by at least four planets, comprising two trines and two sextile aspects with oppositions forming from all four corners of the configuration.

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