Astrological Terms under Letter I

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Ichchita Mrityu Yoga

- The planetary combination formed by Mars in a cardinal house and Rahu in the 7th. It leads the individual to self-destruction.


- The I-Ching, or "Book of Changes," is an ancient Chinese oracle book that deals with philosophy and divination.

Ikkbala Yoga

- A term used in annual forecasting. It is formed by all the planets placed in Panphara houses. It produces many desired events during the year.


- The beginning of an eclipse, or of an occultation. The opposite of Emersion, or coming out of the aspect.


- A planet is impeded in its natural action when afflicted, especially by malefics.

Imum Coeli ( I.C.)

-One of the four major angles of a birth chart; this one falls at the bottom of the chart wheel. It is the start of the Fourth House and is one of the most personal points of the chart.


- Any factor that weakens a significator. Badly aspected, especially by malefics. Affliction. Hindrance.

Inarticulate signs

- Aries, Taurus, Leo and Capricorn, signs pictured as animals that have voices but lack the power of speech, symbolizing an inability to communicate.


- Quincunx. An aspect of 150°, creating stress, unhappiness and sorrow. The aspect has a 6th or 8th house effect, depending on whether the swifter planet is applying or separating from the opposition to the slower.

Increasing in Light

- A planet increases in light as it progresses from the conjunction with the Sun to the opposition.

Increasing in Motion

- A planet moving faster than on the previous day.


- An invisible Upagraha, satellite, of Venus. Its other names are Kodanda and Karmuka.

Induvara Yoga

- An inauspicious planetary combination. It is studied primarily in Tajaka astrology. The seven planets in a progressed horoscope based on solar ingress principle, situated in Apoklima houses produce obstacles and thereby nullify the fructification of an auspicious combination that may otherwise be present.

Inferior Planets

- Planets orbiting between the Earth and the Sun (Moon, Mercury and Venus and the postulated Vulcan). The orbits of the superior planets, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars lie beyond that of the Earth from the Sun.


- Uranus, Saturn and Mars. Mercury and Neptune when afflicted.


- Entry of a planet into a sign. Usually the Sun's ingress into the four cardinal signs.

Inner Planets

- The faster moving planets that are in the inner part of the solar system. Includes the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars; usually the Moon is included. These planets generally indicate parts of the personality that are well-known to the ego and relate to everyday behavior patterns. Also known as personal planets.


- An aspect that is formed between 2 charts as opposed to 1. An interaspect is the result of any alignment of 2 natal planets where 2 persons each contribute 1 natal planet, and the 2 planets are at an aspect angle to each other.


- When a sign is fully enclosed between the cusps of a house without actually being on either cusp it is described as being intercepted. This only appears in charts; signs are never intercepted in the zodiac.

Interconnected Magi Quads

- One of the most powerful planetary alignments, it consists of 6 planets, which are broken down into 3 pairings. Each of the 3 pairings are aligned in such a way that each pairing quadralizes to both of the other pairings to form a Magi Quad, thereby forming a total of 3 Magi Quads, each of which shares a pairing with one of the other M/Qs.

In its own light

- A planet is said to be in its own light when it is in the corresponding hemisphere of the light of the time acording to its sect membership. To determine if a planet is in it's own light, first determine the sect of the chart. If diurnal then the daylight of the Sun is above the horizon and the Moon's light is below . If it is a nocturnal chart then the Moons light is above the horizon and the Suns is below


- The desired object. Ishtha Kala is the time of an epoch. It is measured in terms of time elapsed from the moment of sunrise to the moment of the occurrence of the event.


- God; the Almighty God; the presiding deity of a manifested solar system.

Ithasala Yoga

- Also known as Muthashila Yoga. A planetary combination considered in connection with annual forecasting . It is based on the relative motion of different planets.When two planets are related in such a way in a house that the slow moving planet is ahead of the fast moving one, Ithasala Yoga is formed. This formation is effective only when both the planets are within their the orb. In this situation, the fast-moving planet transfers its influence to the slow-moving planet.