Astrological Terms under Letter N

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- A group of 32 planetary combinations classified in 4 categories depending upon their commonality, viz., Akriti (shape)-20 combinations, Sankhya (number)-7 combinations, Ashraya (dependence)-3 combinations, and Dala (petal)-2 combinations.


- A planetary combination formed by Jupiter in the 9th house, lord of the
9th house in the llth from Jupiter, i.e., 7th from ascendant, and Moon associated with Jupiter. The combination bestows on the individual born under it auspicious events in life, especially after the age of 25 years; he also receives many honors from the state and accumulates huge wealth.


- Cusp of fourth house, Lower Meridien, Imum Coeli (IC).


- A planetary combination formed by the lord of the Navamsa sign of the 10th house lord occupying the 10th house along with the ascendant lord. An individual born under it receives his education specially after the age of 16 years. He finally receives state honors and riches.

Nagendra Yoga

- A planetary combination formed by the placement of the lord of 9th house in 3rd house inspected by Jupiter. It makes the individual physically well proportioned, good-natured and learned. His prosperity increases after the age of 6 years.


- Seventh asterism from the birth asterism.

Naisargika Bala

- Inherent strength of a planet as distinguished from Kala Bala or temporal strength.

Naisargika Dasa

- Number of years assigned to different planets which is taken into account specially in the determination of ones longevity under certain methods of its calculation. Years alotted to different planets under it are as follows: Moon: I year; Mars: 2 years; Mercury: 9 years; Venus: 20 years; Jupiter: 18 years; Sun: 20 years; and Saturn: 50 years.


- Lunar Mansions in Vedic Astrology.

Nakshatra, Maha

- Asterisms, viz., Anuradha, Mrigashirsha, Swati, and Makkha. Their presence as birth asterism in any of the partners for marriage counteracts all inauspicious incompatibilities.

Naktya Yoga

- A planetary combination used in Tajaka system. It relates to the relationship between planets with different motions in close association. If the lord of the ascendant and the lord of the house whose result is being studied do not have mutual aspect but there is a fast-moving planet in between them, then the fast-moving planet in between them transfers the benefic influence of the anterior planet to the forward one.

Nala Yoga

- A planetary combination formed the exaltation of the lord of the Navamsa sign in which the lord of the 9th house is placed and is in association with the ascendant lord. It makes the individual powerful after 7 years of age. He receives many state honours and is interested in the scriptures.

Nalika Yoga

- A planetary combination formed by the placement of the lord of the 5th house in the 9th house while the lord of the 11th house occupies the 2nd house along with Moon. The combination makes the individual very creative and an excellent orator. Many heads of state pay respect to him.

Nanda Yoga

- A planetary combination formed by two planets in each of the two signs and one planet in each of the three signs. It bestows affluence and long life.


- Bull of Lord Shiva. It symbolises the second zodiacal sign, Taurus, and stands for Procreative potential.

Nasir Yoga

- A planetary combination formed by the ascendant lord and Jupiter placed in the 4th house, Moon associated with the lord of the 7th house, and the ascendant aspected by a benefic. An individual born under this combination is very charitable, rich, well-proportioned yet stocky in constitution. He gains repute after the age of 33 years.


- Synonymous with 'birth.' Natal chart and birth chart are terms which can be used interchangeably.

Natal Chart

- Horoscope drawn for the Nativity. Birth Chart.

Natal astrology

- The branch of astrology dealing with the individual. The horoscope cast for the birth time of the individual, showing life potentials.


- The concept where an action creates a birth chart, and the Planetary Geometry of the moment of the action is preserved in the birth chart, which then has all of the properties of astrological charts.


- Subject of a Nativity, or Natal Chart.


-A natal horoscope.

Natural chart

-A chart with 0° Aries on the cusp of the first house that shows the natural horoscope position of signs. Also called a flat chart.

Nau Yoga

- A planetary combination formed by all planets occupying consecutively the first seven houses without any gap. It makes the individual earn his livelihood from professions connected with navigation, fishing, import-export, and international commerce.


- One-ninth division of a sign. Planetary position in these divisions significantly affect the disposition of planets in the natal chart. Each of these divisions is ruled by a planet which need not be identical with the planet owning the sign. If a planet occupies the same sign in the natal and the Navamsa charts, it attains great benefic power and is known as Vargottama.


- Nine precious stones, viz., ruby, related with Sun; pearl, related with Moon; coral with Mars; cinnamon ruby or hessonite, also known as gomedh, related with Rahu; yellow sapphire or oriental topaz, also known as pushpa-paraga or pokharaj, related with Jupiter; blue sapphire or neelam, with Saturn; emerald or panna with Mercury; Cat's Eye with Ketu; and diamond, related with Venus.

Neechabhanga Raja Yoga

- The planetary combination for the cancellation of adverse effects of a debilitated planet. The cancellation enables the person to attain the status of a king. The combination is formed in several ways.


- The change of the Moon to New Moon, especially that which occurs closest to the Vernal Ingress.


- One of the outer, trans-personal planets. Said by modern astrologers to rule Pisces, with Jupiter.

Neutral Planets

- Mercury and Neptune. These two tend to be benefic when well aspected to the benefics and unfavourable when forming any aspect to the malefics.

Night House

- The sign a planet rules by night. Except for the sun, whose night house is Leo, each planet rules a feminine (even numbered) sign by night. The Sun has Leo as its only house.

Ninth House

- The ninth chart segment, governing higher learning, religious education, long distance travel, lawyers, legal affairs and publishing.

Nirayana System

- Fixed or sidereal zodiac. It does not take into account the degree of precession in fixing the position of planets. This is the system used in oriental or Vedic astrology.


- Planets below the horizon (between the first and seventh cusps via the IC), versus Diurnal, above the horizon.

Nocturnal Arc

- The distance in space or time taken by a planet passing through the night.

Nocturnal Chart

- Nativity of person born at night.

Nocturnal Signs

- The zodiacal signs powerful during night. The first four zodiacal signs from Aries, and the 9th and 10th signs are nocturnal ones whereas the others are diurnal signs.

Nodal Degree

- The same degree, regardless of sign position, as the Moon's Mean Nodes.


- The point in the zodiac where a planet, particularly the Moon, passes from southern into northern lattitude is called the North Node and when moving in the opposite direction (crossing from north to south) is called the South Node.

Noon Mark

- Mean local time at birthplace when it is noon at Greenwich, England.

Northern Signs

- Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo. In these signs the Sun has northern declination.

North Node

- The lunar node where the moon's orbit passes from south of the ecliptic to north. Also called "Caput Draconis" (Latin for "head of the dragon"). Indicates your karmic potentials and lessons in this life.


- A minor aspect of 40 degrees, being 1/9th of the zodiacal circumference. Implies completion of a cycle and is often associated with some sort of spiritual test.

Nripa Yoga

- A planetary combination formed by the lord of Navamsa sign of ascendant associated with the lord of Moon sign and the lord of the 10th house aspecting it. An individual born under this combination occupies a very high status in society and is much renowned. The Yoga fructifies early in life.


- An ancient science that offers insight into the personality by assigning numeric values to names and birth dates, calculating numerological values and then interpreting the results.

Nuptial Planetary Geometry

- One of 4 types of Combined Planetary Geometry deemed to be conducive to a marriage. They are: Romantic Super Linkages, Symmetrical Combined Planetary Geometry, Romance Linkages, and Sexual Linkages.


- It is that part of the precessional motion of the pole of Earth's equator which depends upon the periodic motion of Sun and Moon in their orbit round Earth. The periodic oscillation observed in the precession of Earth's axis and the precession of the equinoxes. It is periodic in nature equal to a 19-year cycle.

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