Astrological Terms under Letter Y

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- A person who employs a priest or priests to perform yajnas (sacrifices and religious rituals) on his behalf and meets all expenses, including gifts and offerings to the officiating priest or priests.

Yama Gandha

- An invisible planet; an upagraha. Son of Jupiter and producer of auspicious results. Yama-Kantaka
also refers to a duration lasting for about one-and-a-half hours to three hours, starting from 18, 14, 10, 6, 2, 26, and 22 gratis after sunrise, while during night time the order begins with 2, 26, 22 and follows the same sequence respectively for the weekdays, beginning with Sunday.


- 1/8th part of day or night time, each of which is assigned to a planet.

Yamotvar Vritta

- Longitude, meridian.


- An instrument. Any device to obtain a result or to overcome any planetary maleficence.


- The Greeks. The Puranas describe them as the descendants of Turvasu, who are associated with the tribes of north-west frontier. There were among the races conquered by King Sagara, one of the ancestors of Rama .

Yav Yoga

- A planetary combination formed by all malefic in 1st and 7th houses and all benefices in 4th and 10th houses. It makes the individual courageous and his mid-span of life is very happy.

Year-Sidereal and Luanr

- A calendar year of 365 days commonly divided into 12 months, beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31. A lunar year is equal to 12 lunar months. Astronomical year, or equinoctial year, or tropical year is the interval between one vernal equinox and the next. One sidereal year is the time taken by the earth to complete one revolution around Sun, measured in relation to the fixed stars.


- A powerful aspect.


- Astrologically, yoga refers to planetary combinations and their special results, which affect the life of an individual. In traditional Indian ephemeris, known as Panchangam, yoga is also the name of a particular division of time, which are 27 in number.

Yoga Bindu

- A point located by adding the Nirayana latitude of Sun, Moon, and the beginning of the Pushyami Nakshatra, i.e., 930 20'. The point opposite to Yoga Bindu in a natal chart is known as Avayoga Bindu.

Yoga Sutra

- Aphorisms of Yoga. A treatise on Yoga usually associated with Patanjali. It contains four sections, viz., (i) Samadhi (meditation), (ii) Sadhana (practice), (iii) Bibhuti (accomplishments), and (iv) Kaivalya (liberation).


- A sorceress. Yoginis are eight female demons attending on Durga. The term also refers to a female practitioner of yoga.

Yogini Dasha

- A nakshatra based dasha system.


- Womb and female generative organ. Alone Or in combination with Linga, it is an object of worship for the followers of the Shaktas. The term also refers to a place of birth, origin or generative cause. The word is also used to indicate family, stock, race, birth, form of existence, or species.


- The period of life from birth up to the first Saturn Return.

Yuddha Bala

- A source of strength applied on planets that are in "war", i.e. a planet may get this when placed within one degree of longitude from another planet. Yuddha Bala is one of the components of Kala Bala.

Yugma Yoga

- A planetary combination formed by the lord of the 4th in 9th along with some benefic and Jupiter expecting it. A person born under this combination receives valuable gifts from the state and from persons in authority, and leads a happy and affluent life.

Yug Yoga

- Persons born with this combination in their natal chart are arrogant, drunkards and tend to begging.


- The winter solstice and the shortest day of the year, Yule is when the goddess gives birth to the god. This is also the Norse New Year.


- A planetary combination formed by all planets in ascendant, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th houses. It makes the individual religious, charitable, generous, and he performs many important rites.


- The Sanskrit word Yuti means conjunction.


- The 9th year in the cycle of 60 Samvatsaras ruled by Brahma. Persons born during this year are generally afraid of their wives, afflicted by diseases but have dependable friends.


- Indicates the 7th house.

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