Astrological Terms under Letter G

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Gada Yoga

- A planetary combination formed in two ways: Moon posited in 2nd house along with Jupiter and Venus, or the lord of 9th house additionally aspects them; and (ii) all planets, excluding the nodes are posited in adjoining cardinal houses. Gada Yoga makes the individual engaged in philanthropic and religious activities but fierce in appearance and free from any enemy. He earns much money. He is also happily married.

Gaja Yoga

- A planetary combination in which the lord of the 7th house from ascendant, which would be 9th from the 11th house, is in the 11th house along with Moon, and the lord of the 11th house aspects them. A person born under this combination is always happy, rich, religious, and lives in luxurious style.

Gaja Kesari Yoga

- An auspicious planetary combination formed by certain relationships between Moon and Jupiter. Gaja Kesari-yoga is both protective from evil consequences of other maleficent as well as productive of auspicious results.

Galactic Centre

- The centre of our Galaxy, the Milky Way, currently located at Sag 26°54'.It has a significant effect when aspected, inclining people to take a central role in affairs and to have a sense of cosmic destiny.


- The conjunction of Pisces and Aries, Cancer and Leo, and Scorpio and Sagittarius.


- The third sign of the zodiac. Mutable and airy. Ruled by Mercury. Emblem: The Twins.


- The study of Birth Charts in Natal Astrology.


- Pertaining to Birth Charts in Natal Astrology.


- The Birth Chart.


- The Earth as the centre of observation and influence. Astrological aspects are geocentric, as they relate to the Earth.

Geocentric System

- The conception of the universe with Earth as its center. It is the system based on the pre-Galilean view of the stellar world. This unrealistic view is opposed to the Heliocentric System The present day Ephemeris's provide coordinates of stellar relationships as seen from Earth.

Ghatika Lagna

- The Ascendant in the Indian system of horoscopy which is expressed in relation with the daily sunrise and sunset time described in traditional time counts such as ghati, pala, etc.


- A symbol for refering to a planet, zodiac sign, aspect or other astrological concept.


- the transit or passage of a planet in relation with other planets during the course of their usual movement. At any moment of time, a planet's position is different from its natal position. This divergence requires to be taken into consideration for astrological predictions.

Golden Linkage

- One of 5 linkages most favorable to have with anyone in terms of achieving success together.


- The planetary combination formed by exaltation of the lord of the ascendant, and strong Jupiter placed in its Mool Trikona in association with the lord of the 2nd house. It makes the individual hail from an elite family and bestows upon him happiness, attractive appearance, and high social standing.


- Planets.

Graha, Poura

- The nature of planets when they are in opposition to another planet.

Grand Cross

-A configuration in which four planets form mutual squares. It creates much tension.

Grand Hexagram

- A group of 6 or more planets that lie 60 degrees apart in a 6 pointed star pattern. Very dynamic and full of great opportunity, if you are willing to put in the needed effort and can handle this higher volatile energy.

Grand Trine

-When three planets, generally of the same Element, meet each other to form a triangle. The energy of this configuration is harmonious.

Grand Quintile

- A very rare pattern of 5 or more planets separted by 72 degree aspects (quintiles) that lie in a 5 pointed star design.

Greater Benefic

- A term reserved for the planet Jupiter.

Greater Malefic

- A term applied to Saturn.

Great Year

-The astrological year based on the time it takes Earth's axis to complete on revolution around the pole of the ecliptic, about twenty-five thousand years. A Great Year is divided into twelve "months" of about two thousand years duration.

Gregorian calendar

- The calendar now used internationally, devised by Pope Gregory in the 1580s to replace the Julian calendar.


-Chandala Yoga - A planetary combination relating Jupiter and Rahu. When these two planets are associated together in a house, it produces inauspicious results. It makes the individual depraved and inclined to indulge in socially and morally unethical activities.

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