Astrological Terms under Letter W

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- The protective forces at each cardinal point surrounding the magic circle connected to the four natural elements, can be referred to as mythological creatures, angels, gods, etc.

Water Element

- One of the four astrological elements. A feminine element, it stands for emotion, feeling, matters to do with intuition and so on. The other elements are, Fire, Air and Earth.

Water Signs

- Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Signs belonging to this Element represent an emotional, sensitive and intuitive nature.


- An ancient witchcraft religion which honor the gods of nature. Wicca means "wise one".


- The counter-clockwise direction of movement in magical rituals.


- A general word for Pagans worlwide although traditionally those of Anglo-Celtic, Celtic or Teutonic tradtions.

Wheel of the Year

- The full seasonal cycle of one year's time.