Astrological Terms under Letter T

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Table of Houses

- Tables giving signs & degrees for house cusps used in the construction of horoscopes.


- An astrological system primarily concerned with horary predictions.


- the authoritative body of Jewish tradition comprising the Mishnah and Gemara.

Tamasic Houses

- The 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 12th houses in a natal chart, according to some astrologers.


- 1st house.


- A star; a nakshatra or planets in general.

Tara Dasa

- A system of planetary ruler ship. Under this system, the planetary strength of planets in the cardinal houses determines the initial ruler ship of the planet; the sequence and the years of planetary ruler ships are identical to Vimshottri Dasa.


- A person who divines using Tarot cards.


- Divination by interpreting a set of 78 cards which carry pictures and symbols used to connect the diviner with the collective unconscious. The cards can be used to determine the past, present and future of an event or person and can become powerful tools in magical workings and rituals. The Tarot is divided into the22 Major Arcana or Trump cards that depict dominant occurrences and the 56 Minor Arcana or Suit cards that assist in fleshing out the situations indicated by the Trump Cards, or indicate smaller occurrences.


- is the reading of tea leaves that remain in a tea cup once the beverage has been drunk. divination by reading tea-leaves. T


- The second sign of the zodiac. Fixed and earthy. Ruled by Venus. Emblem: The Bull.


- The early Greek theory of four humours, which links bodily fluids with dispositions or tempers. The fluids were Phlegm, Black Bile, Yellow Bile and Blood, which correspond to the temperaments Phlegmatic, Melancholic, Choleric and Sanquine, respectively.

Temporal houses

- House two, six and ten, ruled by earth signs; symbolic of the material aspects life. As a group they form the Trinity of Wealth.

Tenth House

- Also known as the House of Social Status. It represents one's vocation, career, profession, ambition, reputation, authority, prestige and achievements, and it also rules government. It addresses one's parental influences.


- is divination by ashes obtained from the burning of tree bark.

Terminal houses

- Those houses ruled naturally by water signs: four, eight and twelve. They pertain to endings and results and symbolize occult interests. Collectively, they are known as the Trinity of Psychism.


- A form of essential dignity. Each sign is divided into five unequal segments called "terms." One of the five classical planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) has a special affinity for one of the terms of each sign.


- Of the Earth, Earth-related.


- Refers to configurations, positions etc which indicate certain things.


- Ptolemy's four-volume treatise on astrology.


- An alternate term for the square aspect.


- A common term referring to a birth chart.


- Divination through direct contact with a Deity. Practitioners are usually referred to as Oracles, Prophets or Theomancers.


- Divination by interpreting the movement of groups of animals

Third House

- The third chart segment. Governs communications, education, memory, siblings, local travel and mentality.

Thribhaga Bala

- A source of strength caused by the birth taking place in one of the 3 portions of day and night. Any planet may get this strength only if birth took place in its particular portion of the day or night. Thribhaga Bala is one of the components of Kala Bala.


- divination by one's own soul.

Time To Exactness

- the time in days, hours, etc., before an aspect will be exact, or the time after an aspect was exact.


- A method of estimating how long it will take for the matter inquired about to occur. Generally timing is estimated by the combined house and sign position of the faster primary significator involved in the aspect which answers the question. Of the signs, Cardinal are fastest, Mutable slower, and Fixed slowest. Of the houses, Angular are fastest, Succedent slower, and Cadent slowest.


- is a type of divination using cheese. Divination by interpreting the coagulation, especially holes, in cheese.

Tithi/ Lunar Day

- The area covered by Moon in its transit away from Sun, computed for the moment of its conjunction with Sun to its true longitude at the moment of the epoch. It is obtained by subtracting the Longitude of Sun from the longitude of Moon. A tithi is completed when the longitude of Moon gains exactly 12 degrees or its multiple on that of Sun and therefore there are 30 tithis in a lunar month.

Topocentric system

- Method of house division, proposed by Polich and Page, which is capable of calculating house cusps for any place on earth. The system is said to have been derived from experience by projecting known events onto a chart, as opposed to other house systems which have been derived mathematically.


- Divination via the shape of an area of land.


- These are houses based on meaning of a particular location in the sky and not strength showing how many such occurences you will have of a given subject. Specifies that the type of house division being used is one based on whole signs.


- Divination based on something seen or heard accidentally. Even trifling mistakes were accepted as omens by the ancient Romans, and even today many people are apt to attribute their good fortune to chance occurrence or coincidence.


- A term referring to the changed and modified symbolisms of planets and aspects when another planet or midpoint makes an equal degree contact to the original planets or aspects.


- The movement of the planets through the sky in real time. The planets moving through the sky right now are called today's transits.

Transition Period

- The time between two planetary storms. The energy is usually very weak and scattered, making it hard to get anything done.

Transition Rules

- You aren't going to get much done during a transition period.

Translation of Light

- A planet separating from an aspect to a slower moving planet forms an aspect to another while still within orb of the original aspect. This forms a chain of influence between the three factors.

Trans-personal Planets

- Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.


- Aka Bacchus or Persephone, this planet is postulated as orbiting beyond the outermost known planet, Pluto. It has been proposed that it rules Taurus.


- Kepler's 108 degree aspect, which is somewhat favourable. Used in Horary Astrology.

Trikona/ Trine Houses

- The 5th and 9th houses in a natal chart. Ascendant is considered both a trine as well as a cardinal house.

Trikona Dasa

- A system of planetary direction in which the most important sign among the 1st, 9th, and 5th houses determine the sequence. Otherwise, it is similar to Chara Dasa. The sequence differs for odd and even signs.

Trikona, Mool

- Mool Trikona position gives a strength of 90 per cent to a planet; while in exaltation, it secures 100 per cent strength; and in its own sign, 80 per cent. Mool Trikona positions of different planets are as follows: Sun: Leo 200; Moon: Taurus 270; Mars: Aries 120; Mercury: Virgo 160-200; Jupiter: Sagittarius 100; Venus: Libra 150; Saturn: Aquarius 200.


- An arc of 120 degrees; the most harmonious aspect. In most cases, it joins planets in congenial Signs of the same Element. These energies combine with ease.

Tripataki Chakra

- A planetary combination formed by all planets, except Jupiter and Mars, afflicting ascendant and Moon. It is an inauspicious combination leading to misfortune and frustration in life.

Triple Aspected Midpoint Crossing

- this is similar to an Aspected Midpoint Crossing but is compromised of an additional 5th planet, which makes an equal degree aspect to the two non-midpoint planets.

Triple Magi Quad

- In the case of longitudes, an alignment of 6 planets that form 2 Magi Quads when the 2 Quads border on each other on one side, thus creating 3 parallel lines when the appropriate pairs of planets are connected. The term triple is used because there are really 3 Magi Quads in such an alignment, the third being the large M/Q formed by the two non-bordering parallel lines.


- An equilateral triangle superimposed on an astrological chart, each point indicating signs of the same element. There are four triplicities, representing the elements of fire, earth, air and water.


- One-thirtieth division of a sign, but classified differently for odd and even signs. The divisions are grouped in five categories, each having special characteristics. The ownership of these parts is assigned to only five planets, which excludes the luminaries as well as the nodes.


- Divination via the interpretation of wheel tracks.


- The line of lattitude, approx. 23° 28' either north (Cancer) or south (Capricorn) of the equator, corresponding to the furthest point of the ecliptic. The place where the Sun pauses, then reverses its declination at the summer and winter solstices.


- The parallels of latitude about 23.5 degrees North or South of the Equator.

Tropical Signs

- Cancer and Capricorn.

Tropical Zodiac

- Zodiacal system based on the movements of the seasons, as opposed to the Sidereal Zodiac, which is based upon actual stellar positions.


-The configuration formed when two planets in opposition both square the same third planet (and form a 'T' in the heavens). This is a challenging focal point for planetary energies.


- Greek word for "fortune". What happens to an individual in their day to day affairs, as with the lot or part of fortune.


- Libra

Turbulent Aspect

- An aspect that is made by the 90 or 180 degree angles. If the aspect is a Saturn aspect, then it could also be 150 degrees.

Turbulent Planetary Geometry

- Planetary Geometry that is formed by only Turbulent Aspects.

Turbulent Transit By Saturn

- A transit by Saturn in the sky where Saturn makes a Turbulent Angle (or a quincunx) to a natal planet. When this occurs, the native's judgment and health are impaired.

Twelfth House

-Also known as the House of the Unconscious. It represents the hidden or unknown, the subconscious mind, the intangible, sleep, dreams, karma and spiritual debt. It rules solitude, confinement, fears, sorrow, secrets, hidden enemies, non-reality, institutions and charity.


- Depending upon the context, can refer to either the signs themselves or the dwadasamsa, or dodektamoria.

Twelve Super Progressions

- In Magi Astrology, similar to the Super Aspect, the 12 Super Progressions refer to the12 progressions that the Magi Society has found to be most beneficial to the native in achieving fame and fortune.

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