Astrological Terms under Letter U

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- Vital air that rises up the throat and passes into the head. The Buddhists consider it an expression of joy and praise.


- Strenuous or assiduous efforts; firm resolve; striving hard. The 3rd house in a natal chart is related with Udyama or personal initiative and self-exertion.


- Divination by the umbilical cord; omphalomancy.

Under duress

- When a person's significator is besieged by two malefics within tight orbs, the person is said to be "under duress."

Under the Sun's Beams

- Within 17 degrees of the Sun. Any planet here is weakened, though more so if combust (within 8 degrees 30 minutes). Not so important in natal astrology.


- One of the three orientations where energy is oriented toward relating with the universal or transpersonal. The universal signs are Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces and the universal houses are the 9th through 12th houses.

Universal time

- Greenwich Mean Time.


- The 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th houses in a natal chart.


- Acquiring; withdrawal; material cause. Used in connection with assuming of a form or manifestation. Withdrawal of activities of the sense and perception from the external world and its object.


- Minor planets; invisible or shadowy planets or satellites, e.g., Dhuma , Vyapata, Parivesh, Indrachap, etc.


- One of the invisible or shadowy planets. It is one of the following 9 invisible minor planets: (1) Kala, (2) Parivesh, (3) Dhuma, (4) Ardhaprahara, (5) Yamakantaka, (6) Indrachapa, (7) Gulika, (8) Dyuteepath, and (9) Upaketu. They are related with Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, respectively.

Uranian astrology

- A school of astrology, founded by Alfred Witte in Hamburg, Germany, which relies heavily upon the interpretational emphasis of midpoints. In addition to traditional astrological elements, it includes as symbolic indicators eight hypothetical planets: Cupido, Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Apollon, Admetos, Vulkanus and Poseidon.

Uranian Planets

- Planets postulated to lie beyond the orbit of Pluto.


- Divination via consulting the heavens.


- Represents the erratic, the bizarre, and the different. It rules freedom, inventions, originality, computers, technology, science, electricity, revolution, rebellion and change. Uranus breaks through barriers and tradition.


- Divination by interpreting urine.

Urim v'tumin

- Divination by interpreting the sacred stones attached to the breast plate of a High Priest.


- Divination via the location of an itch sensation. An itch is a desire whether teasing (itching for action) or uneasy (itching for action) etc..


- The movement of Sun to the north of the equator; the period following summer solstice.

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