Astrological Terms under Letter E

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- Sometimes called Terra. Our planet revolves on its own axis every 24 hours and completes its orbit around the Sun in around 365.25 days. The course of the Earth's orbit lies between that of Venus and Mars. The Moon is the Earth's natural satellite and orbits the Earth in approximately 29 days.

Earth Element

- One of the four astrological elements. A feminine element, it
stands for materiality, solidity, matters to do with security and so on. The other elements are, Fire, Air and Water.

Earth Signs

-Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Signs belonging to this Element represent a practical nature such as stability, solidarity and practicality.


- A term used in Horary Astrology. It refers to a planetary combination involving two swift moving planets in which the fast moving one has overtaken the slow moving one. If the forward planet is a benefic, final success, or fruition of the action is likely a malefic overtaking. A benefic will frustrate the efforts of the individual. If both the planets are malefic, the result will be inauspicious.


- Christian festival of Christ's resurrection, coinciding approximately with the first full moon after the vernal equinox.

East points

- The point on the Celestial Equator rising on the Eastern Horizon at birth. The East Point is the intersection of the Eastern Horizon, Prime Vertical, and Celestial Equator. The Ascendant is the intersection of the Eastern Horizon with the Ecliptic.


- The apparent path of the Sun on the Celestial Sphere in Earth centered astronomy. The Ecliptic is inclined at 23.5 degrees to the Celestial Equator.


-An occultation, commonly used in reference to a darkening of the Sun or Moon. Solar eclipses occur at the times of those new Moons when the Moon, Sun and Earth are aligned so that the Moon blocks the Sun (totally or partially) from Earth's view. Lunar eclipses occur at certain full Moons during which the Sun, Earth and Moon are so aligned that Earth blocks the Sun's light from the Moon, and the Moon is invisible to earthlings.

Eighth House

-Also known as the House of Sex. It describes shared resources, inheritance, alimony, taxes and surgery. It is also the House of regeneration, death and rebirth.

Ekawali Yoga

- The planetary combination in which all planets occupy different houses in a sequential manner. It makes the individual an emperor.


- Chart cast to ascertain the most auspicious time for important events, such as marriages, moving house and so on. Used in Horary Astrology.

Electional astrology

- A system by which one determines the most advantageous time to carry out a specific action (marriage, travel, business) by first erecting a suitable horoscope and working "backward" to calculate the time that is appropriate to the chosen horoscope.

Electional chart

- A horoscope chart cast to determine the best time to take action. Electional astrology is the reverse application of horary procedures.


-Ancients believed that the universe consisted of four primary elements, air, earth, fire and water from which the triplicities , a four-fold division of the zodiac, are derived. Signs belonging to the same triplicity exhibit similar qualities symbolized by the element with which they are associated.

Elevated planet

-A planet placed high in a horoscope. The most elevated is the planet closest to the Midheaven; it is considered strong by position and accidentally dignified.

Eleventh House

- The eleventh chart segment. Governs friendships, hopes and wishes, personal goals, associations, group aspirations, cooperation, bettering the community and humanitarianism.


- The distance of a planet from the Sun, as viewed from Earth. The maximum elongation for the inferior planets is 28° for Mercury, and 48° for Venus.

Embolism lunation

- The Moon's position when the natal lunar phase angle (relative position between Moon and sun in a natal horoscope) is repeated. It is believed that women can conceive during the time each month that the natal lunar phase angle recurs.


- A planet coming from under the Sun's beams so as to be seen after an eclipse or occultation.


- A planet placed in its domicile, or home sign.


- Emplacement horaries depend on the house position of the significators to answer the question.

Ephemeris (ephemerides)

-An almanac that lists the zodiacal positions of the planets and other astronomical data.

Equal House horoscope

-One in which twelve equal houses are derived by taking successive arcs of 30° each, beginning with the Ascendant and completing the zodiac circle.

Equation of Time

- The difference between true and mean time at any given moment. This difference arises due to Sun not always crossing the Meridian at 12 o' clock. The time by watch is regulated by mean solar time, which is constant in length, and is equal to the annual mean of the true solar days.


-The plane perpendicular to Earth's polar axis, which divides Earth into two hemispheres, north and south. The extension of this plane into space forms the celestial equator.

Equatorial arcs

- A method of progressing house cusps, based upon the Earth's rotation, in which one year of life corresponds to the passage of 1° right ascension over the meridian, approximately four minutes of time.

Equinoctial Point

- the points of intersection of the celestial equator and the ecliptic. Each point refers to the Sun's crossing of the celestial equator, and is known as Equinox.

Equinoctial Signs

- Aries and Libra. These signs hold the vernal and autumnal equinoxes.


-this occurs when the center of the Sun is directly over Earth's equator. The Sun crosses the equator twice each year, once at the vernal equinox when it enters 0° Aries and again at the autumnal equinox when it enters 0° Libra. The days and nights are of equal duration all over the world on equinoctial dates. The vernal equinox occurs on the first day of spring, the autumnal equinox on the first day of autumn.

Esoteric astrology

- A study that deals with the human spirit and hidden nature as opposed to exoteric astrology, which deals with human characteristics and life on Earth.

Essential diginity

- A region of the zodiac where a planet has a special affinity and is therefore more powerful. Essential dignity can occur by ruling sign, exaltation, triplicity, term, or face.

Event chart

-A horoscope drawn up according to the date, time and location of a particular happening, interpreted to gain insight into influences surrounding the event and an outlook for possible developments stemming from that event.


- Essential dignity of a planet, possibly even more powerful than being in its own sign.

Exoteric astrology

- any branch of astrology that studies observable events and characteristics such as natal astrology, mundane astrology, etc., as distinguished from esoteric astrology, which studies the unknown or occult aspects of humanity.

Extra-Saturnian planets

- The three planets not visible to the naked eye that orbit outside the planet Sauturn, namely: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

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