Astrological Terms under Letter S

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- The ninth sign of the zodiac. Mutable and fiery. Ruled by Jupiter.

Saros Cycle

- The cycle of eclipses, discovered by the ancient Chaldeans, lasting a little over 18 years, when Lunar Eclipses seem to repeat themselves. A full Saros Series lasts some 13 centuries, due to the movement of the lunar nodes.


- An attendant body revolving around a larger one, its primary. The Moon is a satellite of the Earth, but for historical reasons is called in astrology a planet, as is the Sun. Astronomically, all planets in our solar system are satellites of the Sun.


- A group of planets conjoined in a particular area of a chart having a significant effect comparable with the conjunction of all the planets concerned, even though outer members of the group would be normally considered out of orb with each other.


- The planet symbolising matters to do with karma, responsibility, age and so on. Ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius. Exalted in Libra.

Saturn Aspect

- An aspect where Saturn is one of the 2 planets that form the aspect.

Saturn Clash

- A Turbulent Inter-aspect formed by Saturn to any planet, especially Chiron, Neptune, Pluto, Venus, Sun, Uranus, Moon, or Jupiter. Saturn Clashes can lead to heartbreak.

Saturn Return

- A twenty-nine year cycle, representing a time in life when we feel frustrated, angry, sad, confused, tired and insecure. A time when we become aware that we must accept responsibility for our actions.


- Divination by interpreting the patterns, cracks and fissures of the burned shoulder blade of an animal. Sometimes considered to be a form of augury.


- Divination by old shoes.


- Divination by interpreting excrement. A form of Spatalamancy (divination by interpreting skin, bones or excrement).

Scheme of heaven

- A term used for a horoscope chart.


- Divination via the appearance of people. Divination in which the personal history of a person is inferred from their form and appearance.


- Divination by communication with spirits. Distinct from Necromancy in that the spirits are voluntary participants in the divination. Divination by consulting the dead.


- is divination using a spirit guide, a method generally employed by channelers. Divination by consulting the dead.


- The eighth sign of the zodiac. Scorpio, the Scorpion, is a fixed water sign. It is traditionally ruled by Mars and modern astrologers have designated Pluto as its co-ruler.


- is a general term for divination using a crystal, mirrors, bowls of water, ink, or flames to induce visions.


- Divination by drinking cups.

Secondary Directions

- The progressed horoscope, based on the "day for a year" system of progressing the nativity first employed by the ancient Arabian astrologers.

Second House

- The second segment of the Natal Chart, counted counterclockwise from the Ascendant. Associated with resources, money, talents, property, self-confidence, and the sign Taurus.


- Comes from the greek word hairesis, meaning division. In this case the division is into two: day and night. The planets of the daytime division (sect) are the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn, and the planets of the nocturnal sect are the Moon, Venus and Mars.

Seduction Aspect

- An aspect in the sky such that when it occurs, most people are more disposed to seduction, and more susceptible to seduction.


- A newly discovered trans-plutonian planet, named after the Inuit goddess of the sea. Some 13 billion kilometres from Earth and smaller than Pluto, this "planet" has as yet no accepted astrological meaning. Discovered in 2003, it is estimated to take 10,500 years to orbit the Sun.


- Divination by interpreting the appearance and phase of the moon.


- An aspect of 18 degrees of arc, formed by a division of the 360 degree zodiac by 20.


- Kepler's decile, a minor benefic aspect of 36 degrees.


- An aspect of 30 degrees of arc, formed by a division of the 360 degree zodiac by twelve, or a division of the sextile aspect by two. Interpreted usually as a milder or more suble form of sextile aspect.


- An aspect of 45 degrees of arc, formed by a division of the 360 degree zodiac by eight, or a division of the square aspect by two. Interpreted usually as a milder or more subtle form of square aspect.


- Moving away from the partile (exact aspect). As the planet separates, the aspect becomes weaker. In Horary Astrology, it indicates events just past, or that the matter under inquiry will not eventuate.


- An aspect of 51.4 degrees of arc, formed by a division of the 360 degree zodiac by seven.


- 19 degrees Scorpio. Considered by some to be a malefic degree of the zodiac.


- An aspect of 135 degrees of arc, the combination of a square and a semi-square. The sesquiquadrate is usually interpreted as providing an influence of irritation or agitation on the planets involved.

Seventh House

- Also known as the House of Partnership. It represents marriage, joint partnerships, ventures and business partnerships. It also rules divorce, legalities, open confrontations, contracts, lawsuits and negotiations.


- An aspect of 60 degrees of arc, formed by a division of the 360 degree zodiac by six. Interpretted as having a gently beneficial influence on the planets involved.

Sexual Planets

- A term in Magi Astrology that refers to Venus, Mars, and Pluto because it is believed that their symbolisms are the ones that relate to sex.

Sexual Linkage

- A linkage between any 2 of the Sexual Planets.

Shadow Planet

- Not a true celestial body, but a calculated point of significance in the chart, primarily the Moon's north (ascending) and south (descending) nodes.

Short Ascension

- Signs of short ascension are often found intercepted in horoscopes, They are Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini. Interception is neither a dignity nor a debility.

Sidreal Time

- The amount of time required for a fixed star to revolve around the planet Earth and return to the exact same position in the sky. A sidereal day is equal to twenty three hours, fifty six minutes and four point zero nine seconds (23hr 56' 4.09").

Sidereal Zodiac

- Zodiac based on actual positions constellations in the heavens, as opposed to the Tropical Zodiac, which is a fixed format based on the seasons.


- is the burning of straws with a hot iron, the resulting figures having divinatory properties. Divination interpreting straw placed on a hot iron surface.


- A constellation of the zodiac.


- In Natal Astrology, the planet which rules the Ascendant. In Horary, the planet ruling the house governing the matter or person in question.

Silver Linkage

- One of the 5 linkages that are Success Linkages, but which is not as strong as the Golden Linkage.

Singleton Aspect

- Not part of any Planetary Synchronization.

Sinister Aspect

- An aspect read from the left (ie applying to the exact point of aspect).


- An aspect ray cast foreward in the order of the signs (to the left).

Sixth House

- Also known as the House of Health. It is about your job, routine, daily responsibilities, diet, employees, pets and physical fitness. It also addresses a fulfillment of duty and the conscious mind.


- Divination by interpreting the tracks of a beetle crawling over a grave, especially that of a murder victim.

Slow in Course

- A planet moving slower than its Mean Motion.

Slow in motion

- Said of a planet when it is traveling slower than its average or mean daily motion. A form of debility.


- One of the three orientations where energy is oriented toward relating with others. The social signs are Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio and the social houses are the 5th through 8th houses.


- The Sun, central power source of our solar system. The Sun stands for the individuality in the nativity. It rules Leo and is exalted in Aries.

Solar Arc Directions

- A secondary movement in Astrology which takes the daily movement of the Sun and interprets that with a year of life.

Solar chart

- A horoscope that is set up with the placement of the Sun positioned at the Ascendant. This type of chart is sometimes used when the hour of birth is not known.

Solar Eclipse

- When the Sun is covered up by the Moon. An omen of deep transformation, often lasting 6 to 12 months.

Solar Return

- The solar return chart occurs once a year at about the time of one's birthday.

Solar System

- The Sun and the family of celestial bodies which revolve around it as it journeys through space and time. It includes the nine known planets and their satellites, the numerous asteroids which orbit between Mars and Jupiter, plus the comets and meteors.


- The signs of the fixed quadruplicity.

Solistice point

- Same as Antiscion.


- Divination via the interpretation of the patterns formed by the rays of the sun.


- Sol+systere, latin for Sun and standing still. The place in the ecliptic where the Sun appears to stand still at its furthest point north or south of the equator, the first degree of Cancer or Capricorn. The northernmost point is the summer solstice and the southernmost is the winter solstice, when viewed from the northern hemisphere.

Solsticial Signs

- Cancer and Capricorn. These signs hold the summer and winter solstices cf Equinoctial Signs.


- is the casting of lots and the assessment of omens indicated. Divination by casting or drawing lots.

South Node

- The lunar node where the moon's orbit passes from north of the ecliptic to south. Also known as "Caudus Draconis" (Latin for "tail of the dragon"). Indicates your karmic talents, habits and blockages from previous lives.

Southern Signs

- Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. The Sun in these signs has a southern declination.


- Divination by interpreting skin, bone or excrement.


- Divination by means of animal excrements and refuse.


- Divination by shoulder-blades.


- Divination of forecoming diseases by watching the twitching limbs of a person.


- A planet belonging to its sect (a co-sectarian) that protects the light of its sect by hurling rays to either side of that light (either the Sun or Moon).


- A table of the data concerning the planets in a horoscope. Useful in calculating directions.

Speculum of Aspects

- A table of every degree in a horoscope that may be in aspect with the planets. Useful for noting transiting aspects at a glance.

Speed of planets

- The usual order of the speed of planets is, from fastest to slowest: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.


- Ancient astronomers, starting at least with Pythagoras, held that the Earth was the centre of the universe and that the planets and stars occupied positions in a series of concentric, crystal spheres surrounding the Earth.


- Divination via a crystal sphere.


- Divination by spindles.


- A quite benefic fixed star at 23 degrees 50' Libra in the year 2000, of the nature of Venus and Mars. An oasis of good fortune in the otherwise parched path from 15 degrees Libra to 15 degrees Scorpio.

Sports Champion Aspect

- A term in Magi Astrology referring to one of the 17 aspects that have been found by the Magi Society to greatly enhance athletic ability. Most of these aspects involve Mars or Pluto.


- Major malefic (unfavourable) aspect of 90 degrees.

Standard Time

- Time adopted in modern time zones. This is not true local or Mean Time and must be corrected according to longitude for the accurate calculation of horoscopes.


- A planet makes a station when it appears motionless before reversing direction in its orbit as viewed from the Earth. Thus a planet can make a station (appear to stop and then move in the opposite direction) when going from retrograde to direct, or from direct to retrograde. Stationary planets are considered quite influential. When turning retrograde, they symbolize a reversal or delay. When turning direct, they indicate a renewal or revitalization. The Sun and Moon are never stationary and never retrograde.


- A planet in its station appears to be standing still between periods of Retrograde and Direct motion. Sun and Moon are never stationary.

Stationary Direct

- A planet stationary at the position of returning to Direct Motion through the zodiac. This is considered to be among the most powerful positions for planetary influence, especially in Jyotish, or Indian (Vedic) astrology.

Stricture against judgment

- A modern term for Consideration Before Judgment.


- Usually refers to the 4th sign from the ascendant or other horoskopos, but can mean below the horizon generally.


- Second, fifth, eighth and eleventh houses in a chart. Corresponding to the fixed signs, they lie between the cardinal angles and the cadent houses. Planets in these houses function at around 50% of their power, based on the strength of an angular placement, which is the most potent.

Succeedent house

- Houses 2, 5, 8, and 11. They follow, or succeed, the angular houses.

Success Linkage

- One of 10 linkages that are either Golden Linkages or Silver Linkages.

Sun Signs

- The twelve traditional signs of the zodiac. The Sun Sign is the sign through which the Sun is passing at a given moment, such as the moment of birth.

Super Aspect

- In Magi Astrology, one of 15 aspects discovered by the Magi Society that bestows to the native a significant advantage in achieving fame and fortune, or success in general.

Super Fame Aspect

- An enhancement aspect between Jupiter and Uranus; it is a Super Aspect and is the strongest one for imparting fame.

Superior position

- A planet that is in the 10th place from another planet or point as if culminating with respect to that object.

Super Linkage

- A Super Linkage exists between 2 persons if one person has an aspect and the 2nd person has a natal planet that matches degrees with both planets that create the aspect, thus forming 2 inter-aspects to the 1st person. At least one of the inter-aspects must be a linkage. 3 planets and 1 linkage - orb can be 4 degrees.

Superior Planets

- Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. Also the trans-plutonian "planets" such as Trans-Pluto . Their orbits lie beyond that of the Earth from the Sun. The orbits of the inferior planets lie between the Earth and the Sun.

Super Sports Champion Aspect

- One of the 17 strongest Super Champion Aspects - Mars and Pluto enhancements..

Super Success Aspect

- An enhancement of Jupiter and Pluto, it is overall the most beneficial and powerful Super Aspect.

Super Transit

- When a Natal Chart has an aspect, and a transiting planet makes a transit to both planets that form the aspect.

Swift in Motion

- A planet moving faster than its mean motion.

Symmetrical Planetary Geometry

- A symmetrical pattern in the sky or on an alignment chart that is formed by connecting lines between the positions of at least 3 planets. this is the most powerful form of Planetary Geometry.


- Comparing natal charts to find strengths and weaknesses in the area of compatibility.

Synodical Lunation

- The time taken by the Moon from one conjunction with the Sun until the next: 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 3 seconds...


- a "yoking together" often applied in astrology to conjunctions and oppositions. In calculating tables for tides of the ocean, syzygy refers to New or Full Moons occurring near the Moon's Node.

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