Astrological Terms under Letter J

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- Mother of the world; one of the names of Shiva's consort. Among the zodiacal signs, Virgo generally stands for Jagadamba, especially in the sense of sacrificing oneself for the welfare of others.

Janma, Anujanma and Trijanma

- These terms are shortened expressions to describe the planets
occupying the Moon sign (janma), the 5th from the Moon sign (Anujanma), and the 9th from the Moon sign (Trijanma).


- Knowledge; sacred knowledge, especially derived from meditation.Saturn and Ketu lead to the realization of spiritual truths and understanding of deeper cosmic laws.

Judicial Astrology

- Relates to the forecasting of principal events which will befall a country and public conditions which will prevail.


- The queen of the gods. An asteroid seen by modern astrologers as significant.


-Represents luck, philosophy, religion, higher learning, ethical values, expansion, abundance and excesses. It also rules long distance travel, aspirations and judgment.


- The 18th asterism extending from 2260 40' to 2400 00' of the zodiac. It consists of three stars symbolizing an earring. It is ruled by Mercury and is presided by Indra, the king of gods in the celestial world.


- Indian (Vedic) astrology. This is based on the sidereal zodiac, as opposed to the tropical zodiac favoured by most contemporary Western Astrologers.

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