Astrological Terms under Letter R

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- Pertaining to the birth chart, also known as the radical chart. In horary astrology, a radical chart is one that describes the situation and is likely to give a valid answer.

Radical chart

- The natal horoscope. In horary astrology, the term radical applies to a chart deemed readable by virtue of the Ascendant being greater than 3° and less than 27° in any sign.

Radical position

- The position a planet occupies in a natal horoscope.


- Referring to the Natal Chart. In Horary terminology, it implies that conditions have been fulfilled enabling the chart to be judged.


- Name for the Dragon's Head in Indian Astrology.

Rahu Kalam

- A portion of the day ruled by Rahu which is considered inauspicious. It lasts for 12 hours. It is calculated by adding to the time of sunrise for the day the following figures to get the time of its commencement.

Rajapada Yoga

- An auspicious combination formed by Moon and ascendant in Vargottam (q.v.) Navamsa, and four or more planets expecting them. It makes the individual head of a state or its equivalent.

Rajasic Houses

- According to some astrologers, the 2nd, 7th, 10th, and 11th houses in a natal chart. These are the houses in a chart which are specifically related with worldly attainments.

Rajju Yoga

- A planetary combination formed by all planets in movable signs. The combination makes the individual born under it to settle in a foreign country. He is generally unjust and engages in illegal activities.

Rapport measurement

- applied to progressions based on advancing a planet's natal position one degree for each year after birth.

Rapt Motion

- Apparent diurnal motion from east to west.

Rapt Parallels

- Equal distances from the meridien formed by rapt motion.

Rasatala Yoga

- A planetary combination constituted by the lord of the 12th house in exaltation, and Venus posited in the 12th house and expected by the lord of the 4th house. Persons born under it attain the status of head of state. They may find wealth buried under the earth.

Ravi Yoga

- A combination of planets formed by Sun in the 10th house and the lord of the 10th house in 3rd house along with Saturn. It makes the individual born with this combination a scientist who attains a powerful status in administration. He eats very little, is much occupied with his studies, and is greatly respected.


- A planet is said to be "under the rays" of the Sun when it lies within a distance of the Sun's orb. Thus a planet within 17o of the Sun is "under the Sun's rays" or "under the Sunbeams." When the planet gets within half the Sun's orb, it is combust or burned by the Sun's rays. When it lies within 17 minutes of the Sun's center, it is Cazimi or in the heart of the Sun.


- Planets in each other's dignities act as though in good aspect to each other. When in each other's debilities, planets act as though in adverse aspect to each other. Especially important when comparing nativities of two people.


- Correcting the given birth time to true birth time by comparing the nature and date of significant events in the life with the aspects denoting them.


- If two planets are applying to an aspect and one of them turns retrograde before the aspect culminates, it is said to refrain from the aspect, showing that the effect indicated by the aspect will not materialise.


- A term often used by ancient astrologers by planets that see one another by aspect.

Regiomontanus houses

- A system of house division based on dividing the quarters of the Equator defined by the Ascendant and Midheaven axes into equal spatial arcs and projecting them back onto the Ecliptic.

Regiomontanus system

- Method of house division, evolved by the 15th century astrologer Johannes Muller, who used the pseudonym Regiomontanus. This system produces accurate results in polar regions.


- A benefic Fixed Star in the 30th degree of Leo. The most royal of the four Royal Stars, aka Cor Leonis, the Lion's Heart.

Rekha Yoga

- A planetary combination leading to poverty. It arises when a weak lord of ascendant is expected by the lord of the 8th house, and Jupiter is combust by Sun. Alternatively, if the lord of Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 4th house is obscured by Sun while Sun itself is expected by the lord of the 12th house.


- A condition of a planet when it is in any of it's essential or accidental dignities.

Relationship Chart

- An astrological chart of a relationship, such as that of a marriage or love relationship. If 2 persons are not married, the relationship chart of 2 persons who are intimate is that of the first time they made love. The Marriage chart or divorce chart are all Relationship Charts.


-An interpretation of one's birth chart. Also known as delineation. radical chart.


-When a planet appears to be traveling backwards from our perspective on Earth. The energy of a retrograde planet is less assertive and more internalized.

Retrograde application

- Term used in reference to a retrograde planet which, because of its retrograde motion, applies to an aspect with another planet. If both planets are moving toward each other, the term mutual application is used.

Retrograde motion

- The apparent backward motion of a planet when it appears, as observed from Earth, to reverse its natural direction of travel and move backward in the zodiac.

Retrograde station

- The point where a stationary planet begins its retrograde motion, compared with a direct station, where a stationary planet begins its direct motion.

Retrograde Zone

- The space along the zodiac between the direct stationand retrograde station of a planet. This is a zone of heightened influence for that planet, since it passes back and forth across this area 3 times over an extended period of time.


- The movement of a planet in the direction opposite to that of Earth. It is an apparent retrogression, not an actual change in direction. It occurs due to the relative position of Earth and the planet though the both may actually be moving in the same direction.


- One complete orbit or cycle. In a natal chart, a planet's return to its natal degree upon completing a circuit of the map.

Right ascension

- Measurement along the celestial equator eastward from 0° Aries that describes planetary positions in terms of degrees, minutes and seconds, not zodiacal signs. Sidereal time expressed in unit of arc.


- A planet is said to be rising, or ascending, when moving via the ascendant between the fourth and tenth cusps, i.e. in the eastern hemisphere of the chart.

Rising planet

- Any planet that is near the Ascendant in the natal horoscope. Rising planets will have a significant influence on the personality.

Rising Sign

-Also known as the Ascendant. The degree at which the Zodiac rests over the eastern horizon of the birthplace at the moment of one's birthA new Sign rises approximately every two hours. The Rising Sign represents one's persona and image to the world.

Romance Aspect

- An aspect formed by 2 Romance Planets.

Romance Linkage

- A linkage formed by at least 1 Romance Planet.

Romance Planet

- Chiron, Venus, or Neptune, based on the belief that these planets have rulerships that govern matters of romance and love.

Romance Transit

- A transit by or to a Romance Planet.

Romantic Super Linkage

- A Super Linkage where at least one of the inter-aspects is a Chiron Linkage.

Royal Stars

- Fixed Stars of particular significance. There are four Royal Stars: Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares and Fomalhaut. Regulus is usually considered the "most royal", although Aldebaran has his proponents.


- The planet which corresponds to the house or sign in question. Example: Jupiter is the ruler of the 9th house and of Sagittarius.


- Different signs are ruled by different planets and their influences can be affected by this fact.

Ruling planet

- The ruling planet of the horoscope is that planet said to "rule" the Ascending sign. Likewise, planets are said to rule the various houses in the chart based on the sign on the cusp of the respect houses.

Ruling Progression

- A positive or negative powerful progression that is the primary influence on the native's life.

Ruminant signs

- an obsolete term applied to signs symbolized by cud-chewing animals, namely, Aries (ram), Taurus (bull), and Capricorn (goat).

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