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RSS Feed (XML) - FAQ's

What is RSS?

As on date there is no consensus on what RSS stands for. But the following can be taken into consideration.

  • Really Simple Syndication
  • Rich Site Summary
  • R(DF) Site Summary
  • Rich Site Syndication
  • Rich Syndication Standard

Why should I use an RSS Feed?

RSS provides an easy way to collet and manage headlines, links and abstracts to current and up to date web pages. The most common use for RSS files is for news and other reverse-chronologically ordered websites like blogs.

How do I subscribe to an RSS Feed?

There is no agreed-upon standard for how to subscribe to an RSS feed.. There two ways to subscribe. One is to enter the URL of the RSS feed into your RSS aggregator. The other is to follow a subscribe link from a web page.

What is an Aggregator?

An aggregator is a web site or system that collects RSS feeds from multiple sources for you. Usually this will involve collating and displaying the contents of each feed and perhaps creating new composite feeds from them.

Why use an Aggregator?

For anyone who reads more pages that have RSS feeds, an aggregator is a necessity. RSS aggregators are set up to periodically check for new items in the feeds you are subscibed to, commonly once every hour. In other words, the news comes to you, rather than you having to go to the news. This saves a tremendous amount of time. Or conversely, you can read many more feeds in the same ammount of time. Additionally, you avoid all the non-new information on a web page, including the ads, menus, etc.

What do RSS/XML feeds do?
They gather information related to your areas of interest - movies, games, politics or breaking news - and deposit them all on your desktop.

Some free RSS readers, please?

Wildgrape NewsDesk 1.1: http://www.wildgrape.net/
Awasu Personal Edition: http://www.awasu.com/

But what is an XML?
'Extensible markup language', or XML, splits information be it content or images by markers like 'headlines', 'introductions', 'footnotes', or just about anything else, making it easier for computers to locate specific information using those markers. XML examines information online, fitting it into structures that can be called upon to give you exactly what you want. XML is
the format RSS is written in and RSS may be labeled as XML

What is an Atom?

Atom is a format similar to RSS; like RSS the files may also be called feeds or channels. It is the latest version of RSS feeds.
What is OPML?
OPML or Outline Processor Markup Language is an XML format for outlines, which may be used as a way of listing many RSS feeds;

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You may visit the World Wide Web Consortium (w3.org) to learn more.