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Scorpio is probably the most feared and yet the most revered sign of the zodiac. Most Scorpios would not hurt a fly for they are as gentle, caring, and generous as they can be hard, cruel, and mean. It really depends how they are treated.

This is a sign which demands respect and usually gets it. Scorpions are highly sensitive, emotional creators who are so easily hurt that they cannot bear to show their feelings for fear of being ridiculed.

Scorpios develop from an early age the ability to control such outer expressions of emotion, and remain dry-eyed. Scorpios do not forgive easily, if even at all, and are capable of holding a grudge for the rest of their lives. Scorpio subjects are hardworking, generous, and very determined. Once they begin a task, they will be dedicated to finishing it.Thye can become obsessively devoted to a person, a cause, or a project.

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Scorpio Man Compatibility
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Scorpio Woman Compatibility

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