A Virgo man and a Scorpio woman are much compatible in a relationship. It would be a beautiful relationship since the pair share many common traits. Both of them are attracted to intellectual ideas. The Scorpio woman would provide the romance and passion for the relationship and he would give the final perfection touches. There would be much commitment , understanding and loyalty with this duo.
But once the honeymoon is over, things start worsening unless either one of them yields in.The Scorpio woman is more into sex and secrets while he would be more bent on integrity in life. The pair is found to be dating comfortably but when it comes to a committed relationship or marriage then they fall off range.

Virgo Man-Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Famous Virgo-Scorpio Couples

• Keanu Reeves and Parker Posey

Compatibility for Romance

There would be better compatibility for romance and passion in this relationship.

The Scorpio female would provide the sex appeal and emotional sense to the relationship and Virgo is in no dearth for romance. The highest level of romance and passion would be found in the Virgo guy and Scorpio girl combination in the zodiac.

Compatibility for Friendship

A Virgo man and a Scorpio woman make a compatible friendship. Both of them take the other partner safely under their wings and guide them in life. The Virgo man would soothe the troubled nerves of the nervous Scorpio girl and she in turn would give him the needed moral and emotional support needed in life. They share any conversation and make good friends for life.

Compatibility for Marriage

The Virgo man and his Scorpio girl make up a very compatible marriage. Things would be well and good if their motive in life is to raise a family, increase finances and garner the good things in life. Together this pair can achieve great things in life. The Virgo male generally proceeds into marriage on a cautious note, while the Scorpio female might hurry up. The Virgo man would simply add much spice to the marriage if the Scorpio girl is ready to yield.

Compatibility for Sex

When a Virgo male and a Scorpio female are into sex there would be a high level of compatibility with the duo. Sex would be the forte of this relationship. Scorpios are normally sexually oriented and Virgos are into romance. Together this pair would explore this act in all its splendor. With time, they would perfect the art of love-making.

The End game

When this relationship is heading for disaster then it would be a very bad affair. The Scorpio girl would be very much vindictive. The Virgo guy on the other side would be cool-headed. If he has decided to call off the game then he makes sure that all resources are shared properly, things are set well in order, then picks up his bag never to return back. Usually the Scorpio female takes the lead in calling the relationship off.

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