A Virgo woman and a Scorpio man together constitute a compatible relationship. The Scorpio guy is generally very passionate while she would be practical. There would be a perfect balance of emotions and practically here with this combo. There would be loyalty and a sense of security when both are together.Though there would be a clash of viewpoints at times if one of them backs off then the issue would be resolved.
The duo are great for domestic life like building a home, raising children, caring for the elderly and the like. Both of them complete any job undertaken to perfection that this is one of a powerful combination for life.

Virgo Woman-Scorpio Man Compatibility

Famous Virgo-Scorpio Couple

• Blake Lively and Leo Di Caprio

• Marie Antoinette and King Louise XVI

• Shania Twain and Mutt Lange

• Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Compatibility for Romance

The Virgo girl and the Scorpio guy have better compatibility in their romantic life as well. But then it comes later on in their relationship. They share a sweet relationship that is very tender with much warmth involved. The Scorpio guy makes sure that he is romantically inclined to his Virgo girl. Passions wax and wane with the emotions of the Scorpio man but then the Virgo girl needs her private time as well to sort things down.

Compatibility for Friendship

There would be much compatibility between a Virgo lady and a Scorpio man when they are friends. They make great partners in work and play. This is because they have mutual interests and have greater concern for their other half in life. Together as friends this duo can scale new heights and explore hitherto unexplored territory.

Compatibility for Marriage

This is one of the best combinations for a compatible happy married life. Both the Virgo girl and the Scorpio guy are loyal, devoted and focused that troubles if not any would vanish from the scene. Both try their level best to have a conducive atmosphere between them. They have a predetermined set of rules to follow. They are straightforward and determined in their efforts towards having a happy home together. Children and other members of the family would be blessed to be in such a home.

Compatibility for Sex

The Virgo female and the Scorpio male enjoy a very compatible sexual life as well together. Sex would be more or less a ritualistic affair for them. Though the frequency would be less, they make sure that both are satisfied. They like to follow a particular routine and stick to their schedule in having a sexual affair.

The End game

Generally this combination does not end up in splitsville, but then if at all it had to end that way, then it would have a business-like ending. There would be a conducive stage where both make sure that there is no point in dragging on with a useless relationship. Mutual respect and warmth would be found even in the final farewell.

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