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For the year 2022, Jupiter or Guru transits from the 5th house to the 6th house for Tula Rasi people in April. This assures luck and fortune till that period and then your health gets highlighted. Saturn or Shani transits from the 5th to the 4th house of Capricorn in July. And this transit stands to affect your love, relationship with children and fortune as Saturn is a restricting planet. Rahu or the Moon’s North node moves from the 8th to the 7th house of Aries and Ketu transits

from your 2nd house to your first house in mid-April. These planetary transits stand to affect the general well being of Tula Rasi folks this year.

This year would ask the Tula people to prove their mettle to the world. You would need to put more work, however you would be rewarded amicably. Your domestic and social life would be happy and expanding. Business and services would bring you success in life. Your finances would be just good and there would be good rapport with family members all through this year. There might be however wrangling owing to some hereditary property at home. Mid-year might bring troubles of sorts. Tula folks are promised good love life and marriage during 2022. Some natives would be blessed with children and health of family members needs utmost care for the period. Natives are advised to maintain a good balance between work and play.


The love life and marriage prospects of Tula Rasi people would be normal this year. There would be good relationship with your partner/spouse. Some natives might end in temporary separation with partner owing to relocation. However constant communication would be the key to survival. Though there might be bouts of incompatibility, you would be able to iron them out as the year progresses. Mid-year brings some good tidings in your love front. The married ones stand to gain good fortune through their partner. Be happy to assist your partner in his or her career moves. Your social side also expands quite considerably. Despite this make sure that you stay close to your partner through thick and thin.


The coming year would be a good year for Tula natives who are working. Your hard work would bring you promotions and pay hikes as the year progresses. The start of the year would see you climb to new heights. Mid-year may bring about rifts or misunderstandings with authorities and peers in workplace, do not go in for a head-to head clash. Business people among Tula folks might meet with some hindrances during the second half of the year. Stiff competition might question your survival these days. Team work would pay off, but do read the fine print before venturing into one.


As 2022 starts, there might be some initial financial hiccups for Tula Rasi people. Money owed to you would not be returned and gains through career or business would also be restricted. Some of you might lose your financial resources by way of theft or frauds. But then mid-year promises some goodness in your financial front. Then your hands would be full. There might be some expenditure owing to pleasure and recreation though. The second half of the year would be an excellent time to make money. Success in career would bless you with good finances. Your financial ambitions would be met as the year ends.


Quite on ordinary period exists for Tula people in terms of their health in 2022. As the year starts, there might be some health issues. Avoid eating out and look out for any infections related to the respiratory tract. Go in for occasional check-ups. This would help you to escape any future head-aches. Health would oscillate as the year moves on. Some natives would have digestive issues around mid-year, but there would not be any major harm. Stick to good food habits and occasionally rewind to recreational pursuits. Meditation, yoga and physical workouts would be a game-changer for the Tule people all this year.

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