2022 Libra Horoscope

Libra Horoscope 2022 | Predictions 2022 | Astrology 2022

Year 2022 would be a lucky period for Libra folks, thanks to Saturn in your 5th house of Aquarius. Your very existence would be shaken and would be replaced by newness of all sorts. You would be in for major surprises and shocks through this period. Changes and opportunities abound these days. However do not over-exert yourself, lay low and maintain low profile all this year. Be cautious of your moves and play a fair game. Quite a year of fullness is in store for Libra natives.

•  Around the middle of the year, Mars would be transiting your 10th house of Cancer and hence there would be lot of gains owing to career.

•  But then Saturn aspecting the 10th house would ask for hard work and commitment on your part for career betterment.

•  Jupiter would bless you with relocation and promotions that has been your yearning for quite sometime now.

•  The Moon’s north node Rahu in the 8th house might bring about unwanted expenses, so be cautious of your financial spending these days.

•  Maternal gains in store for some Libra natives for the year ahead.

•  Libra students would fare well in their studies for now.

•  Saturn in your 4th house might impede family welfare and happiness occasionally.

•  Your marital relationships are in for some stress and strain this year thanks to Mars.

•  Your love prospects would be better this year when compared to the past few years.

Love and Marriage horoscope 2022 For Libra

Through the year 2022, Venus would bring about goodness in your love and marriage. For the first quarter there might be some rifts and tensions in your love life. Then as the second quarter starts, things would seem better and unexpected love prospects are on the cards. Around mid-year you would be asked to make compromises in your relationships. Some of your relationships might get shaken through this year. This might upset your hopes and ambitions regarding your love life. De bold, but do not take impulsive decisions for now. Compromising with spouse and partner would do more good then harm in your relationships this period. All along the way, Saturn would be restricting your expression of love and warmth.

•  It would be a year of mixed prospects for the love and marriage of Libra people.

•  Mars posited in your 7th house as the year starts might pose some troubles in your relationship.

•  Troubles with in-laws also likely around the second quarter of the year thanks to the combination of Rahu and Mars in your 8th house which is an evil house.

•  But then mid-year would bring about good terms with spouse or partner for Libra natives.

•  Those Libras into love affairs would get consent for marriage from family this year.

•  The second half of the year promises bliss in love and conjugal felicity for the married Libras.

•  As the year ends, Libras would be having a great time of fun and happiness with their partners.

Career horoscope 2022 For Libra

Year 2022 would be quite an average year for the career prospects of Libra natives. As the year starts you stand to gain a lot through profession. However as the first quarter of the year ends, there might be some troubles. Then it would be a roller coaster for you till the end of the year. This is because Jupiter would be transiting your 6th house which is an evil one. This is not a time to start a new venture or sign for a new service.

Some Libra people would see a clash of their personal and professional lives. Partnership deals would work out well for those into business. Jupiter and Saturn would be affecting your career performance and slow you down. Those who are searching for a job would see some light around the end of the year. If you are aspiring to hone your skills, then use the last quarter of the year for the same.

•  Your career performance would be quite good this year.

•  Around the middle of the year, Mars transiting your 10th house of Cancer would prove to be very favourable for your career.

•  However there might be some incompatibility with authorities in work place, hence be cautious.

•  Saturn would ask you to put in more hard work and commitment than usual to prove your mettle in career.

•  Change of career likely for some Libra folks who are aspiring for the same for quite sometime now.

•  Your business pursuits would be greatly favored all this year with better gains.

•  Partnership deals are best to be avoided these days as trouble lurks around.

•  Travels owing to career would keep you busy and engaged during the later part of the year.

•  Relocation on the cards around mid-year and this would be accompanied by promotions and pay hikes as well.

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Health horoscope 2022 For Libra

Libra guys would have occasional health issues this year. Stress and strain would take a huge toll on your general health and well being. Hence resort to some adventure sports or artistic pursuits to beat the blues. Strengthen your physical and mental health these days and do not let your guard down. As the year starts, Jupiter would be aspecting your Ascendant house and this indicates good health. There would be better immunity and a positive energy around. Later on the transit of Jupiter and the conjunction of Saturn and Rahu would affect your health. There would be respiratory troubles and weight issues for some Libra folks.

•  Libra people are advised to take good care of their health this year.

•  Though there would not be any major impacts on your life, minor issues might haunt you, hence be cautious.

•  Rahu in your 8th house and Ketu placed in the 2nd house would surely affect your general health and well being.

•  Libra natives are advised to stay away from over-eating and indulgences of sorts.

•  Around the middle of the year, a major health concern would arise bringing in much medical expenses, be prepared to handle the same.