Year 2021 would be an average year for Tula Rasi natives with frequent change of fortune. Periods of goodness and badness would alternate for you. None of the phases would last long, hence patience and perseverance would help you to tide through tough times. Not a time to expect major breakthroughs in life too.

The year promises good finances for Tula people. However Rahu posited in the 8th house also called the Dustana or the evil house is cause for concern and indicates unwanted expenditure for you. Family would be a major source of expenses these days.

The third quarter of the year predicts some luck and fortune for the natives. Lots of blessings would be coming your way around that time. Students and academicians would find the time ripe enough for their works. They would encounter success all their way this year.

The 5th house is favorably disposed for Tula Rasi people, and hence they would be entitled to happiness through children. Also your love pursuits would be rewarded. Some of you might get married and there would be much romance and passion around. Certain Tula folks might hit tough rocks in their marriage through.

Health is not going to be good either. Chronic issues might continue you to haunt you all through the year. Saturn or Sani would be occupying your 4th house and hence health issues of mother would be a source of concern for some natives. Mars in the 7th house would jeopardize your love and marital life these days. From the middle of the year, things shall brighten up in this area.

With Saturn aspecting your 10th house, success is assured in your career field. Those aspiring for a relocation would find the time ripe enough for the same. Hard work and commitment would take you up in professional circles. A generally amicable period for all walks of your life.


Success is forecast for the career prospects of Tula Rasi people this year. Mars posited in the 10th house assures you goodness all the way. Though there would be some initial hiccups, after the middle of the year, you would be riding the wave of success. Be prepared to handle conflicts of sorts with authorities and peers in work place. Patience and a soft temperament would help you to tide some discomfort in the work place. Saturn aspecting your 10th house of profession would make sure that you put in hard work and commitment all through this year.

Around the middle of the year, however some turmoils and turbulences are expected in the domestic front. Better understanding would pave way for goodness though. As the year progresses you would be able to love your partner more and show your commitment to him or her in a more special way.


The general career prospects of Tula Rasi natives would be quite good for the year 2021. However you might meet with some occasional troubles as Saturn would be aspecting your 10th house. The second quarter of the year has your 10th house aspected by both Jupiter and Saturn and this is likely to bring about a relocation or a promotion.

Tula people anticipating a relocation would find the year quite ideal for the same. This transition would give you pay hikes and promotions as well. A good time to switch jobs too if you find your job not that remunerative.

Business would prosper for those pursuing the same, however be cautious of your finances and joint ventures. For some losses are likely due to bad planning and phasing. The first quarter of the year especially is not suited for starting new businesses or expansion of the prevailing ones.

After the middle of the year, much prosperity is assured for Tula folks owing to their career growth. Overseas connections would be established for some of you. In general, the year would help you to make an impressive stunt in your professional life.


Your general finances would be good and stable for the year ahead. Some Tula people would be able to rise well in their financial standing this year. Throughout the year, there would be good inflow of funds for you. Particularly after the start of the third quarter, things shall really prove quite lucky for you. It would seem that anything you touch turns into gold!!

Around the middle of the year, some financial hitches crop in. Better planning and a strict expenditure schedule would save you. Not a time to invest in new ventures. Some natives would be drawn towards giving money for social and charity works.

Rahu posited in the 8th house also called the Dustana or the evil house might play spoilsport with your financials though. Beware of overspending and save some for tough times ahead. Though the general finances of the natives would be quite good, better planning and a cautious approach is advised on the part of the natives.


Health of Tula personalities would be a source of concern all through this year. Some of you might have troubles with chronic issues. Be wary of what you eat and how well you move around. Precaution would be a great way for now, as some folks might catch up with a communicable disease as well.

Rahu is in the 8th house and Ketu is in the 2nd house for Tula Rasi people. This might make matter worse and would flare up even little health issues. Hence be wary of your heath moves for the year.

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