Year 2021 promises to be a year of fortune and luck for Mesha Rasi natives. But it would not be a cake walk, there would be frequent ups and downs in life. In order to achieve happiness, you would need to make some uphill drive, taking on challenges one after the other. Through this year, natives are advised to take care of their health, both physical and mental as the Moon’s Nodes namely Rahu and Ketu would be meddling with the same.

The planets through the year for you would impede your success story. However Jupiter or Guru would bring financial upliftment for the natives. Unexpected expenditure likely for some folks, hence beware of over spending. Take the right decisions at the right time, this is not a time for over-indulgene.

The start of the year would bring mixed results for Aries folks. But then the year end would remove all hurdles from your path and bring about success. The aspiring ones would be able to do overseas higher studies. Saturn or Sani might interfere with your domestic life, bringing unhappiness. Ill health at home and unhappiness might bother your spirits at times too.

Not a good time for marriage and love pursuits as well for the natives. Saturn and Mars might greatly interfere with your life during the year 2021. There might be some betterment though around the middle and the last part of the year. There would be no dearth for romance and passion though in your lives.


It would be a smooth ride for Mesha Rasi people when it comes to love and marriage through the year. Though the start of the year might bring in delays and hindrances of sorts in this area, as it progresses, you would see a marked change and hope in this arena. There would be a good flow of love and romance through the days.

But then be cautious around the second quarter and the last quarter of the year. These periods would bring some stormy sessions in your love and marriage, do not be impulsive, let time do its task. Once you come out of this, your relationship would get stronger. There would be occasional rifts in your love, but better understanding and commitment to partner would bring goodness. In general, the whole year promises to bring good tidings in your love life.


For the year 2021, the planet Saturn would be aspecting your 10th house of career in a positive way. This would improve your career prospects quite drastically. Overseas contacts would be established and there is scope for foreign career chances.

Through the year, you would see major growth and development in your career field. However do expect some hurdles around the middle of the year. The planets might land you in some hassle or the other. You might get embroiled in controversies owing to troubles with peers or authorities. Getting into the good books of authorities would help you to come out of this unscathed.

Mesha folks into business ventures are in for some losses through the year. This would be a time to revisit your business priorities and make amends if they are long overdue. Constant vigil would be needed, do not get into any co-operative ventures for now. Generally quite a trouble free career prospect awaits Mesha guys this year.


Year 2021 is not quite a good period for your finances. There would be troubles galore, periods of instability come and go. You seem to have lost control of your finances this period. However those periods would be small bouts and you would be able to rebound with caution and thrift plans. Jupiter transiting through your 11th house of gains around the second and third quarter of the year would improve your financials.

The last few months of the year bring opportunities for financial betterment. Rahu or the Moon’s north node transiting through your 2nd house of finances also brings about myriad ways of financial inflow. But then retaining your money seems to a be a Herculean task for most Mesha natives with expenditure of all sorts coming in.


The Moon’s nodes, namely Rahu and KEtu are posited in the 2nd house and 8th house respectively for Mesha Rasi natives and this indicates that health of natives would not be that good. Stomach related issues might bother you. Also mental health of natives would take a beating. Stress and strain would ring a toll on your general well being this year. Complications related to blood likely for some folks. Those in middle age would have concerns related to the digestive system. Also health of family members might cause a dent in your finances. Preventive measures would be a good way to escape this reality in health for the period.

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