In year 2020, Saturn or Shani would enter your 10th house of Capricorn as the year starts. This is your house of profession and hence career would greatly be affected by this transit. Rahu or the Moon's North node would be in your 3rd house of Gemini and around September 2020 enters your 2nd house of finances altering your financial moves. Expect financial revamp around this time.

The planet Jupiter or Guru transits to your 10th house on March 30th, 2020. It goes retrograde as the year proceeds entering the zodiac house of Sagittarius or Dhanus and once again enters Capricorn around the last of November. These planetary transits stand to affect the Mesha Rasi natives through the year. Read on for more ..


Mesha Rasi natives would have quite an average performance in their career field during year 2020. Your confidence level increases and success comes occasionally but it would be stable. As Jupiter enters your 10th house during the last week of March, things turn favorable for you. Your hard work and commitment would see you through to the top of the corporate ladder.

Promotions and pay hikes follow you . There would be good rapport with authorities and peers in work place. This is because of the conjunction (0 deg) of Saturn and Jupiter in your 10th house of profession. You would get the good connections and advise of elders in the professional field as well.

Those of you interested in improving your skills or academic pursuits find the time favorable for this too. However educational interests meet with impediments between April to June of 2020. The rest of the year guides you in honing up your professional and academic skills.


The financial standing of Mesha Rasi natives would be quite average through the year 2020. Natives would work with earnest sincerity to improve their financial status though. The second quarter of the year would bring in some wealth by means of luck and fortune. Auspicious events at home would ask for some expenditure on your part as well.

This is not a time for long-term big investments though. Jupiter or Guru might bring some expenditure by means of pilgrimages or spiritual pursuits. The end of the year would bring in money owed to you for long. A generally eventless year in terms of finances for Mesha Rasi guys.


The first quarter of the year 2020 would be quite troublesome in the domestic front for Mesha Rasi natives. However things shall turn favorable after March. The 4th house of family welfare would be aspected by the combined Jupiter-Saturn duo then. This brings about peace and harmony at home. There would be auspicious events like marriage at home, birth of a child and the like.

There would be cordial relationship with siblings as Jupiter aspects your 3rd house. Your social circle also expands thanks to the planetary placement for the period. During the last quarter of the year, financial troubles arise as there would be unwanted expenditure related to family and its needs.

Children at home prosper as your 5th house is well-aspected by Jupiter through the year. They earn laurels and bring name and fame for you. Their academic pursuits get enhanced. The second quarter of the year however poses some problems at home owing to children and elders.


The year starts with you commanding good health and cheer. Your Ascendant receives the benefic aspects of Jupiter and hence favorable conditions prevail in this area. There would be no major outbreak of diseases for the year for Aries guys. If you have been on a chronic problem, then things get better.

Natives are advised to take a balanced food, take a break from work occasionally and practice good exercise regimen. Once the first quarter ends, there might be some health troubles. Be cautious. The second quarter of year 2020 proves troublesome, however there would be betterment for the latter two quarters of the year.


Year 2020 is favorable for the travel pursuits of Aries natives as Jupiter aspects your 9th house of long distant travels. But then there might be some issues with pilgrimage related travels as Rahu aspects the same house. Travel due to relocation or job transfers are also on the cards for Aries folks this season.

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