For Makara Rasi natives, Saturn or Shani would be entering their Ascendant house during the last week of January 2020. Rahu or the Moon’s North Node in the 6th house of Gemini till the middle of September 2020, transits to your 5th house of Taurus. Jupiter or Guru would be entering your Ascendant house as the first quarter of the year ends. Then when the second quarter ends, it transits to your 12th house of Sagittarius.

It goes retrograde and then would visit your Ascendant once again during the second half of November once it becomes direct.

These planetary transits have a great bearing on the life of Makara Rasi natives through the year ahead. Read on for more information as to how you would be influenced…


Year 2020 would be a period of mixed fortunes in your professional field. Only hard work and commitment would see you through this year. This is not a favorable period for starting new ventures as well, do stay with your existing status. But the combined aspect of Jupiter and Saturn on your 7th house would bring in some business prospects once the first quarter of the year ends.

Speculative deals can be taken up during the last quarter of the year. Those who are waiting for a job change or promotion, do note that staying status quo would be the best bet for the period. Academic pursuits are best favored for Makara Rasi natives this year. Overseas ventures and studies are also favored for the deserving ones this year. If you are a fresher looking for a job, the last quarter is not a fruitful period, hence do your might before that time.


Not much financial growth is likely for Makara Rasi natives this year. Though there would be good income flow there would be not much options for saving as expenditure would be over-shooting your income levels. Be cautious of your financial moves this year and do not take risks like gambling and speculation for the year.

Transit of Rahu particularly would play spoilsport with your finances this year. Beware of frauds around. Stay away from tempting means of making money the easier way, it might land you in trouble. Medical expenditure for family members might also burden you this year. Try to live within your means for the time being.


The domestic life of Makara Rasi natives would be quite easy this year. But then you would not be able to spend quality time with family members for the first quarter of the year. The combined aspect of Jupiter and Saturn on your 7th house during the second quarter of the year offers chances for marriage in the household.

The last quarter of the year is not much favorable for children in the family. Hence it is best to avoid conception and child birth for the period. Health issues at home might also be a source of concern for Makara Rasi natives as the year 2020 ends.


The travel prospects for Makara Rasi natives in the year 2020 would be quite great. There would be travel related to job changes, pleasure and pilgrimage. And all the travels would give you good peace of mind and a new approach towards life. Particularly long distant overseas travels are on the cards. Make good use of the opportunities that come your way. Learn new skills and new cultures from across the world this season.


Year 2020 is quite not a conducive period for the health prospects for those born with the Moon in their house of Sagittarius or Dhanus. This is because Saturn or Shani would be aspectign your Ascendant. A sense of weakness and low levels of immunity would be noticed among the natives. However the second quarter of the year brings good tiding in the health front as then Jupiter starts to aspect your Ascendant.

Then there would be better physical and mental fitness. Natives are advised to take care of their diet. Stick to good physical exertion that would burn calories. The third quarter of the year again poses health issues for the natives, be cautious.

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