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Year 2019 would bring about major transformation in the personal and professional life of Capricorns. Much of your desires in these two areas would be fulfilled. There would be ample opportunities to progress in the right direction. But then hard work, commitment and seriousness are much needed on your part. This year would be the ideal time to think and plan for your

future. Certain events would help you to progress in the positive direction. Expect major outcomes with regard to your career around the end of the year, Cap.

Career horoscope 2019 For Capricorn

Capricorn people would be moving in the right direction this year, as far as career moves are concerned. This would be the right time to hone your skills and plunge into action. Professional life dominates over your personal life during the season. However do not over-exert yourself as this might take a toll on your mental health. You are wired to do hard work, but then do not be too pessimistic after putting all your eggs in one basket. Around the middle of the year, take moderate breaks. Make sure that you bond well with your authorities and peers this season for goodness in the work place. Co-operative deals are not going to work for you now, hence it is better to go alone for the year ahead..

Love and Marriage horoscope 2019 For Capricorn

Your love life is in for a major sway all through this year, Cap. Your possessiveness might come in way of ruining your relationship, be cautious. Rely or trust on your partner and listen to his or her words. A good talk would go a long way in avoiding tensions and building strong relationship with your love. The middle of the year, brings about a major wave of change in your love life. However do not cling to redundant or useless relationships. Learn to let go off when circumstances call for the same.

Doubts and misunderstandings might crop as the year proceeds. Make adjustments and learn to understand your partner in a new light. Be willing to assure them of your selfless motives. Around October 2019, things seem to get better with the planetary alignments for the period. A good time to reflect on past mistakes and forge ahead with a sense of optimism. The end of the year again brings about a major make-over in your love life. Move ahead in style, with new confidence and avoid old patterns that ask you to go in circles with no end in sight.

Finance horoscope 2019 For Capricorn

Your finances would be much good for the year ahead, Capricorn. The rewards of your past years' of hard work would now be seen in terms of monetary benefits. Through the year, there would be better control of your budget as well. Around the middle of the year, some unexpected expenditure is on the cards, however be sure that you do not over-indulge. The second half of the year is good for organizing your finances, and entering into long-term investments. There is not much risk to your financial standing, if external influences are taken care of in the right spirit.

Health horoscope 2019 For Capricorn

In year 2019, though Capricorn guys would be loaded with much vigor and strength, they ought to recharge themselves every now and then to stay on the stream. Do not overdo work. Relax and rejuvenate yourself at regular intervals. Particularly the middle of the year 2019 calls for a major leisure break on your part. Your sense of optimism helps you to stay in good health or through the year, however occasional minor ailments cannot be ruled out. You are likely to take in some contagious ailments during the second half of the year. Good health habits would help you to rebound in a matter of few days. Focus your energy in the right direction and you would be hale and hearty all through the year, Cap.

Family & lifestyle in 2019

For Capricorn natives, family and relationships call for a more mature approach this year. This would be a good time to get closer to some and distance yourself from some in the familial side. Try to strike a good balance between family and work. Do not let your family and relationships invade your social life. Have some "my time" as well. The middle of the year brings in some auspicious moments at home, that calls for much work on your part though. However as the year unwinds, things shall return to a tranquil state in your home front.

Travel horoscope 2019 For Capricorn

This year is favorable for travelling. Saturn might create an opportunity for you to go abroad this year, Cap. You would also visit your birth place this year. Those in job are likely to get transferred to their places of choice through the year ahead.

2019 Horoscope Month by Month


As the year 2019 starts, Capricorn natives would find themselves in hitherto unexplored territory. However you would be able to bring out some long-last secret to the fore. Revealing is good but make sure that it does not hurt relationships and offend your near ones. Delve deep into your inner self for spiritual enlightenment.


Capricorn folks would be full of energy this February 2019.Use this energy wisely towards constructive purposes and handle works that call for immediate attention. A good time to tune your senses towards good vibes. Relationships get fortified this period and your conscience would be clear of negative energy.


Family and friends need your attention this month, Cap. A sense of instability might be noticed in this area, be cautious. Remain strong and composed and work on mending relationships. Mercury retrograde around would further mar your relationships and bring about communication issues. Get equipped.


April would be quite a dynamic month for Capricorn folks. Do remain in familiar territory and perform your duties with all your might and energy. There are opportunities galore for your growth in the professional field this period. Stability and security are guaranteed for now.


This month favors starting of new projects and ventures. Stick to your ideas and ideals and do not go astray. This is a period when you would be at your innovative best. However make sure that you achieve success these days with minimum effort. Do not strain your nerves.


June brings in lot of unfinished work back on your table. Your hands would be full all these days. Do complete tasks before the middle of the month as harsh environment is forecast for the latter half. Situations might go out of hand then. There might be a sense of insecurity around too as the month ends.


Capricorn guys would be caught between situations this month. And it would be quite difficult for you to come out unscathed. Difficulties mar your progress and growth this month. Major issues might continue to haunt you as well. Maintain a low profile and keep your mind free.


Problems of sorts are forecast for Capricorn folks this month. It would leave you in a bitter state of affairs. Worries and anxieties spoil your moods. Try to bring a positive energy around despite odd conditions around you.


September is a month which favors starting or initiating new projects or assignments. But then do serious homework before venturing out. Taking the first step would prove cumbersome, however things take you back on track once you get going.


Capricorn guys would be waging a war of words with family members this month. And this might make you lose your temper and cool. Consider or look back at some long lost relations who might come in handy in times of your needs. Manage issues in a co-operative manner for success and good results.


Relationships might meet with setbacks as Mercury goes retrograde this month. However you can venture on your own with your works. This is not a time to burden others around you. Perhaps they might be tired of you. Find ways and means to forge ahead.


Though December starts on a lighter note for Cap guys, things shall begin to become more certain as it progresses. You would be more dynamic and thoughtful these days. Look at the silver lining of anything and keep going. The New year holds great promises for you.

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Capricorn 2019: Yearly horoscope astrology insights by month

Here is your 2019 yearly horoscope on a month to month breakdown for your easy reference and planning. Find out what each month of the year 2019 has to offer you in a nutshell along with our rating on a 5-star scale. Discover what best suits you for the months of this year.

Capricorn 2019 Forecast Findyourfate.com Rating
January Go slow
February Love lightens you
March Troubles in communication
April Romance around
May Relationships excite you
June Troubles galore
July Decisive period
August Sour relationships
September Achievements bring joy
October Stick to your stand
November Hard work pays
December Add good things to life

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