For Makara Rasi natives, during year 2019, Saturn or Shani would be travelling through your 12th house of Sagittarius. Around March-end Rahu or the Moon's North mode would be entering your 6th house of Gemini. Shortly Jupiter or Guru enters your 12th house of Sagittarius to join Saturn there. Then it goes Retrograde and comes back to Scorpio your 11th house on 23rd April. It later

enters your 12th house of Sagittarius once again on the 5th of November when it goes Direct. These planetary movements through the year 2019 would impact the general life of Makara Rasi natives or those born with the Moon in the zodiac house of Capricorn. Read on for more..


The professional pursuits of Makara Rasi people would be quite medium in terms of returns and rewards. Be prepared to handle several ups and downs in this area through the year. Get the good advise of elders and authorities for further growth. Partnership deals are not favored through the year. Also do not let your personal life interfere with your professional pursuits for now.After the transit of Rahu, around the end of March 2019, expect some betterment in the career arena. Transit of Jupiter around the same period would improve your financial inflow. Also there would be promotions and pay-hikes for the deserving ones among Makara Rasi natives. The academic and research works are also favored this year. Natives would get success in competitive exams and the like. Those on the look out for a secured job position would also be able to settle down in a comfortable and satisfactory post before the year ends.


Makara Rasi natives would have quite an average year in terms of their finances. Do not expect a windfall this year. Though inflow of money would be good, unwanted expenditure might dwindle your resources this year. Do save some for tougher days ahead in life. The year 2019 is also not a good time for long term investment plans. Use your finances wisely and stick to your budget plans, do not over-indulge on the financial part for the whole year.


The family life of Makara Rasi natives would be a mixed bag of fortune in year 2019. Your professional commitments might take away you from family and personal matters this year. But then the relationships at home would be cordial and cool. There would be auspicious events at home. Health of some family members might ask for medical intervention around the middle of the year. There would be good rapport with your siblings in life, if any. After the transit of Rahu your social life would expand. New people, new friends and new acquaintances come into your life. Long-lasting legal matters regarding the family would now be settled and you stand to gain some fortune through legacy or inheritance this year. Benefic aspects of Jupiter promises birth of a child in the families yearning for one. In general peace and cordiality would prevail around.


The travel prospects of Makara Rasi people is good for the year 2019. Saturn in the 12th house favors long distant travels owing to pleasure and business. For some folks, there would be travel owing to transfer or relocation. Quite a few others have pilgrimage travel on the cards. However natives are advised to take good care of their health and finances during the travels.


Not a good year for the general health and well-being for Makara Rasi folks. Medical issues of sorts would be bothering you all through the year. There would be health issues related to stress and strain. Mental health would also be affected for some natives. Problems related to digestion and breathing might bother some of you Makara Rasi folks. Good dietary practices would help those aspiring for a loss of weight. Follow some meditation and exercising for general health and welfare for the year ahead.

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