For Vrischikha Rasi natives, Saturn or Shani would be loitering in the 2nd house of finances all through the year 2019. Rahu or the Moon's North node would be transiting from your 7th to the 8th house of Gemini on March 23rd. A week after, Jupiter or Guru would be entering your 2nd house of Sagittarius and ends in the company of Saturn. On 23rd April, Jupiter goes Retrograde and enters Scorpio.

Then it goes direct on the 5th of November, 2019 when it returns once again to your 2nd house of Sagittarius.These planetary movements through the year 2019 would be affecting the lives of Virschikha Rasi natives.Find below the effects on the various aspects of their life:


Year 2019 would be a generally good period for the professional ventures of Vrischikha people. Jupiter posited in your 2nd house assures good financial inflow for those in services and business as well. More than two types of income are promised for some folks out there. Co-operative deals and partnership works out well for the season. There would be satisfaction in the job front with promotions and pay hikes on the anvil.Also those into academic pursuits would be able to meet with success. Jupiter aspecting the 5th house supports the same. However those waiting for a transfer, change of job or relocation need to wait for the end of the year for a switch over.


Year 2019 seems to be quite an average year in the financial front for Virschikha folks. Unwanted expenditure loom all around you for the period ahead. Particularly medical bills might bother you. Though the inflow of finances would be quite good, you would not be able to save anything at the end of the day. Prepare a feasible budget and stick to it come what may to stem the tide of financial imbalance for the period. Property deals might materialize, however do not sign anything until you read the fine print. Be prepared to handle some legal financial issues as well as the year progresses on.


Domestic conditions for Virschikha natives would be quite satisfactory for the year ahead. But then Saturn or Sani posited in the 2nd house might bring about some rifts and fights in the home-front. Stay away from arguments and harsh atmosphere at home if any. Health issues in the family might burden your spirits. The transit of Rahu in the end of March would be brining troubles in the family front. But then Jupiter well-placed would give you the guts to tackle things head-on at home. Laying low and patience would be the key for goodness in the domestic arena for the year. Children at home bring laurels. Birth of a child can be expected at home as the 5th house is favorably aspected by Jupiter through the year. Auspicious events like marriage are also possible if eligible people are at home for Scorpio folks.


A generally favorable period for travelling as well for Vrischikha natives. The first quarter of the year has many long distant travel possibilities for the natives. Also work-related journeys on the cards for some folks. The transit of Rahu in March favors foreign travel owing to adventure and education for some Vrischikha folks out there. However Rahu posited in the 8th house which is an evil house indicates possibilities of some losses and accidents in travel, hence be cautious in this area for the year ahead.


2019 would be a good year for the health prospects of Vrischikha natives. Jupiter favorably posited for the year assures good health and cheer all through the year. Your energy levels would be quite high. Peace and tranquil would be found in your lives. However the transit of Rahu or the Moon's north node around the end of March, 2019 might bring about some minor health concerns. Issues related to stomach and breathing are to be expected. However medical intervention would give you good relief. There would be no major impact on your life though for the year ahead.

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