2019 Scorpio Planetary Influences


Career gets greatly emphasized for Scorpio guys this year. Those looking for an alternate career path or change are in for a major surprise. The planetary placements for the period help you to climb up the corporate ladder without much difficulty this season.The year starts with Mars in your work area which motivates you to encounter challenges in

the career path. Also expect some luck and fortune for the period. February forebodes general goodness and welfare for the natives. Be prepared to handle some excitement for the period. You would become more social than before. The middle of the month brings some celebrations at home.

Finances need to be maintained under vigil in March as a major crisis looms around. A careful approach to general health and welfare would also be needed for the time. April 2019 would give you ample time for rest and relaxation. Stay away from the limelight and by the end of the month, you would see a twist to your love relationship or marriage. May again brings about some financial issues, be thrifty for the period. Then June brings about some travel plans and academic scope for Scorpio guys. By July, natives would be having peace of mind and have a positive attitude.

Then August brings about many occasions of celebrations, however you need to forego some owing to professional commitments. September would be a good period for Scorpio guys to venture towards the spiritual realms. Then when October follows you would be quite happy and rejuvenated with the Sun loitering in your homestead. November can be taken up for long-held back works. Then December has its festive season hassles as always for the Scorpio folks.

This year can be rightly said as your year, Scorpio. This is because all the planets are favorably posited for you. All your desires get materialized through the year. Jupiter in your home would protect you and bring you good luck and fortune for the year. Saturn in Leo helps you to mend fences in relationships. Pluto in Sagittarius paves way to explore the world and expand your knowledge base.

However, some positions of Saturn through the year might play havoc in your life this year. Control your temper. Your impulsiveness might be a doom or a bane according to the situation around you, hence be cautious of your moves. Mars in Taurus from the start of the year, would improve your finances and bring in comforts in life. From September, the planetary placements favor a wedding for the aspiring Scorpio souls.

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